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4D: Presentation and Impressions on the 4th Dimension

This is an educational announcement, for the men I value and care about and a confrontation on humanity.


4DX Artificial Reality: The City. The T.V. The Computer. The Cell Phone. Game Reality.

Death Wishes: History of Humanity on Earth

Atlantis, was destroyed. Pompei, was destroyed. Egypt, destroyed. Mesopotamia, Babylon, Sodom and Gomorah, destroyed. Hundreds of massacres and global historic genocides ending in human cannibalism, destruction. The Middle East, a barren wasteland of terrorism. Asia, practically an endless city of electronics, repression and slavery. Russia, now top suicidal country on the planet. Europe, a nuclear radiated overpopulated surveillance state of extreme weather. America, an immoral hellish wasteland of poverty, sickness, crimes, prisons and the most desperate and also, the most arrogant warring, greedy and vain. Hollywhores.








I'm a big prick, just like my Pine trees. Humanity deserves it.

So humanity, too busy on social media and masturbating to Porn Hub, have not really noticed, the planetary environment is collapsing. You know, the planet has very little tolerance for a species of animals, who have become a very real viral threat, to the environmental existence and continuance of life for all other beings, forests, oceans and animals on this planet. It is not a hotel, but you are sure acting like a bunch of hoes on it, aren't you? Earth? Humanity?

Are you a Schizophrenic Hive of conflicted minds and personalities gaming to your own self-destruction? You know, another word for game or gaming, is duality and competition. Oh, so you are all fighting till the death- a death that will mean the death of all of you. Who cares? Why should I? Criminals, do not deserve compassion, rights or diplomacy.

Ooooh, reality check. COVID-19. Maybe COVID-EBOLA VIRUS NEXT?

No grandiose brainiac physicist or mathematician can solve the COVID crisis with their scientific calculators and neither can the world wide web can it? Did your new God Google invent the vaccine for you yet? No? In fact, the reality check is, humanity has become exactly like a parasite and virus on this planet, and now everyone is surprised, the planet is exterminating all of you?

Survival of the fittest, and I think, the planet will win. It has before, for, generations come and go, but the Earth abideth forever. I know, for many, I know who have a heart and conscience and suffer as I do as observer and witness do all understand.

People only seem to understand the pain of dying and death before they actually seem to express honest regret or a conscience for change. But even sustainability has never arisen out of any deaths or rebirths has it? Humanity, never seems to sustain anything. By then, it is too late. So, I concluded, let Mother Nature have her way and justice, perhaps most of the population should be exterminated. How are you enjoying the pandemic COVID-19 reality show?

Oh, humanity, gotta say, when a portion of the global population is perishing due to pandemic, how little remorse you demonstrate, your medical fashion mask statements speak volumes. Disgusting. Pandemic Fashion Statements. So vain.

Where is there actually any intelligence on this planet of insanity anyway? Anybody?

Our planet is nuclear, our planet is life and we are inherently an essential nuclear extension, nuclear beings in the existence of experience of this life we are granted. We exist as we are alive. Everything that is "alive" and nuclear is life. Interconnected, symbiotic & interdependent. This symbiosis is complicated. It will not make sense to most. But what is an obvious problematic state of this present existence, is DUALITY and CONFLICT. To the extreme state, of being in a pandemic of planetary degeneration, decay and environmental and biological collapse.

A world, that is constantly at war with itself, and the personalities within that world, constantly at war with themselves. And, a world of personalities, so at conflict with their own being and identities, that they constantly destroy life, not only their own individual, which I consider, suicidal, but throughout time, proven, to repeatedly degenerate societies and civilizations to the absolute catalyst point of self-destruction, war and genocide including; which is actually most important, the disrespect, irresponsibility, rape, exploitation and destruction of the natural nuclear life giving environment for which, insanely enough, none of them are seemingly intelligent enough to defend, protect, preserve and sustain.

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The noble Race of Men due to senseless greedy brutality and hungers for power have been reduced to virtual garbage men motivated for continuance by a glimmer of virtue and hope yet resigned to constantly clean up the disasters and crimes of humanity. I write this for you.


There are fundamental ideas missing from the entire concept of and approach to education. They do not teach you why you should learn subjects. They do not teach you the meaning or relevance of learning a subject. And they do not give you incentive or motivation to learn. Materialism, is not an actual valuable reward for acheivement.

Greater awareness, increased perception, self-value, self-respect, self-worth and a connection with your higher self and nature, are evolutionary rewards. How?

Many Sensory Perceptions: Can you feel me?

