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100 Best Video Ideas for Youtube in 2021 (Frequently Updated)


In this article, I've collected 100 video ideas for your YouTube channel, so you don't have to waste your precious time and start rolling those high-quality videos.

Here I have not just given you a list of topics for your youtube channel; at the end, you will find a list of " superheated" topics to avoid. But most importantly, I will show you the tools that will allow you to assess your idea's relevance.

Video Ideas For Youtube

Auto Channel


A niche with excellent monetisation. You can promote cars, dealerships, car products and much more. This niche is valuable because many people watch car reviews when deciding which car to buy. It means that this pre-heated audience is a moneymaker for advertisers.

1.Auto reviews- reviewing latest car releases can never go old
2.Auto News - among the niche leaders is Auto News, and the same information can be presented in the first person with more extended commentaries.
3.Auto Repair - This type of channel works upon Body Shop or Auto Electric Garage demonstrates
4.Garage Videos - if you like messing around in your garage with your car, make a video about it. Useful tips on how to make things with your own hands are always on-trend.

Hunting or Fishing


It will always remain a hot topic around the world. For example, a video about pike fishing in winter, which was uploaded just a year ago, now has 8 million views. The monetisation opportunities are excellent: rods, spinning rods, and other fishing and hunting equipment.

5.River and lake fishing - fishing has its own specifics. If you are passionate about one, in particular, make a channel about it.
6.Saltwater fishing - if it's available to you, make a channel for it. You can make it very entertaining.
7.Hunting tips and tricks - channels like this gather many views, not only from hunters but also from people who are interested in watching.
8.Reviews of hunting weapons - easily monetizable niche. The channel can also talk about how to obtain licences.



Searching for antiquities with instruments. An incredibly fascinating niche that can generate income through YouTube ads. The creators collaborate with tourist shops, manufacturers of special equipment, clothing and tourism equipment in the examples below.

9.Metal detecting is an exciting area and is gaining momentum. I, too, watch these videos with interest as people discover new finds.
10.Visiting dead towns and villages is exciting and very educational if you research the history of a place you will visit.
11.Visiting abandoned factories and plants is an exciting and intriguing idea( do inform the local police or complete the paperwork needed before visiting such places).

Construction and renovation


A niche with ample opportunities to make money. You can offer viewers everything they need for construction and renovation. Even if you narrow the channel down to balcony finishing or plumbing, you'll still have no trouble finding advertisers.

12.Cottage construction - here, you can talk about how to build a cottage from scratch by yourself.
13.Flat finishing is an excellent opportunity to promote your business.
14.Designer's Diary - talk about how to do a designer's renovation: reveal the basic rules and professional know-how.
15.Build with your own hands - in every part of the world, people build and renovate a lot independently. Such information will always have a demand.
16.Cheap renovations - a lot of people have already started making videos about budget renovations. I think there's room for a whole channel here.

Gadgets and PCs


However, there are many such channels, and you'll need to choose the right direction to not be at last place in the crowd of such channels. I'll tell you more about that below. In the meantime, here are a couple of examples of how you can narrow down your gaming niche.

17.Gadget reviews from Amazon - Tell us about the worthy alternative gadgets you can order from Amazon.
18.Unusual gadgets for all occasions - What kind of devices and home appliances can't be found on the internet? There's enough information for a whole channel.
19.Gadgets from the 90s and 2000s - an excellent retro theme. There's plenty of room for reviews and nostalgia. However, monetisation is an issue.
20.Computer hardware - if you have a budget or a big network of friends, you can do wonders in this niche.



It is a large niche that includes a vast variety of areas with room for monetisation: the sale of sports video courses, sports drinks, clothing and equipment. It is a little more difficult if you choose the field of sports reporting.

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21.Sports reviews and the best moments of matches (caution, there are copyright issues with reproduction).
22.News and insider information about your favourite sport.

With your own hands


Channels about traditional crafts are now at the top. They are of interest to those who do such things and those who enjoy watching the process. Such a channel can be an excellent advertisement for your small business. That said, you don't have to do a voiceover at all. The main thing is to show the process. Here are a couple of examples.

