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10 Things To Do Online When You're Bored

Rose is a full-time freelance writer who frequently writes about education, special education, DIY projects, food, Milwaukee, and more.

Looking at funny kitty pictures is always a good way to put a smile on your face.

Looking at funny kitty pictures is always a good way to put a smile on your face.

The subtitle of this article is "10 Things To Do Online That Are More Fulfilling Than Reading the Facebook News Feed." I had to think of something more search-engine friendly for the title. However, this idea stemmed from the fact that for a variety of reasons, I recently gave up reading the Facebook news feed for the foreseeable future. I truly believe that I will be much more fulfilled elsewhere online when I need a little break during my daily work routine (which as a freelance writer, involves spending a lot of time on the internet). Whether you feel the same way or you're purely here out of boredom and looking for something to mix up the routine, I hope that you find one or more of the following suggestions to be beneficial.

Sad Cat Diary

1. Watch Cat Videos

You do not have to be crazy about cats to enjoy funny cat photos and videos. There are so many out there that it can be hard to know where to start. If you search "funny cat videos" on YouTube and click on any of the top links that are highly trafficked, you aren't likely to be disappointed.

When was the last time that you talked to one of your good friends from college? Consider making a phone call or sending an email.

When was the last time that you talked to one of your good friends from college? Consider making a phone call or sending an email.

2. Send a Message Or Email To An Old Friend

Instead of getting upset because an old friend hasn't posted anything on Facebook or Twitter recently, when not reach out to him or her and send a message? It is great to be able to "like" a cute kid picture or happy status update, but it isn't the same as making that human connection. If you've been thinking about someone lately, make the effort to contact him or her again. If you have the time, you can even get offline for a few minutes and make a call.

  • 25 Ways to Be a True Friend
    We never need to be or feel alone in this world, but it’s up to us to create & allow opportunities to be together, enjoy each other & be there for each other.

3. Look at Beautiful Photos

I am into all things photography these days, so looking at beautiful photos is a natural choice for me. However, I truly believe that virtually anyone can find inspiration in a beautiful photo. When I have a couple minutes, I browse a favorite Flickr group (check out Cream City Milwaukee) or I look through some of my saved favorite photos on Flickr, deviantART, or Instagram.

These days I spend a lot of my free time reading photography articles and watching photography videos.

4. Learn More About a Personal Interest

I always get sad when I see how much time people spend leaving meaningless negative comments or getting into pointless arguments in forums and comment sections and on social media. I think that there is a place for constructive criticism online, but I think that people could also put a lot more of that effort toward bettering themselves. Take a few minutes to explore a favorite interest or learn a little bit about a concept that has always intrigued you.

Just a Few Personal Favorites

5. Catch Up On Favorite Blogs

There are so many amazing blogs out there these days. While there are lots of bad blogs, it is worth remembering the ones that you do like. Start a Pinterest board or an internet browser folder for your favorite blogs so that you have them all in one place and can find what you want quickly when you have a few minutes to read new posts.

As of January 2014, there are more than 600 pins and 111 likes for this HubPages article just from my share on Pinterest. You never know how far one share will take someone!

As of January 2014, there are more than 600 pins and 111 likes for this HubPages article just from my share on Pinterest. You never know how far one share will take someone!

6. Share One Of Your Favorite Photos, Videos, Or Posts Somewhere Online

If you find something online that you like, take just a couple extra seconds and share it somewhere. While you do not want to overwhelm your followers with link after link all day, a few thoughtful shares throughout the day can make a big difference for both your followers and the people who created that content. You'll get to share something meaningful, and the curators will appreciate that you made that effort.

Brad Mehldau plays 'Blackbird' piano solo

7. Listen to a New or Favorite Song or Custom Music Station

In a digital age filled with every kind of advertising imaginable, it is way to easy to spend whole days surrounded by content that you didn't actually choose to view. Pull up a favorite song on YouTube or get around to checking out that band that one of your friends has been telling you about for weeks. You can also create music stations through programs such as Pandora that you can then further customize to suit your personal tastes and preferences, which makes it really easy to listen to music that you do like whenever you want.

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8. Check Out an Audio Book or Podcast

There are free podcasts and free or very affordable audio books out there on just about every topic imaginable. You shouldn't have too much trouble finding something that piques your interest. As you can put audio books and podcasts on smartphones, tablets, and readers (i.e. Kindles), it is really easy to take this content with you and fill idle moments while riding the train or waiting for appointments.


