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5 Best Android Emulator (2021)

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Are you looking for the best android emulator to play HD games and run apps smoothly? Then this post is for you.

What Is an Emulator and How Do They Work?

Android Emulator is an AVD (Android Virtual Device) that is meant to emulate any Android device. Emulators are used on platforms like windows, where we can run android apps. The use of the Emulator depends on the user. Emulators are also helpful to run apps without actually installing them on an actual device.

Android emulators simulate an environment like a mobile phone environment, so the apps run on like a typical mobile app run time.

Emulators for Android are getting more popular as a decent workaround for folks who don't have high-end Android devices with good settings. They also allow PC users to access all mobile applications. Users can play many games at once and still get good results.

Why We Need Emulator Rather Than Playing Games on Mobile Phone?

Yes, mobile phones are great for mobility, but what about long hours of gameplay? It cannot compare to computers when it comes to frequent use or long periods spent using them.

The Emulator is helpful in this situation since it allows us to build a connection between the user's Android smartphone and the computer's powerful capabilities. It aids in reducing Android game latency, gives players access to computer controls, and, most importantly, lets users use all of their smartphone capabilities on a computer with a much larger screen.

Pros to Use Android Emulators

  1. You will feel the same as mobile phone
  2. You will get a larger display with good controls over the games or apps
  3. No heating problems
  4. Your eyes will thank you
  5. No need to charge the phone (unlimited use)
  6. You can use more apps at the same time without worrying about performance
  7. Play games at HD resolution at high FPS

So, let's have a look at the Top 5 Best Android Emulator.


BlueStacks is an American android emulator. Lots of people use it to run android apps and games on pc. The latest versions are keep coming with lots of improvement in it. That's why it's one of the best Android Emulator in the world.

BlueStacks has a user application install base of 10 million users in 2013, giving them access to 1.5 million Android apps and games. It continues to increase in popularity, with an estimated 130 million users. Companies such as Samsung, Qualcomm Ventures, Andreessen-Horowitz, Intel, and others helped BlueStacks raise roughly $30 million in funding.

BlueStacks Features

The new version of BlueStacks regularly arrives with many performance enhancements, stability, and other more tweaks.

- Best and fastest gaming platform with a broad range of features

- Pre set of Gaming controls

- Shooting mode

- MOBA Mode

- Eco-mode

- Real-time Translation

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- Smart Controls

- Supports Android N

- Consumes less RAM

- Customizable game controls and good interface

- Multi-instance manager provides multitasking

Why Should You Use BlueStacks Emulator?

- It is compatible with practically all games and does not require a lot of RAM to run

- It is free, has a slick style and interface, and can run numerous games simultaneously

- It allows users to customize key mapping so that they can play mobile games with a keyboard configuration and achieve a high-performance ratio


- Some features are buggy and unstable

- Some games will run choppy

- You can not control home screen apps

Supported Platforms

- Windows

- Apple Mac OS

- Android

How to install?

You can see it from here.

Price: It's Open source, Free.

You can download it from here.

2. Nox Player

Nox player is also one of the best android emulators, among others. It is entirely free and entirely safe for use. It complies with GDPR and takes care of and protects the user's personal information. It is fully optimized for gaming and applications, and it is highly stable. It also makes the process go more smoothly.

Users will get the same gameplay experience as a system when using Nox. It has features such as a gamepad, keyboard, several instances operating simultaneously, script recording, and more.

Nox Player Features

- Supports Android 7 Nougat for excellent performance with increased stability

- Multi-instance support allows you to run numerous games/apps at the same time

- With a keyboard, mouse, and controller, you can take your mobile gaming experience to the next level on your PC

- In a single click, the macro recorder automates complex repetitive tasks.

- For your protection and privacy, GDPR compliance is provided

Why Should You Use Nox Player Emulator?

- It's free and open-source, compatible with the latest Android versions for the most pleasing gaming experience

- It's easy to root, and it lets you run different operating systems on a single device


- Sometimes crashes freeze even with a simple app

- Network issues can happen sometimes

Supported Platforms

- Windows

- Mac OS

How to install?

You can see it from here.

Price: It's Open source, Free.

You can download it from here.

3. LDPlayer

LDPlayer is also among the best android emulator out there to play modern video games. It comes with exciting features. LDPlayer's user interface is quite similar to Nox, one of the most popular Android emulators.

Regardless of the fact that the installer is in Chinese, it is pretty simple to use; all you have to do is click the orange button a few times. Change the language after installing the app by clicking on the gear icon, heading to the second tab, and selecting the last option.

Keep in mind that LDPlayer does not include Google Play Services; therefore, some video games will not run. So, you have to install google play services manually for some games to work.

LDPlayer Features

- Custom Mapping and Keyboard Macros for Games

- Synchronizer for Better Multi-Instance Control

- Video Recorder

- Gamepad Support

- Options for personalization

Why Should You Use LDPlayer?

- This Emulator is free to download and consumes less RAM

- You will need minimal ram, about 2 GB, to run the Emulator

- You don't need to sign in to the store to download apps/games

- Lightweight android emulator


Sometimes it randomly closes; the new version has fixed the issue.

Supported Platforms

- Windows

How to install?

You can see it from here.

Price: Free

You can download it from here.

4. MEmu

MEmu is a well-known Android emulator. It is famous among a large group of gamers, that's why it's the best android emulator. It is one of the most potent open-source Android emulators for desktop gaming. It is well-known for its high performance and exceptional user experience.

Users can use several accounts at the same time to play games or multiple games in one account. Also, you can run games simultaneously. It has about 20 million members in over 200 countries, speaking roughly 20 languages, and growing.

Memu Emulator Features

- Memu allows gamers to play games at optimized graphics

- Supports keyboard, mouse, and gamepad to play games smoothly

- Installation is straightforward

- It allows users to share files between Android and Windows devices

- It also features a drag-and-drop feature for quick APK installation

Why Should You Use Memu?

You can play high graphic games at an optimized state so they can run smoothly. It can send sensor data to Android, such as an accelerometer, allowing high-definition games like PUBG or auto racing to play quickly.


- Sometimes fails to launch

- Problems with graphic drivers

Supported Platforms

- Android

- Windows

How to install?

You can see it from here.

Price: Opensource, Free

You can download it from here.

5. Android Studio Emulator

The official IDE for Google's Android operating system is Android Studio. It has a wide range of functionality and can start using apps much faster than a simple device. That's why it is probably the best android emulator if you want something from google itself.

Users can gain better performance and views of their mobile apps in a system that gives them greater freedom and a larger view. It supports high-definition games that use less system memory.

With Google's name on it, this Emulator has a high level of trustworthiness.

Android Studio Emulator Features

- Android Studio is a multi-functional emulator with a user-friendly graphical user interface and several valuable functions

- For the best user experience, it allows the user to customize the emulator window theme

- This Emulator, which is based on the Java programming language, has a high level of performance and functionality

- It allows users to utilize numerous apps at the same time and snap screenshots while using the system's applications

Why Should You Use Android Studio Emulator?

It is an official Emulator from Google; thus, it is trustworthy. It comes with good reliability and sharp features that you will never get on other emulators. It offers far too many alternatives in addition to accessing mobile applications on a desktop. Like, app testing, high-definition gaming, and so on.


It doesn't start after updating (fixed)

Supported Platforms

- Windows

- Mac OS

How to install?

You can see it from here.

Price: Open source, Free

You can download it from here.

Final Words

So, above all listed, android emulators are the best android emulators and are free to use. You can try them all and comment down which one was best for you. Comment down which game runs excellent on which android emulator.

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