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10 Things to do with Your Old Television

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You recently purchased a brand new HDTV. Now it’s time to junk…wait! Don’t throw the television away! There still is a lot of potential sitting there in the corner of the basement. Here are some ideas to help you conserve and stay “green.”

1. Give it to your parents (or friends, family, etc.). Do you really think your dad is going to buy a new HDTV soon? You just know he isn’t, and he’s still using that push button leftover from 1993. Anything you have will be at least 10 years newer. Give him some tv love! I bet your niece or cousin going off to college could use it too.

2. Call a nursing home or retirement center. Sure, you’d rather go up there and spend some quality time with Aunt Mabel, but you’re busy (watching your new HDTV). So, in the meantime, let her and her friends catch up on reruns of 90210.

3. Contact your child’s science or tech teacher. Do you know that in many of the classes they use broken equipment to take apart and examine? Yep, teachers have found out that kids actually like to see how things work, and some of the science curriculum fits right in.

4. Give it to charity. Goodwill, Salvation Army, or your local thrift store could put it to good use. But make sure you don’t drop it off on their front step, they say “No!” to trash and aren’t happy finding weird things on their doorstep in the morning.

5. Leave it in the basement, but plug it in! Rock Band or Guitar Hero sound so much better from the basement, rather than from the living room. Trust me. {Oh, btw, you can use gym socks rubberbanded(is that a word?) to the drums to make it so much more quiet}.

(The last 5 things to do with your television may border on the extreme, so only read if you want to avoid paying $5 to drop it off at your local dump or  “sanitation facility.”)

6. Place it outside in the middle of the sidewalk with a note on it that says, “Push me!” Watch to see how many dumb kids actually do it.

7. Gut it out, place it in your garden and use it for a floral arrangement. If you want to make more of a statement, use it for a compost pile.

8. After gutting it, wait until the middle of February when it’s nasty outside. Gather the family around it and make scrolling screens filled with funny things. Then have one person carefully roll it while the others watch it. It’ll be so funny!

9. If you have teenagers nearby, make a statement with it. You can work with your neighbors on this one. When you see a group of them loitering around looking at their pants, start yelling. Open the door and carry out the television, shouting all the way, “I told you to eat all your supper. No more tv, for a year! (or something like that). You will scare them and they won’t ever mess with your front shrubs again.

10. And finally, my personal favorite. Take your new HDTV, sell it on eBay for $1, and put your old one back in its place. Rip out the cord and sell that on eBay too. Now, you are starting to live….

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Five Additional Things To Do with Your Tele

11. Give it to Freecycle I've given away computers, laptops, mattresses, cameras, baby items (at last!). I've received a nice scanner myself. You connect through their website and setup a meeting time. You may want to ensure that they're home so you don't look like a thief, creeping up to their front door, knocking fifteen times, and then taking it off their doorstep (like me...).

12.Use it for a barbeque. Now be careful on this one. It depends on how it was made. If it's an oldie made out of real metal like a computer, you can replicate what you see in the picture. But newer ones are made out of toxic plastics and could make you sick.

13. Place an aquarium inside of it. Measure first. Put it on a stand in your hallway.

14. Set it up in your basement and attach old gaming systems to it. That way the kids are out of your hair and they can see what their parents used to play.

15. Place it outside on the curb for trash collecting with a sign that says, "Do not take." Watch what happens next week on collection day and see how long it sits there.


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