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5 Cool Spy Gadgets for Men

Michael has long-lived interest in science and technology. He enjoys trying out the latest gadgets and sharing them with others.

cool spy gear for men

cool spy gear for men

Use of Spy Gadgets

When someone hears the term spy, they also associate with what spies are associated with, the privy to some cool spy gadgets. Spies are known for their stealth and cunning, not so much their brawn, no matter how much Hollywood movies portray them on the big screen.

One of their primary protocols is to be invisible or evade and circumvent detection. They are thinkers and tacticians by occupation, you don't need muscles to be a spy, you need brains. Although, you don't have to be a man of espionage in training to appreciate some spy equipment.

I do believe a majority of people would use it as a means of security and peace of mind, rather than the minority with misguided and ill-intentions. Additionally, I think the term "spying" has negative connotations implied, let's just call it being "surveillance ready" instead.The importance of not using these privacy invading equipment in an unlawful or immoral way cannot be overlooked or overstated.

Please use proper judgment when deciding to turn to spy equipment to attain the truth, or to intrude on a person's privacy. Everyone is solely responsible for their intentions, and their actions. Here are five cool spy gadgets that guys love.

#1 Vehicle Car Tracker GPS System Real-time Tracking

This surveillance and tracking device utilizes GPS technology to locate a vehicle in real time. A stand alone tracking unit that does not require monthly payments. The targeted vehicle can be tracked globally via the internet, using Google maps. All this device needs is a functioning SIM card. It's powered by a Li-ion battery, that can be recharged and has 70-80 hours of standby power.

A sufficient alternative to a LoJack system of preventing car theft. It's a great spy surveillance item for worrisome parents. To be able to track one's children, making sure of their absolute whereabouts and safety. Also, it's obviously a handy tool for a suspecting spouse trying to figure out issues of infidelity.

A highly reviewed, vehicle tracking device that is a must have item for any burgeoning amateur or professional spy. Needless to say, there can be much controversy when dealing with intruding on a person's privacy. Ask yourself, if someone's movements were of great personal importance to you, would you resort to tracking their car and its routes?

latest spy gadgets 2017

latest spy gadgets 2017

#2 Spy Pen Camera HD Digital Recorder

Using secret hidden cameras have never been more user friendly, with one easy push of the button and you'll be discreetly recording. Equipped with a 720 HD quality resolution. Simple preparation and setup with any technical skills required to operate.

Included with the spy pen camera is a 8GB SD card, for capturing crystal clear video and audio. After photos or video is recorded, just hook it up to a computer with a USB, uploaded to view at your convenience.

An essential spy utility for anyone aiming to catch someone or something in the act, red-handed with irreversible proof. Useful in situations where people are confessing to something believing their not being recorded.

Additionally, how many times have people wished that they had a camera on hand for a moment that calls for it. With this pen, you'll be the quickest one to capturing the spectacle in high definition quality. The spy pen is also functional as a writing pen.

#3 Spy Camera Lens Detector RF Bug Sweep

This nifty gadget helps you track down hidden surveillance cameras, wired and wireless, and detects a bug(tracking device or ease-dropping tool) This spy gadget uses laser detection scanning to home in on other hidden camera and foreign frequencies.

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It's powered by Li battery that is attached to the camera lens detector. Any seasoned spy needs to be on his counterintelligence if he doesn't want to be watched or listened to without his knowledge. An invaluable tool for anyone that wants to avoid being recorded with out their consent.

Doing sweeps on an immediate area, such as a vehicle or a bedroom, can give any paranoid spy to be much peace of mind. A fantastic and useful addition to any counterintelligence capabilities. An ideal gift for any conspiracy theorist, or independent thinker that feels like they're always being watched or eavesdropped on.

cool spy gadgets amazon

cool spy gadgets amazon

#4 Spy Night Vision Monocular

To further a spy's intelligence and information gathering, nothing does it more effortlessly than a standard night vision capable monocular. Build with quality ocular lenses and all glass optics. Operating at night or a dark environment, it can easily amplify light up 500 times and has 5x zoom maximum magnification, with integrated infrared.

A unique and compact spy tool that can be operated with one hand, hand strap comes included. It's a sleek and easy-to-carry item that won't be a burden to move around with, that is invaluable when there is no readily available light source. Takes one three volt Lithium battery.

This night vision monocular is made with the latest optics technology, a wonderful tool to better any spy's situational awareness, in open spaces. The night vision function can comfortably be toggled on and off at the user's discretion. A great way to keep an eye on someone under the cover of darkness.

#5 Home Dictionary Diversion Book Safe

This next item isn't so much a spy gadget but a unique security measure. The home dictionary diversion book safe keeps all personal paperwork and forms of identification secure from falling into the wrong hands. There's really two lines of protection for your delicate papers and ID, first, it is an actual metal safe with lock and key.

The secondary layer of protection is its ability to seamlessly and discreetly hide among other real books in plain sight. The storage safe dimensions are 2 by 5.625 by 9-inch and comes with two keys. For non-spies, an ingenious and cost effective means of security.

An awesome and unique way to stash valuables, such as emergency cash, jewelry, and small personal objects that can't be replaced. Studies reveal that most home robberies, the thieves that break in and rummage for valuables stay no more than 5-10 minutes.

It's very unlikely that a burglar would check books, they simply do not have the time, but an obvious stand-alone safe that would be at risk of being taken will be focused on. If you ever thought of hollowing out a dictionary yourself, why bother when you can have one today with added metal, lock, and keys?

Is Spying Ethical?

Regardless that these spy gadgets are geared towards men, any woman can utilize these simple to operate surveillance equipment just as well as any man. I like to believe that majority of people will ultimately use these spy items with ethics and responsibility, they weren't meant to be toys, so let's not treat them as such. Thanks for reading, if there are any suggestions or comments, please feel free to voice your opinion.

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