I have previously studied meditation, visualization, discipline and motivation goal setting and training in regimental self-control and practices of Buddhist Monks, study of Indigenous spirituality and Walk Abouts and extended isolation periods, especially in natural habitats on the continent.

The best thing anyone can do for their overall health is: Shut off all the brain washing static white noise like annoying loud radios and televisions. Remove all electromagnetic radioactive field emitters (technology) from the place you sleep and rest. The mind and body heal and become very sensitive with more exposure to silence and natural sounds. Resonance.


I have often and still do fast from foods, eat only when I am hungry and tend to sleep/wake on nocturnal cycle. In my travels backpacking, I often eat less when spending extended periods outside, often not at all. Require less food. The longest I abstained from food was one month. Only water. A great way to maintain mental health, is to siesta or nap on a regular basis on breaks or in free time. Rest is a rejuvenator.


Honestly, heterosexuals+ need touch, intimacy and sex and regularly, in fact, it is what many do not realize, is the physical generation of energy between two lovers. In fact, as lovers, we are like 'energy pumps' and our orgasms are like nuclear explosions which distributes this energy within our mutual bodies and within the organic planetary system. Think of the idea of throwing a stone into a still pond, and the ripple effect.It is parallel to this effect. Believe it. Life is sexual energy, too. And sexual energy in love making is nuclear which sustains our bodies, bonds and the planet. Honestly, it also keeps each of us content, in equilibrium and sane, too.


Here are some sensory perceptions one may earn over time, with patience, personal investment, in silence and in nature connected to the planetary resonance.

Electrosensitivity: A sense of awareness of electric fields.

Polarity Sensing: Sensing the difference between positive and negative fields.

Nuclear Field Sense: Ability to sense nuclear fields around living things & people

Remote Viewing: Ability to geographically direct oneself to a location and seeking

Remote Access: Ability to use meditation/intuition senses to solve a problem.

Remote Observation: Ability to focus on an idea or topic and receive insights.

Nocturnal Sensory Perceptions: See and focus and navigate in the dark.

Natural Remote Connect/Affect: Sit under and sleep under trees often. (Neural)

Elemental Nuclear Development: A solitary focussed experience, where one spends time bonding in different biological natural systems or habitats "in nuclear connection" obtaining in the process traits, skills and attributes of that particular element(s). For example, some of my favorite places, I have connected to include: oceans, lakes, creeks, streams, grassy fields and a variety of boreal and tropical forest neural systems. (I avoid mountain ranges, swamps, bogs, polluted areas or dead fall areas)

What you already know...

Sight, Hearing, Feel, Smell, Taste, Direction, Balance, Hunger, Thirst, Body Awareness, Coordination, Spatial, Position, Internal Body Sense

Interoceptive senses include balance (the sense of the body's alignment), the organic sense (the sense of internal condition, such as hunger or thirst), and proprioception (the brain's knowledge of relative positions of body parts).

Proprioception or coordination is the sense that is actually tested by walk-the-line or finger-to-nose sobriety tests.

The corresponding sensory systems of the visual system, hearing-auditory, touch-somatosensory, smell-ofactory, and taste-gustatory.

Internal sensation, or interoception, detects stimuli from internal organs and tissues.

Many internal sensory and perceptual systems exist in humans, including the balance-vestibular. Perception of spatial orientation, body position-location- proprioception and pain-nocicecption.

Chemoreception and osmoreception sensory systems provide perceptions, such as hunger, thirst, suffrocation, and nausea including gag reflex and vomitting.


Brain Enhancements: Nootropic Drug Ingredients and Uses

Motivation is Everything...

There currently is a very incorrect historical theory among some elitsts or philosophers that evolution, which is not mutation, may occur though slavery, torture, punishment, suffering and inter-racial pairings. This is unethical, unnatural and INCORRECT. In fact these approaches, cause degenerative and spontaneous cellular "mutation"- defects, defectiveness, disconnection and instabilities. (X-)

Certainly, development leading to evolution and includes intellectual learning and education, requires first, motivation. Motivation is everything, the fuel, and of course, the goal/desired result, the destination. Motivation fuel can be many things unique to each individual. He knows himself best.

Often, first, simple things, like simple elemental pleasures, or nourishment. For me, basic stimulants is what my body seems to require and digest as fuel, like cigarettes and coffee. Not addiction no, it is about nutrients. It is the carbon (monoxide) I tolerate very well, and the carbon nutrients of the Java bean, an amphetamine. I find also, to improve body stimulation and immune system, constituents like pseudoephedrine amphetamine, as found in antihistamines like Sudafed.

