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5 Reasons Why People Use Linux Instead Of Windows And Mac

Linux is an operating system like Windows and Mac. The difference between them is that Linux is a free and open-source system and you don’t have high requirements to get it to work — just 1GB or 2GB RAM will work very well. So, most of those advantages I will talk about them later in detail. I won’t talk about Linux as a server but as a basic system. And now someone will say it is called GNU/LINUX, not Linux — yes, I know, bro — but we say Linux because it’s easy on the tongue.

Second reason: Free

Since we said previously that Linux is open-source, so it’s natural that it is free. This means that now you can go to the website of Linux and search for distribution that you want and work with it, unlike Windows, which most people can’t buy and they take it cracked from some website full of viruses.

Fourth reason: Updates

With Linux, it’s not important to update all the time. You can stay with the same version for years, and the updates for Linux is optional, unlike Windows, where if you didn’t let the update be downloaded, it will update itself in the background.


Fifth reason: Secure

Linux is open-source and we said previously that many people read the code. On Linux, there is nothing called an anti-virus, second many hackers don’t target Linux because the percentage of users is 1% compared to Windows and Mac, so the hacker will not target Linux users.

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And finally, there are a lot of other reasons. But here I mentioned the ones I considered to be important and that make people move from Windows and Mac to Linux. Thank you again.

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