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3 Things to Consider While Choosing A Live Video Streaming Platform

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You must pick a live streaming platform only after conducting in-depth research and analysis. You can create a great user experience with customization and additional features and functionalities provided by the solution.

Hence, here is a comprehensive list of things you must consider before choosing any platform.

Features Offered By Live Streaming Platforms

  • Unlimited Streaming: It can be disturbing to get a subscription every time you want to host a live streaming event. Hence, get a live streaming solution with unlimited streaming features.
  • Personalized Ticker: The hosts need to share all the announcements, updates, changes in schedule, messages, and other essential information in real-time. Hence, the personalized ticker feature is a must. You can push various notifications to the attendees in real-time that will pop up on their screen top.
  • Branded Logos: Branding is a must as it is the only way that can help you get more sponsors and partners for your event. Hence, your picked live streaming provider should offer space for branded logos on various content, screen, and everywhere you want.
  • Branded Frames: Speakers may look boredom with a simple screen appearance. Hence, the cooperative live streaming services offer branded frames where you can promote your business as well as make the experts look interesting.
  • Countdown Timer: It is essential to build a sense of hurry for the audience in order to get sales and registrations. Hence, you can create a countdown timer with the webcast service provider on various sales and registration pages.
  • Live Chat: Ensure you get the chatting option with live streaming services. It can be helpful in boosting communication among the attendees, experts, and other participants in real-time.
  • Emoticon Reactions: The audience feels bored just sitting and listening to the speakers like a college lecture. So, it is necessary that live streaming service providers offer various emojis that the audience can use during the live sessions. Attendees can express their experience with these emoticons.
  • Like and Comment: The speakers like to know if participants can understand their session or not, as well as the audience, enjoy asking questions and sharing their opinion live with the experts. Hence, it is essential to have a like and comment option in your live streaming.
  • Live Audience Interactivity: It is always fun to get something extra & according to one's requirement. Hence, you can get additional interactivity features like audio and video calling with the best live streaming services.
  • Real-Time Archiving: You have to take care of late comers as well. Hence, you need a real-time archiving feature in your events live streaming.
  • Content Delivery Network: Ensure high content quality, availability, and performance. Hence, the Facebook live streaming services offer a powerful CDN that can be helpful in achieving all.
  • Multi-Bitrate IP Encoding: You can make your live streaming event combat the traffic fluctuations and adapt to the streaming conditions efficiently with multi-bitrate IP encoding provided by the live streaming services.
  • Internet Connectivity Solution: Everyone wants to avoid lagging or hindrance during live streaming. Hence the best live streaming services ensure high-internet connectivity.
  • Customer Support: You need proper support in order to avoid any trouble during the live event. Hence, you will need to consider the live streaming solution that can offer end-to-end encryption and 24*7 backend support.
  • Third-Party Integration: You will need some other apps and software to boost the payment, communication, and other networking opportunities. Hence, choose an Instagram live streaming platform that supports 3rd party integration.

Free vs. Paid Live Streaming Platforms

You can go for a Free Trial as many well-known and best-performing live streaming services offer to hosts. Furthermore, you can use a paid version if you like the provided features and functionalities.


You have to understand the value of your chosen live streaming service. What can you attain with it? What elements can change the entire experience of your youtube live streaming? Hence, you will need qualitative features and functionalities in order to achieve your live streaming goal. Live streaming is the best option when you conduct an in-person event. Hence, you will need a solution that can take your physical event to global audiences.

Comparing a free and paid live streaming solution is a complete waste. You need to keep a hand on the experience you can create with the features. Furthermore, you can get various budget-friendly options when it comes to webinars, live streaming, virtual, or hybrid events.

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Hence, you do not have to think about the money much. Just look for a cost-effective solution with the ability to boost communication, engagement, and networking opportunities at your event.

Final thoughts

So, these are the various things you can consider in order to choose the best live video streaming platform. You can get a lot of beneficial elements that can ensure communicative, engaging, and networking opportunities.

Hope, you will find this article beneficial in picking the best live streaming services.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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