NOTE: Amphetamines were phamaceutically developed during WW2, especially for the military to combat, depression, lethargy and fatigue. In low or moderate dosages, it is safe and tolerated by Ys. Used therapeutically. Know also, Methane is an element which in gaseous form, is found most, released during carbonic+ eruptions and exists in volcanic areas including vents within the ocean. (Hot+). It is well known, scientifically, that the earliest warm blooded cellular organisms evolved from volcanic areas due to the presence of hydrogen (water), carbon (soil), and methane (fuel).

FYI: Various forms of amphetamines are actually legal. I often have joked and called it Medical Meth. It can also be found in drugs used to treat ADD and ADHD, such as Adderall, Ritalin and Dexidrine.

I wonder, who stole the source and recipe from the military or phamacies so organized criminals could manufacture it for street use? Digestion takes longer to take effect, smoking the natural salt sodium crystals which bonds to the pseudoephedrine and lithium (Vitamin D for Dilithium) provides simply a more immediate stimulant effect, like having a few cups of very strong espresso. More safer reliable sources for access and purchase would be desirable since the police chiefs all recently submitted an agreed document to justices suggesting certain drugs be made legal for personal use only. Revenue? I consider and treat this as a Y "Nootropic Brain Enhancement Drug". Wink. Wink.

Another, is the carbon plant, cocoa, or chocolate which has beneficial stimulants and alkeloyds for instance. I know these are daily requirements for me. Basic needs. Vitamin C, aka. immunotherapy, by intravenous in some hospitals, but I use Emerg-C Vitamin C high dose concentrate available from most phamacies and one to two 1000. ICU packages per day.

Note: There is an unethical scientific issue with vitamins and multi-vitamins. Why I never take them. A bonding/fusion. Although vitamins may seem fine on their own, no one should be ingesting any minerals. Minerals are 'rocks' and most rocks are sodium based (dehydration) or silicate (silicone shit). Pretty damn shady, that they fuse carbon based vitamin nutrients to a bunch of powdered rock crap which has no nutrient value whatsoever. I call it "Rockx- Horror".

No long list, but think 'natural' and organic and more local, fresh is best. And if you understand the concept of Sickle Cell Anemia, hint, hint, I find I feel better ingesting the least amount of meat, oxidized blood or flesh, as possible. My memory and brain function is much better recovered as a result of a vegetarian diet.

The best things in life, and all we really desire or need, is food, water, shelter, warmth, love, sex, health, freedom, a natural living planet and long life.



Everyone hated school. Years of boredom, fatigue and drudgery.

Why did we all hate all those years in elementary, middle and high school? Most people admit, so much of their youth and lives seemed wasted by mandatory social rule to attend a sentence within the square boxed confines of school structures. So many recall, and many youth admit, to periods of depression, lethargy, fatigue and especially confusion and rebellion to this societal construct.

In fact, approaches to address and diversify the education experience and reduce these ill effects has been but admittedly, failed, to achieve greater success and such examples include the implementation of home schooling, remote education, self-study and web classes for instance.

There are many reasons for these failures and it is not the issue that individuals are incapable of extended or accelerated learning, capability and potential exist in each person.

The approach or traditional and therefore, present inherited thought processes and models of logic, philosophy and scientific methods including 4D current math foundations, are fixed, restrictive, constructional, bound to rules which are not necessarily compatible to human brain function, unimaginative, repressive, repetitive, redundant and yes, the summary of these concepts, is it is what humans are not, and that is 'robotic' and 'artificial'.


  • automatic.
  • computerized.
  • electrical.
  • electronic.
  • mechanical.
  • mechanized.
  • motorized.
  • programmed.
Dead from the neck down, too!

Dead from the neck down, too!











4DX- Characteristics Traits

Small/Abnormal Genitalia


Often Bad Teeth/Partials/Dentures

Infertile and Sterile

Low Density Cellular Matter


Aggressive Bossy Bully

Alpha Personality & Pack Hunting

Nasty Feet & Tattoos


Serious Sight or Hearing Issues

Physical & Develop. Disabilities

Toxic Bar Alcoholics

Own Wheelchairs and Carts

X - 4D Static Clingers RNA

Bikers - Crazy Traffic Programs

Pulsing Light & Radio Signals

Pulsing/Gaps Light Houses

Helium Hell-

Uranium-, Radium-, Plutonium-

Silicate- Silicone- Shit -Sulfur-




Ammonia-, Piss-, Chlorine-, Bleach-

Cobalt-, NIckel-, Copper, Zinc-

Germanium-, TIn-, Xenon-,

Gold-, Lead-, Bronze Feces-

Californium-, Fermium-

IRON-, Fer, Fem-








© 2020 Claudine Chaboyer

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