23.Home repairs with your own hands - if you have golden hands, and you can fix the washing machine, disassemble and reassemble a dishwasher, the idea is for you.
24.Making furniture - you can make a channel to guide people and share your assembling furniture experience.
25.Architecture - teaching your audience; what are different types of architecture styles or any informative video on the same.
26.Stove-building - in a country where many people have summer cottages, this channel will find its viewers.
27.Blacksmithing - such channels attract thousands of viewers with their demonstrative nature.



Fun Fact: Current top YouTubers with the most success and subscribers are gaming channels: PewDiePie, Markiplier, VanossGaming. If you are entertaining and engaging enough, you can surely build an audience. Consider making videos in your regional language as well because of growing competition.

28.Channel about a particular game (for example, Minecraft, Roblox, Browel Stars)
29.Streaming - these channels make money through donations, partnership programs with streaming platforms, advertising and subscriptions.
30.Lets play (same as streaming but with editing) is also suitable for those who are good at commentating on games.

Fashion & Beauty


31.Fashion will always be on-trend. This niche is perfect if you want to earn from affiliate links
32.Beauty blogging is an inexhaustible niche in which you can both teach make-up and review industry practices.
33.Haircuts, hairstyles and haircare - you don't have to be a professional hairdresser to run such a blog. Some Popular video ideas in this niche are; videos on how to French braid your hair or how to achieve an elegant plait.
34.Shopping: choosing clothes, shoes, cosmetics, and everything else a girl needs.

Home Improvement


35.Home design is a hot topic. From a home designer's perspective, video ideas have seen a sharp rise this year and expected to reach new milestones.
36.Room tours - The creator visits homes and reviews their qualities. On such channels, viewers can get ideas on how to furnish their homes.

A mom's blog


37.Family vlog - People love watching vlogs on a daily basis, just like soap operas.
38.Sketches or whiteboard animations about motherhood and family life are self-explanatory and easy to make.
39.The Parenting Learning Channel - a place where mothers and fathers can find answers to their questions.



This niche is extremely popular: here are a few trends.

40.Is bodybuilding, fitness and yoga your thing? Then film about that or another sporting trend.
41.Homemade cosmetics - scrubs, masks, homemade soaps and other natural beauty products can be an excellent subject for your own channel.



This idea can be a good option for people who don't want to film themselves.

42.The lives of stars - this type of topic tells the stories of our idols.



Gardening and horticulture are in people's blood, so there will always be demand for videos on planting vegetables and burrowing apple trees. However, keep in mind that the niche is seasonal: in winter, there will be far fewer views.

43.Gardening - there should be no problems with advertisers in this niche: you can sell any kind of gardening equipment.
44.Indoor plants and balcony gardening is a catchy topic for people living in urban areas.



A great niche for those with a passion for handicrafts. As a rule, craftspeople sell their own online courses. Also, you should not expect an audience of millions—however, those who dare to make such a channel end up successfully building a good following.

Going into this niche can be very competitive; it's better to shoot on a topic that others haven't already posted.
45.Knitting or sewing - videos on how to knit or sew a beautiful thing in minimal time without excellent skills.
46.Design things for the home with your own hands - this channel can tell you how to make your own interior design things inexpensively and from available materials.

Home appliances


47.Reviews of home, kitchen and garden equipment and unboxing useful household products.

48.Best products, where you can provide information about the most convenient meat grinders, durable kitchen machines, etc.

49.If you know what to look for when choosing a particular appliance, you can build a whole channel around it.



Travel is a great "evergreen" niche. Trend analysis over the last 5 years shows that people haven't stopped travelling even in times of recession.

50.Vlog of a traveller - yes, there are already many vloggers, so you need to be more consistent and imaginative to hook the viewers.
51.Google Maps travel - it turns out that you don't have to get off your chair to run a travel channel. You can comment on cities and countries virtually to keep in mind that you need excellent video editing skills to make such a channel.

Kids Channel


There is a separate platform for children's content, Youtube Kids. A kids based channel is mostly operated by parents who love sharing their experience.

