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1More’s Comfobuds and Comfobuds Pro True Wireless Headphones Gives You Comfortable Sound


Listening Needs Comfort

In-ear headphones may be the official name, but pretty much the term “earbuds” are pretty much sticking to the wall. So ever since audio makers were able to remove the cable connecting the two, the earbuds had to start combining drivers with electronics with batteries in what charitably could be called a small package. But the reality of it all is that earbuds start off with a disadvantage as compared to over-the-ear headphones: their amount of comfort is directly attributed to the ergonomics of how well they fit into the ears. So when 1More put out their Comfobuds True Wireless Headphones, you’d expect that they wouldn’t be putting “comfort” into the name if they couldn’t prove the point.


The Audio Driver and Electronics That Are Inside

Rather than starting with fit alone, let’s scalpel autopsy the technology being employed in the ComfoBuds. First the shape of the earbud is a bit more sculptured than flat, making it appear a bit different than others of similar size. That sizing is needed, and worthwhile, due to the audio driver being larger than would be anticipated — 13.4 mm as compared to an expected 10 mm. Plus the use of AAC (advanced audio coding) for a higher quality sound. So the chassis must be large enough to accommodate the driver as well as having the advantage of a larger echo chamber going into the ear canal. We’re expected a better sound as a result. But that’s not to say that the earbud is unusually big, with a heavier weight resulting. The semi in-ear design only clocks in at 3.8 grams (.13 ounce) which is negligible. Yet there still is enough room for 1More to build in not 1 or 2 or even 3, but 4 microphones to “grab” and enhance the person’s voice — noise cancelation geared to mute the air space around the wearer.

Other electronics take care of the pairing with the smartphone/tablet — using Bluetooth 5 for a stable and consistent signal — designed to automatically pair with the device once the initial pairing has been done and the case is opened (that case is designed to better fit inside a pocket, something that isn’t considered by a lot of earbud makers). There’s also a sensor that “knows” when you remove an earbud and automatically pauses any music being played. Return them to your ear and the music continues on its way (it’s an infrared sensor and not a motion sensor and seems to really have this task under control because it just continues to work without incident). The tapping on the ‘buds works fine; better when your finger hits the 1More logo. But the free 1More app lets you modify the controls a bit so having this option is good.


Power Makes It Happen

The final interior is the battery — arguably more important than anything else since if there’s no power there’s no anything. Under normal conditions it’s reasonable to expect to play as much as up to 4 hours at a clip (over 3 hours without trouble for sure). Reinvigorating the earbuds in the charging case allows for multiple charges — 18 hours in total with the case.

Also worth noting is that the earbuds have a IPX5 water and sweat resistance. So if you work up a sweat exercising or get caught in a light rain for a touch of time before getting yourself covered up. So the Comfobuds aren’t going to be screaming that they need to be pulled out and hidden away fast.


About The Fit

Now as to that fit — it’s part of what makes for a comfortable sessions wearing the Comfobuds. 1More provides a series of silicone tips and it’s up to the wearer to pick the pair that is the most sensible when inserted into the ear. Here’s a hint: you want a secure fit but not one that is so tight that it actually seems to be pushing against the inside of the ear (just to note, having a clean ear improves the fit as well as being better for general ability to hear things — a little water and a light patting with a paper towel on the tips every now and then can only help).


Also available for a slightly higher price (not so much) is the Comfobuds Pro. The Pro bears some similarities to its younger sibling, what with Bluetooth 5.0, 13.4mm drivers, broader touch control and fast charging. However along with the oblique earbuds and 3 interchangeable tips for a more secure fit, there are a number of technological audio additions are found, all of which are designed to affect surface sounds. ANC (active noise cancelation is adjustable over a range — going from mild to strong — along with a wind noise function taking into account the “whooshing” sound buffeting a person’s head outside. There’s also a pass through mode (doing what it sounds like) which negates the microphones generating the ANC — 3 microphones on each earbud for adjusting sound as well as amplifying the user’s voice when responding to a call. These functions are available through the free app and overall is called their proprietary hybrid ANC technology called QuietMax active noise cancellation which strives to provide high quality sound without the audio compromises that ANC can bring (results are very good and affirms 1More’s claims of improvement over ANC’s basic negative blanket).

The Comfobuds True Wireless Headphones come in a white or black color (with the same being true of the case), adds a Type C USB cable and retails for under $80. 1More’s Comfobud Pro is IPX4 water/sweat resistant and retails for under $100.00 More details are available at

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