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5 Weird and Famous Female Youtubers

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When we hear of women on YouTube, the pretty makeup and cooking tutorials usually come to mind. But aside from those the website is full of very unique, special, and even strange women; many of whom, using their talents or special charm, became some of the most successful YouTubers ever.

5. Showry

Showry is a female YouTuber from South Korea. Her videos, most of them being comedy, are usually 1-10 minutes in length and consist of her doing something strange, and sometimes even repulsive, accompanied by music. Her Facebook page has more than one million viewers, and she gains her popularity on YouTube, leading her videos to being called the new internet sensation. Even though most of the people watch Showry's channel for entertainment and fun, she claims there is a much more important background behind them. Her goal is to ruin the stereotype of what the typical South Korean woman should be like, and to attract more attention to women's problems in Asian culture. Her main idea was not to just draw attention to cultural problems though, as her thought originally was to mock the muk-bang trend, a type of video showing beautiful women eating food, which became extremely popular in South Korea recently.

4. Magibon

Magibon gained her extreme popularity in 2008 when her YouTube videos got millions of views and she became one of the most successful YouTubers of her time. Her most popular video has more than twelve million views right now, and even though she has not posted anything since 2014, she still gets plenty of views every day. The most of her videos are basically her sitting and staring at camera, occasionaly blinking, smiling, or getting closer to the screen. She also speaks bad Japanese, adding some occasional words to her videos from time to time. Despite her lack of fluency in Japanese, she became very loved in Japan and was shown in several TV shows, featured as a movie voice actress, and even appeared in the Weekly Playboy magazine.

Magibon was born in Florida, and it seems that she really likes anime and Japanese culture, and, even though many criticize her videos for not being anything special, the others call her internet phenomena and compliment her sweet voice and cuteness.

3. NuttyMadam

NuttyMadam is a YouTuber from Carlisle, Great Britain. She became popular during the Twilight mania period for her very emotional and loud reaction videos. The most of her YouTube channel is her watching the different Twilight trailers, criticizing people who hate the franchise, and telling her impressions from meeting her favorite celebrities, such as Twilight author Stephanie Mayer. One of her most popular videos is her showing her reaction after reading about Kristen Stewart's cheating on Robert Pattinson, and being extremely upset about the fact. People started to love NuttyMadam for her extreme obsession with the books and movies, her overly loud reactions and her wild emotions. Many naturally make fun of her, others say she brightens their day and encourages them to be who they really are. Whatever you prefer to think of this extraordinary British woman, she was noticed by her favorite celebrities, and even personally interviewed Robert Pattinson and some other Twilight stars. Despite Twilight ending some years ago, she still posts reactions from time to time, favoring things like 50 Shades of Grey and the newest Warcraft movie trailer.

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2. FunToyzCollector

FunToyzCollector (formerly DC Toys Collector) is a female YouTuber whose videos are mostly centered around unwrapping toys and playing with them a little. She has over seven million subscribers, and she became the most well-paid YouTuber in 2014, making her yearly income as much as five million dollars. She has thousands of videos on her channel that all show her with various toys. Unlike many other YouTube women, who attract attention with their pretty faces, FunToyzCollector never shows anything but her hands, often decorated with rings and manicured nails. She often features very well-known toy brands, unwrapping and putting together toys from chocolate eggs, making ice cream from Moon Sand, and other things of the kind. People say that watching her channel comforts them and that her cute voice and the sound of unwrapping is very relaxing and exciting. And she's indeed something special, if not for the content of her videos, then for her encouraging success.

1. Mermaid Melissa

Mermaid Melissa is a YouTuber from Florida who dedicated herself to a mermaid lifestyle. Melissa says she was inspired by the Disney movie and feels like a mermaid not only in water but also out of it as well. She wears her mermaid tail every day, can hold her breath for up to five minutes underwater, and says that she achieved her life's dream of making a career over being a mermaid. Her videos are mostly showing her swimming underwater or enjoying the sun on the sea shore, and the most famous one has almost fifty million views. All of Melissa's videos are incredibly beautiful and impress not only dreamy children but adults who appreciate the aesthetic of the mermaid look. People say she is the closest to an actual mermaid one can find on Earth and admire her videos for their unusual spirit and realism.

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