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1more Comfobuds 2 and Colorbuds 2 True Wireless Headphones Bring Personal Audio to Every Ear


Two Earbuds For Your One Set of Ears

There are a lot of different earbuds out there and why not? It used to be the choices boiled down to what the technology was and whether it was the most advanced or the least desired. Then it became about whether the battery life was decent — meaning lasting longer than an hour with a recharge that didn’t take 3. Then it became a race to see who could be the first to remove the cable spanning between the two earbuds (which necessitated increasing the technology so as to power two independent yet coexisting earbuds). And finally it became about comfort and just how easily the earbuds could fit in the ear, stay in the ear, not to mention what they looked like in the ear (actually we did just mention that). So with all of this in mind, today’s earbuds need to combine all the best features of what was painstakingly assembled over time and then present them in an attractive and, most important, affordable package. Two good examples of all this comes form 1More — this company is well known for the audio quality of their products, and isn’t it interesting that all of the above didn’t touch on sound at all? When what the listener hears is the single most important thing there is? We know this and 1More knows this, so here are two examples of earbuds that can make a difference in both the enjoyment of the sound being heard as well as the “mechanics” needed for listening to that sound. It’s 1More’s ComfoBuds 2 True Wireless Headphones and 1More’s ColorBuds 2 True Wireless Headphones.


The ComfoBuds 2 True Wireless Headphones

So we start with the ComfoBuds 2, not because they’re smaller than the ColorBuds 2, but because their shape is different. The ComfoBuds 2 have a somewhat similar design to that well known fruit company, in that their bulge part first into the ear, with a shaft that extends downwards and out from the ear. This is a now well accepted design that provides a good fit in the ear so as to seal out surface noise and enhance the sound coming from the drivers. Obviously in proving on that fit is done by selecting the right ear tips, so different sized ones are included. Weight is minor enough not to be an issue, but of course this does affect the size of the battery powering all the electronics in each ear. In this case, the battery is powerful enough to provide about 6 hours of playback at a clip (realistically this number can vary widely but at least 3+ hours is going to happen). The charging case ups the total hours, but obviously you’re putting the earbuds into the case and waiting on the charge to transfer to the ‘bud’s batteries. This takes a bit less than an hour but figure on an hour to be safe.


The Tech Inside

With that out of the way we get to the good stuff — the tech inside the earbuds. Buds like these frequently have a 10mm or less drive (i.e., speaker) inside, but 1More managed a 13.5mm driver instead. This increase in size improves upon the frequency response as well as bass for enhances the overall sound quality — being that it’s something you can hear, it is to be believed. Audio can also be enhanced by activating the noise cancellation function (which of course depletes battery power). This feature — which uses dual microphones to sample outside sounds and then provide a counter frequency response to cancel it out — is not necessarily needed at all times, but having it makes for a positive response.

We should also mention that sound is enhanced by having Bluetooth 5.2 embedded into the earbuds — this latest version sips battery power but most importantly is a stable wireless connector between the audio source and the earbuds.

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The ColorBuds 2 True Wireless Headphones

The ColorBuds 2 is similar in many ways to the ComfoBuds 2, but is both larger and differently shaped — being more of an oval attached to the earbud tip that goes into the ear. It also has dual mic noise cancelation and uses Bluetooth 5.2, with all the positive results that come from that. But rather than having noise cancellation either on or off, there’s a pass-through function that does what one would expect. Also the battery playback time is about the same (6 hours), but considering that a Qualcomm chipset and a number of audio codecs make their appearance, including aptX adaptive, aptx and AAC, there’s also SoundID’s personalized sound properties through the app to consider. All this combines to make sound quality very good, despite having a 7mm dynamic driver. Keep in mind that 1More’s drivers generally outperform others in their class, so it’s not just about size. For more details about both earbuds go to

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