9. Play a Game

This is probably a no-brainer for most people because there are so many widely popular free games online. Who hasn't been tempted to join the Angry Bird or Candy Crush crowds, right? While it can be easy to get sucked in and end up playing for more than just a couple minutes during a break, it is also not hard to find games with short levels that you can play for short periods of time.

10. Read the Real News

I'll be honest: I would rather read a new recipe or check out a cool DIY project than read a detailed news story any day of the week. I know that I'm also not alone in having first heard about breaking news events on Facebook. However, I still believe that it is important to find a few reputable news sources that you do like and check them regularly so that get the real facts about what's going on in the world.


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Trudy Cooper from Hampshire, UK on March 12, 2015:

Excellent hub really enjoyed it.

Rose Clearfield (author) from Milwaukee, Wisconsin on May 09, 2014:

What NOT to do when you are bored would also be a great topic for an article!

Lisa René LeClair from the ATL on May 09, 2014:

I think I want to write one on what NOT to do when you're bored! ;-)

My daughter LOVES to watch cat videos on YouTube (her personal favorite is "The Dramatic Cat). Sometimes I'll pull up old videos of her as a baby, but that just makes me cry... She gets older and so do I. Great list!

Rose Clearfield (author) from Milwaukee, Wisconsin on April 06, 2014:

Thanks, BernietheMovieGuy! I definitely agree. :)

Bernie Ment from Syracuse, NY on April 06, 2014:

I have utilized many of your suggestions already, most notably the cat video one. There is, I think, hardly anything as cute or amusing as watching cats defy their life limitations with hysterical clips showing their flying, pouncing, running, skidding, bouncing and sleeping behaviors. Nice hub. Voted up.

Rose Clearfield (author) from Milwaukee, Wisconsin on February 12, 2014:

Those are all great suggestions for getting the ideas flowing, Suzanne! Thanks!

Suzanne Day from Melbourne, Victoria, Australia on February 12, 2014:

When I'm bored at work or wherever, I look at Pinterest photos for the most divine ideas. I also read Make magazine or Make Craft - there's always tons of ideas to get my creative juices flowing! Voted useful.

Rose Clearfield (author) from Milwaukee, Wisconsin on February 03, 2014:

It's great to have things that you enjoy doing to break up the work routine. I never have trouble finding things to do either.

Bill Holland from Olympia, WA on February 03, 2014:

I am a Words With Friends addict....the secret is now out and I'm soooo ashamed. LOL Seriously, when I need a break I'll play a couple games and then go for a to music....there is always something to do. :) Thanks for even more suggestions my friend. If Bev doesn't see me now I can blame you. :)

Rose Clearfield (author) from Milwaukee, Wisconsin on February 02, 2014:

MartieCoetser, I have lots of interesting friends and relatives on Facebook as well. It's really a completely unrelated point to the issues that I have with Facebook. I'm glad that you still get enjoyment out of your feed. I wish that the same were true for me.

Martie Coetser from South Africa on February 02, 2014:

I still enjoy reading my Facebook News Feed, as it contains all the things you have mentioned. I honestly have the most interesting friends and relatives in FB.

Nice to meet you, randomcreative -:)

Rose Clearfield (author) from Milwaukee, Wisconsin on January 28, 2014:

Great point, FlourishAnyway! Thanks!

FlourishAnyway from USA on January 28, 2014:

Especially with all this snow, people in my house are getting house crazy. It's important to know how to entertain yourself, and on-line is a great venue. I love cat videos and anything funny. Good list, and I love that lead photo.

Rose Clearfield (author) from Milwaukee, Wisconsin on January 28, 2014:

Thank you, Eddy! Take care. :)

tattuwurn, learning a skill like MS Paint is a great thing to do on YouTube!

Blond Logic, it's nice to have things like going out to the garden to break up online time.

Sheri, yes, cats everywhere on the internet for sure! And you're right about HubPages being another great place to go when you're bored. :)

Sheri Dusseault from Chemainus. BC, Canada on January 28, 2014:

That is fun, however I always wonder about the cat thing....cats everywhere on the internet! Another great place to hang around when you are bored is hubpages! lol

Mary Wickison from USA on January 28, 2014:

Interesting ideas. I enjoy looking at recipes on the internet when I am bored. Some of these I share on Pinterest. I am the same with Facebook, I could tell you what is happening without even reading it.

During the day, I switch off and go outside in the garden, in the evening I go to bed and read.

Eiddwen from Wales on January 28, 2014:

What a great hub I loved it and vote up plus share. Enjoy your day.


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