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5 Effective Ways to Web Search in Chrome

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In this tech recipe for today, let me show you the 5 effective ways to web search in Chrome. If want to know the secret tech recipe on how to be an expert in Google search & YouTube in 2020, click here to learn more.


Let's Start!

Different websites have different layouts with different unnecessary info (like ads, pop-ups, etc.) making web search a very tedious, difficult, and inconvenient process. Since most people are using Google Chrome, it would be nice to know if there are any free solutions out there to improve your web search productivity.

With that, the solution to be effective in your web search is to utilize free plugins to make your web search more convenient & productive. How to do it? Read on below.


  • OneTab
  • Mercury Reader
  • Visor
  • Weava Highlighter
  • Power Thesaurus
  • Dualless


1. Declutter Your View


Have you ever found yourself with too many tabs in Google Chrome? One way to declutter your view is to use the OneTab extension. With one click, all tabs will be consolidated into a 1 tab. Just pin the once you don’t want to be included & you’re good to go. You can easily select tabs to be restored or restore all tabs you want, anytime.


Mercury Reader

As mentioned earlier, most websites have unnecessary ads or pop-ups making it difficult to read. With Mercury Reader extension, with one click, all of those will be hidden & making a website more readable like a document. To revert, just refresh the page & you’re all good. Do note that this extension, and other related once, will disable other extension mentioned in this article.


2. Focus Readability


If you don’t want to use the Mercury Reader extension above & just want to focus on reading 2 or 3 lines at a time as you scroll down, you may install the Visor extension. This plugin allows you to customize the visual settings based on your preference.


3. Easily Annotate, Organize & Save Citations

Weava Highlighter

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One very important part of web searching is to, of course, saving all your citations & annotate them accordingly. With the Weava Highlighter extension, all you need to do is highlight a phrase or a sentence or a paragraph, choose your color & it will automatically be saved to its’ Dashboard. You can even create folders to organize your citations further. Just create a free account, install the extension & you’re all set.


4. Easily Find Definition & Thesaurus

Power Thesaurus

When looking for a meaning or synonym/antonym of a word, there’s no need to open another tab. Just highlight the word & click the button to see the definition, synonym, & antonym right away on the current website you are in. Just install the Power Thesaurus extension.


5. Easily Compare Resources


In web search, it’s always important to compare the resources. With the Dualless extension, with only 2 clicks of a button, you can easily cross-compare 2 or more websites without the need for a second monitor screen.


In A Nutshell

An effective way of web searching in Google Chrome is to utilize free plugins that will maximize your experience that therefore provide better results.

This tech recipe just provided you the 5 effective ways to web search in Chrome. Decluttering & faster workflow are just parts of the solution to increasing productivity. And in Google Chrome, there are more solutions available including other productivity solutions out there, so I need your help.

Any Suggestions or Comments?

Write your suggestions or comments down below & let me know what you'd love to read in my future articles. I’ll be having a YouTube channel soon, so I can reach more people to help & illustrate the solutions better.

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