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1More Colorbuds True Wireless Headphones Are Colorful Listening


True Wireless Headphones

First came speakers and then followed by headphones allowing for personal listening. Over time the headphones went through various configurations and technologies to be followed by “personal headphones” which is what we now call “earbuds.” Earbuds were easier to wear and so became more popular and of course the choice to use when smartphones hit the scene. But their having a cable between each earbud was not appreciated. This led to wireless earbuds, still with a cable, and then finally to true wireless earbuds where the cable no longer existed.

1More is known for making high-end headphones that you wear in your ears — i.e., that means earbuds to most. But for many companies, the push for wireless has led to compromise. That’s just another name for not going full-bore for the best. With each earbud needing its own battery, it’s no wonder that the quality of the resulting sound can suffer — because lesser components will not drain the battery as much as the more costly drivers could. And it’s no wonder that this is happening since battery life has taken on an importance all out of wack. Plus the cost for going wireless (as opposed to having a cable connecting between the two earbuds) increases the cost of manufacturing which gets passed over to the consumer. So to keep the price down, compromise. That doesn’t play nice with 1More though, so don’t expect a high cost or low results from their Colorbuds True Wireless Headphones.


It's The Sound That Counts

Pairing is fast and conventional using the Bluetooth option though the smartphone’s settings, after which opening the case starts the earbuds up to automatically pair to the device.

Colorbuds differentiate themselves from other types of true wireless in the most important way possible: the sound they can generate from the “speakers” that are inside each earbud. This is done from a balanced armature — drivers using an electronic signal to create sound via a reed balanced between two magnets. This motion is then transferred to an aluminum diaphragm — and so free of unwanted resonances. Ignoring tech and using one’s ears, there’s excellent mid to high ranges and surprisingly good bass, considering just how tiny the earbuds are.

That handles what you hear, but what about what you say? 1More equips Colorbuds with dual microphones — one in each ‘bud — and that by itself improves what you’re saying to those at the other end of the conversation. But there’s also the additions of ENC (environmental noise cancellation) whose job it is to suppress surface noise. This definitely is worth having because there are few times when you’re talking outside that there aren’t noises getting in the way. Sound quality is enhanced through audio technologies aptX and AAC.


What's Being Seen Is Important Too

Of course only you can hear that quality, so what about those looking in your direction. What they see is that you don’t have boring looking black “pills” in your ears — no what you’re listening through has a pop of color — being spearmint green or twilight gold or sakura pink or even midnight black. Those looking will also see that the earbuds aren’t bulging out of your ear because they’ve a more circular design to firmly stay seated in the ear. This not only adds to their being comfortable (no drag pushing down from gravity), but enables a firmer fit in the ear. That helps to seal out surface noise that impacts and interferes with the sound being generated. It’s Bluetooth 5.0 doing the honors here, which means a strong and stable signal. That signal is being powered by a longer lasting battery in each ‘bud — giving about 6 hours of playback at a clip. Of course there’s the ubiquitous charging case, which holds a charge for recharging the ‘buds for a day’s worth of use. Fast charging is also on the table, with 15 minutes or so restoring about 2 hours of usability.


Colorbuds have to be lightweight in the ear if they’re going to be worn a lot. So they are. They retail for $99.00 and before we forget — they’re IPX5 sweat and water resistant. That “5” makes a difference because it increases their resistance to water big time. Find out more at

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