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5 Reasons Why Android Products Are Better Than Apple's

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1. Variety

Let us begin with the first obvious one: variety! With Apple, your selection is slim with either the iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, or Mac desktops. This does not do very well with those that enjoy variety and not having what everyone else has. There are several brands that develop phones for the Android platform, which all give different and unique models. Different makes a lot of people happy!


2. Design

Aside from the new features added in phones, what is really different about Apple's products? Every model of iPhone, iPod, and iPad look the same with a different size. There is nothing unique about their products through generations. LG, Samsung, HTC, and Sony do very well in providing crisp and unique phones to give its consumers a refreshing feeling to be getting something completely new and different from its prior model.


3. File Sharing and Management

Uploading and sharing files has never been easier with the ability of connecting your device to a PC via USB. You can put your files wherever you desire as opposed to with Apple devices. You have to go through iTunes to do anything. File transfering is much easier with the Android File Transfer desktop app. Photos can be transferred via USB without apps.

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4. Memory

Yes, there are accessories for Apple products to expand memory temporarily. However, it sticks out like Pinocchio's nose and it is not very comfortable to hold. As for Android OS compatible devices, there is simply a space to insert a cartridge for expandable memory without affecting the overall enjoyment of using your device whilst it being installed. Behold the power of the mighty SD card!


5. Customizability

Ultimately, and by far, my favorite reason to choose Android over iOS is the ability to customize and personalize your phone (that you pay so much for!). A lot can be changed to your phone without the need to even root (the equivalent of jailbreaking an Apple device which still is not up to par with the ability Android phones offer) your phone. From icon size to themes or just about anything you desire on your Android device!


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