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5 Examples of a Bad Blog

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Blogging is something people do for fun. Some people even do it for some spare cash, possibly even for a living. I thought I would pick on some of those blogs that are very badly put together. I will criticize layout, colors, content, SEO (search engine optimization) and other small things. This should be a fun experience and should also help improve bloggers on other bloggers mistakes. Blogs that get mentioned in this article, sorry for picking on you, but maybe you can improve from this also.



1. There is nothing worse than someone that picks good a domain on and never posts, not even once. This really makes other bloggers mad when they can't get the domain they want because of some person that had no intent of even writing in his blog takes it. This is an example of a bad blog.

Blog #1

2. A pointless blog is something that people won't read. Why waste your time reading something that you won't gain from. A blog that just has random stuff on it. A blog that has the worst colors put together. This blog will make you hate blogging ever again.

Blog #2

3. Apparently this is the worst SEO blog ever. It says so right in the title. Why would you name your blog something so idiotic. Are you trying to use reverse psychology? It really has horrible facts and how-to post on Search Engine Optimization.

Blog #3

4. What can i possibly say about this one. It was a waste of my time to read even one post on your blog. All you do is ramble on about what you think and you have no intelligence on the subject of matter. You cuss about a billion times and have no comments on your blog. It is safe to say this is a bad example of a blog.

Blog #4

5. This is a smart yet stupid way to get a lot of traffic to your blog. The URL is one of the longest found on the web.

Blog #5


PD Zastor on October 21, 2015:

"very badly put together"


A blogger who shall not be named on August 07, 2015:

The worst thing you can do is be Ironic, people will eat you alive. Hey well maybe I have it wrong this blog received a lot of comments including mine.

brucehollandz on April 18, 2014:

wow epic

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Sara on August 30, 2013:

This is a subjective blog. You also need to make sure that your grammer is right.

SK on July 01, 2013:


What do you think about this one?

4ndyman on May 08, 2013:

Ironically (or maybe not?), I'm drawing from this post to illustrate a badly written blog post. (For example, what do the first two sentences of this post have to do with the rest of the thing? And I love the disparity between the post title and the URL.)

If you want criticism to stick, you need to back it up with some research. You know, facts and figures. You don't highlight five bad blogs, you highlight five blogs that you've found some reason to dislike. Whether there's any evidence to back up their objective "badness" isn't even considered.

Mylindaminka on May 01, 2013:

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Joe on March 13, 2013:

Add this one to the mix.

Did you get butt-hurt over the Eddie Vedder post on #4 or what?

Emm on January 04, 2013:

Number five was actually quite helpful I only realised after that they were actually links and it said a small description about each of the things, quite pointless though. Number one made me laugh about how many people commented and posted their own blogs on there. But hey, I understand!

Aquaintance's Blog:

Rick on December 02, 2011:

This one seems kinda random as well..

Jen on November 11, 2011:

I find it ironic that this is a bad blog post condemning bad blog posts.

Allan Mackay on June 29, 2011:

I found this blog about biscuits.

ANNDY on January 04, 2011:

I totally agree on number 1! I hate trying to get a good name and find out that it's been taken by some idiot that never posts ANYTHING!

I'm sure most of them forgot the email and password for their blog and probably they don't even remember they started one after a few months... that should give someone else the right to use that same name after 90 days or so.

Seattle SEO on January 02, 2011:

Yeah, I agree. I saw blogs you are talking about. Haha. I found one that gets my eyes teary because of the background full of bright colors. I hope they would see what users see. What's the use of a blog if the topic is interesting but the background color is irritating.

Cat on June 12, 2010:

It amuses me that the writing in these blogs is 10 times better then anything I read on this page.

Narky on March 22, 2010:

I enjoyed the blogs from your list more than I did your post. So, thanks. I guess.

Pot on January 21, 2010:

Hey, Kettle, old buddy old pal! Long time no whistle!

P.S. You cannot count.

Branden on January 16, 2010:

Funny-I really wanted a blog domain name, but I couldn't get one because of someone using it and never postin anything. That really does bother me. I use numbers in my domain to help with SEO.

Zacque on January 02, 2010:

I have to say that I respectfully disagree with number 4 but thanks for the love.

Mark on October 19, 2009:

An ironic comment, considering. But I feel the love. lol

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