52.Kids' vlog - children adore watching children and, in-fact, rewatching the old videos again and again. That's kids channel get so many views.
53.Scientific experiments - on this channel, you can do safe experiments with magnets, water, or food colouring.
54.Learning channel - where you make fun and easy go educational videos.

Business and earning ideas


If you've made any money yourself, share your knowledge and make even more money because there is a demand for professions that are not taught anywhere else in the market.

55.Teaching internet business such as trading, online marketing, SEO, running online courses.
56.Business legal support is suitable for professionals in this field. Every entrepreneur faces legal issues every day. Therefore a channel that can help them with their legal matters will be convenient.
57.The real estate market is a chance for realtors to establish themselves.
58.Personal savings and personal finance - here, you can talk about how to invest your money, banks, deposits and other ways to save passive income.
59.Earnings for retirees. Many people are now forced to retire for several reasons. A channel for such people can become a platform for earning money online and developing their own business.

Cooking channel ideas


Ideas for your culinary channel on YouTube are endless: you can narrow down the subject by choosing any direction: meat dishes, pastry channel. Below are a few promising video ideas for YouTube.

60.Exotic Recipes -many people are nostalgic for food, so videos about exotic food can succeed.
61.National dishes - personally, I'm looking forward to a channel that will remove the "what would you like to cook for dinner?" question.
62.Delivery and restaurant reviews - food delivery review videos are still gaining views, and a new trend has appeared: reviews of restaurants, cafes, street food outlets and even school canteens.
63.Grocery shopping and planning menus for the family. If you know how to plan a healthy diet for your family and save money at the same time, share your secrets.
64.Recipes for a culinary destination. If you're a vegan, a meat-eater or a dieter, create a channel for those who share the same passion.

Creative hobbies


A vlog about favourite hobbies will bring great pleasure to its creator and the viewers.

65.Dance channel, where you can learn the steps of popular trends.

66.Book reviews - earnings through book reviews and recommending books through affiliate programs.

67.Drawing - here, you can present both lessons and speed paintings, which are widely popular.

68.Playing a musical instrument - teaching your favourite musical instrument can also help you generate an audience for your musical works.

69. Singing - here, you can teach vocals, record covers of your favourite songs or perform your works.

70.Poetry - a trend that could win the hearts of your subscribers.

71.Tricks and magic tricks. Teaching or telling secrets to legendary magic tricks can be very entertaining.

72.A writer's channel where you can talk about writing a book, publishing it, and other writing subtleties.

What topics should be prevented?

So, we've talked about what you can and should film on your YouTube channel. Now a word or two about the topics you should avoid.

  • Overheated. On YouTube, there are areas on which many people have already expressed their opinions—for example, cooking. If you make your first video on how to make borscht, it will be at the back of the universe because there are already their stars and their leaders on this topic. If you do decide to go in that direction, you'll need to do something special.
  • Non-monetizable content. If you're planning to make money from your channel, monetising it is something you should think about long before putting the camera on. Simply ask yourself: what kind of product will viewers want to buy from me, which can help you earn from different affiliate programs? There are several ways to generate income from your channel: YouTube advertising and selling a course. Some niches are easy to monetise - gadget reviews - and others that are very difficult—for example, a channel about poetry.
  • Too wide or too narrow. This parameter plays a very crucial role in finding your audience. "All in a row recipes" seems to be a vast topic. However, if you make a "Quick Recipes for the Bachelor" video, you will advance much faster. Simultaneously, the subject should not be too specific, as you will be exhausted too quickly, and the audience will be significantly reduced.

It is now clear that the most popular topics on YouTube today are not the best choice for a beginner. Such topics are overheated, and too much has been filmed about them.

No, this is not a blacklist of ideas; however, here, you should find a special sub-topic to come out on top or something creative and very engaging to gain subscribers.

73.Personal vlog

74.Unboxing and reviews



77.Top 10s




Niches with the growing popularity

So which is the best and most profitable channel to create on YouTube? The answer is growing in popularity. These topics are interesting, but not many people have made videos on them.