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8 Best Android App Makers

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If you want to create apps for smartphones and tablet PCs, then the Android SDK would probably be the best option to develop your dream application. The software development kit gives you access to key developer tools and API libraries to create apps, test them using a simulator and debug them. Unfortunately, app development isn’t easy. You must have coding skills, even if you are trying to build a simple web app.

For most app developers, learning programming languages can be tiresome and a waste of time if they intend to build a simple application. Thankfully, there are some great Android app makers that allow developers to create applications without needing any programming skills.

App makers have a simple drag-and-drop interface that allows you to make a wide variety of web applications, travel/hotel guides, business websites, video apps and HTML 5 powered apps. Several app makers will also let you monetize your app and earn passive income. Here are some of the best app builders that are available free online:

1. Apps Geyser

Best Android App Makers

Best Android App Makers

Apps Geyser lets you create fully interactive applications. These apps will include social sharing, tabs, messaging and video units. By taking advantage of HTML5 enhancements, you can build an app from scratch and also monetize your content.

Apps Geyser was one of the first free app builders on the Internet that allowed users to snatch content from a website and create a nice little app out of it. With time, the online app builder introduced new features, including HTML5 support. Now you can make your web apps totally interactive by adding amazing gadgets like video units, HTML code, news aggregators and niche app. The current version also lets you make simple games, Facebook page and quiz apps. You should try out Apps Geyser's quiz module if you want to build an app like Trivia Crack.

The best part is that you can monetize your app by allowing ads to appear on it. Don’t want ads? Well, the online application builder also lets you create an ad-free application that you can sell via the company’s online store or Google Play. To apply for the monetization option, your app needs at least 100 installs daily. If you are interested in building simple apps and monetize them, you should try Apps Geyser.

2. iBuildApp



iBuildApp offers a variety of templates and features for your Android applications. You can easily customize your app’s look, add images, buttons and choose the best color themes for your application.

The tool lets your mobile app creating process easier by providing niche-specific features. Want to build an app for a book store. Planning to make a home loan calculator? iBuildApp has the right “feature” tailor-made for your needs. Features are categorized into social, form, media, e-commerce and utility. So if you want to make a shopping app, just go to the eCommerce category and choose a layout that suits your application requirements.

The site has three pricing options. The second option should suit those who want to monetize their app. For those who want to distribute their app for free, $5.99 per month plan would be a better choice. Unfortunately, there isn’t any free option available for users.

3. Infinite Monkeys

Infinite Monkeys: An Excellent Tool to Create Android Apps

Infinite Monkeys: An Excellent Tool to Create Android Apps

Infinite Monkeys not only lets you build an app, but also develop a mobile site for Android devices. Its HTML5 support makes sure your website renders perfectly in all smartphone browsers. Now that Google’s mobile algorithm update has launched, it has become very important for webmasters to have a mobile-friendly site and this tool makes their dreams come true.

Among paid Android app making tools, Infinite Monkeys has the lowest pricing options starting from $1. However, I would suggest choosing the second plan as it provides several offers such as app submissions to Google Play and iTunes, HTML5 mobile website builder, update sand live chat support.

4. AppsBuilder



A free-to-use Android app maker, AppsBuilder lets you try out their slick interface for 30 days. You don't have to sign-up for try out their platform. You can assemble your app elements at no cost. With AppsBuilder, you can build a single app that will run on Windows Phone, iPhone and Android platforms.

The application builder lets you create native apps from online media. You can build interactive mobile applications from your website or create a content-rich web app complete with social media integration. It has a neat drag-and-drop interface that lets you drag content from a sleek panel to your app. Content ranges from custom code, text and RSS feeds to multimedia and social content.

It also lets you edit your apps any time while they appear live on the store, thanks to the cloud feature that stores all your settings. The app builder has a wide range of themes to apply to your newly-developed application. What’s more, there’s a customized layout option, an appearance menu and a header change option. Tweaking these elements can really help you create an eye-catching application.

AppsBuilder is an exceptional tool to create apps pertaining to your business. This way you can create brand value and promote your business by integrating media and social networking sites. The paid version gives you full control over the control panel, where you can edit and update all your apps.

Like Apps Geyser, this site also allows you to integrate ads to your applications. What makes it stand out from the crowd is its Adsense integration. Along with popular ad networks like Admob, the website also lets you insert your Google Adsense publisher ID to monetize your apps. With plenty of customizable options, content and multi-platform feature, AppsBuilder truly makes your app building dreams come true.

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5. Make Me Droid

Make Me Droid

Make Me Droid

An online app creator, Make Me Droid allows users to take advantage of their platform absolutely free. Its click-based editor lets you make apps with zero effort. The online tool offers complete customization options, such as headers/footers, menus, borders and menus.

It also provides customizable screens, which can then be tested with the tool’s nifty mobile simulator that supports all formats and orientations. Before using the free service, you can download a demo application to discover all of its features.

If satisfied, sign up for the free service and experiment with different templates, menus, test and marketing tools (yes the free tool offers these features). However, you will have to shell some bucks if you want monetization options like Admob. The good thing is that you will have to pay once to buy the complete package, which means there’s no monthly or annual subscription.

6. AppsMaker Store

AppsMaker Store

AppsMaker Store

App Maker Store is another fun Android app maker that utilizes HTML 5 and presents a very simple building interface. The website lets you create a wide variety of applications ranging from web apps to informative applications. Unlike other applications, App Maker Store doesn’t have separate app categories, which in my opinion is good. You are free to create your own apps using gadgets from the list.

Besides gadgets, the app builder also lets you add new themes, zingy buttons and other options to make your app look unique from the rest. The themes section is just too diverse, allowing you to select from a variety of themes ranging from music, brand and information.

