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4 Simple Techniques To Monetize Your Blog or Website

Bhavik is a blogger and Digital Marketer. He present his knowledge in writing so everyone can learn something new.

Monetize Your Blog

Monetize Your Blog


As we all know Organic Traffic is not free traffic. Why this is so is because we put our efforts and we earned from search engines.

Another point is that it is the full involvement of our articles that is optimized with SEO and ranked on the major search engines as well as the social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest.

So if you are already using this source to get high traffic on your website then you know well that this effort takes more time to rank. You should focus on keyword search, write quality content that people love to read, and advertise it on social media platforms.

If your website or blog is already getting organic traffic from search engines, you should now focus on making money from this free traffic, yes it's true you can make money from your website or blog with this free organic traffic. So check out the below ways that you can do to make money from the free traffic that is coming on.

Make Money From Google AdSense

For most bloggers, this is one of the best and easiest ways to earn money simply by monetizing your blog content and you can start with the least amount of traffic. The best thing is that with AdSense you can place display Ads on your website or blog with less traffic also.

Once you build your blog and fully fulfill all the criteria of AdSense rules then you can sign up with the AdSense program. After that, you will get the small piece of code that you can place in the HTML section of your website or blog. AdSense will take a few days to review your website and you will get an email if your site is approved then you can start displaying ads on your blog. When the user clicks on the ad you will make money. The price range will be different. It can be of few amounts per click or it can be of few dollars per click that fully depends on the ad that you have added and the niche that you are on.

Display Ad Networks

Earlier there was a part that when you thought to show Display ads on your website you have two options out there i.e. you can run AdSense display ads or arrange private gives yourself. This has changed as of late with a blast of the best premium advertising networks accessible to site owners and bloggers who have generated a lot of traffic.

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The pay amount is somehow higher when we compare with the AdSense program, on an income for every 1000 visitors that come to your website and a significant number of them pay per impression as opposed to per click. Everything is full depends on the website and the type of niche that they have selected.

The vast majority of the top-notch ad networks have a base traffic necessity. All the ad networks have their own rules that you have to follow and work according to that. So before applying for that you have to check all the eligibility requirements of the particular company and check that your website is the perfect match or not. Also, make sure that your website is following all the rules and regulations.

Monetize Your Blog

Monetize Your Blog

Retarget Traffic Selling

This is considered as the best option and on the other hand, it is a new option too. You can easily make money from this method from your website or the traffic that comes from your blog. This method will not affect anything you can see no change if someone is coming on your blog and leaving.

At the point when you offer the privilege to retarget your traffic, you put a little piece of code on your site. That code permits different sponsors to offer to retarget the traffic that goes to your site—at that point, you get paid for that retargeting. The essential supplier of this help as of now is

This procedure is very brand new, and it is available to work for each site. In any case, regardless of whether you procure your primary pay from display advertisements, it's in every case great to have extra income sources—this is called stacking income.

What's more, since it doesn't obstruct the experience of your audience and it is a decent extra income stream.

There are numerous ways available out there to market Affiliate products on your website and most of the methods need some best efforts and best strategy to make money from it.

However, Amazon Affiliate Program and other big affiliate programs you generally write about their products and adding display ads to your website is also another way to generate extra revenue.

Final Words

If you have put your full efforts to generate high organic traffic on your website or blog then you can definitely earn some extra bucks from it. Going with Display ads is one of the easiest and simple ways to earn extra money from your blog or website. And yes you should continuously search for some other options too to earn some additional revenue.

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