App Maker Store offers both free and paid plans. The free plan allows you to add unlimited number of gadgets to your app. The paid plan provides many features not available with the free plan. These include Google Play publishing and iTunes upload. This is one big drawback of the App Maker Store website. You will need to pay in order to upload your app to popular application stores. Compared to this site, Apps Geyser is better as it lets you publish your app on Google Play at no extra charge.

A few drawbacks aside, App Maker Store is a good app building site if you are ready to pay a few bucks. You will get more app benefits if you subscribe for the paid plan. However, I would still recommend Apps Geyser if you are looking to build simple apps and don’t want to spend a dime.

7. Andromo



Andromo lets you have total control over app creation and even add your website or blog content to it. You can tweak the overall look over you app, have your own unique dashboard and drop-downs. Add photo galleries and YouTube videos to your app. You can choose add-ons like interactive maps, HTML5/JavaScript codes, soundboards, music tracks and Twitter feeds.

The tool offers multilingual support, so now an app in Hindi, French, German, Arabic or Chinese is just a few clicks away. Andromo also offers several monetization options. You can sell your app via Amazon or Google Play, include ads, and make apps as per client needs. You can try app builder for free but you will need to spend $8 every month if you want to make money from your application.

8. Buzz Touch

Buzz Touch

Buzz Touch

Buzz Touch not only lets you build the app of your dreams, but also helps you learn while creating applications. The website offers a library of helpful topics that will help you build apps from scratch. You will be building good quality applications without the need of learning any programming language.

The tool has a unique approach in helping you build your first app. It will first teach the bare basics, provide a simple control panel to create an application by adding menus/screens and choosing/tweaking plug-ins. It will then let you download the source code of your newly-built app, open and compile using Xcode and Eclipse for Android. Once compiled, you can then create an apk file, launch it using the site’s app emulator or launch it directly to your device.

Buzz Touch is free to use, but you will need to spend some bucks for certain gadgets (plug-ins). Each plug-in can be added as a separate menu and screen. My advice would be not to jump right into the building interface. Go through the tutorial lessons and you may find something really interesting.

When compared to other free Android app makers, the interface is not so simple in Buzz Touch and this is the reason why the website asks you to read the tutorials first and then try to build your first app. There are many things to learn, including compiling your app via Eclipse. It’s a good educational online application builder and while it may not be as easy to use as an AppsBuilder or Apps Geyser, it is quite a handy online Android app maker.

More Android App Makers

Appy Pie: A simple online framework to build your Android app, Appy Pie lets you create apps in minutes and publish them on popular stores. It has the same drag-and-drop feature and categories are divided into entertainment, utilities, travel, lifestyle and education. You can create a travel guide, a web app focusing on your business or an educational content.

MobinCube: Another free Android app creator, MobinCube offers a personalized design and a simple platform to build apps. Along with Android apps, the website also lets you build apps for iPhone and Windows Phone platforms. You can also promote your apps and publish them on the Google Play store.

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Anurag (author) on March 13, 2018:

Check out "Siberian CMS". It's one-app edition is absolutely free.

Nate on October 28, 2014:

Great list! I've used most of what you've mentioned but would like to add

Appsbar ( It has different options to best suit your personal, business or organization needs and the apps are made

for any operating systems such as Android, Apple, Black Berry and Windows. It's free, user-friendly and it comes with video tutorials and tech support.

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Great list there. I also used Andromo however it comes with a price.

AndromoDarryl on February 25, 2014:

As one of the people involved in Andromo's creation, I just wanted to add it to the list of options for creating native Android apps without programming:

Skyler Parker from Idaho Falls, ID on October 28, 2013:

Thanks for the help. I've wanted to create my own apps for a while. I'm thinking about learning python and a few other languages to try it myself. I'll look into this software as well.

Missy from London on October 15, 2013:

Good review, I hadn't heard of buzztouch gona check it out. I've been looking into creating an app using an online platform like this, only problem i'm finding is the built in ads, well unless you upgrade. Tried using GameSalad, they aren't bad.

Sam Martin from Sydney, Australia on September 23, 2013:

Useful hub

David Martin from London, United Kingdom on August 14, 2013:

I generally prefer "Glu Mobile" apps on my Galaxy Note

Alexandra on August 13, 2013:

Many people want mobile apps but think it is too hard to create them. Fortunately now there are quite a lot of useful online services which allow building apps without programming skills and in hours. I am using SnAPPii at the moment and really glad I can feel like a mobile app developer and make apps on my own.

Mrinal Saha from Jaipur,India on July 09, 2013:

I would suggest to learn java programming than use eclipsed if you want to make future in it,,,

long live open source

Distant Mind on July 07, 2013:

This is very useful. I will check them all out!

closed profile from Earth on June 27, 2013:

Very nice! I never try those before.

My question is, does those can replace or have the abilities of real app maker such as Eclipse or Adobe flex?

Anurag (author) on June 19, 2013:

You can sign up for App Geyser free, even app creation is free. But you may need to pay some fee if you want to sell your app via the Google Play store. They have a free alternative where you can sell your app for free via their own store.

Kapil Thakar from Bangalore on June 13, 2013:

I would like to know the charges or fees involved to make it. I tried first one AppGeyser. I think we need to pay 50$ to register? Is it right?

Anurag (author) on May 24, 2013:


LongTimeMother from Australia on May 24, 2013:

Awesome hub. I know nothing about creating apps but my husband has an interest in creating apps while waiting for his broken ankle to heal. This hub is a great starting point for him. Thank you. :)

Zak on May 02, 2013:

I recommend, i have used it and we can make a mobile app with is two mins using our brand guidelines.

Inga on January 23, 2013:

I would also recommend app builder. I used it for making my app - it's really easy with no progremming skills necessary - you can make your app in minutes. Goes both for iOS and Android.

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