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10 Facts About Social Communities Everyone Thinks Are True, Here Is One Startup Making It Possible For The Universe

A powerful community is made when we all will reunite together. Joining hands can build a better world and they strive to offer one. The sta

10 Facts About Social Communities Everyone Thinks Are True, Here Is One Startup Making It Possible For The Universe

Do you know some interesting facts about social communities? Well, you might have been to some and some not. But are these facts true? Or do they have some hidden secrets within them?

Do all social communities offer all of those benefits or are there any hidden secrets?

Many facts run with social communities but not all are true or valuable.

This means you will have to undergo all of those to be free from any sort of misconception.

What are the 10 facts that social communities claim to be TRUE?

There is no doubt that social communities have many benefits to serve. But the main question is whether all of those are TRUE?

People across the globe use social communities for various purposes.

Some reform their businesses and some for their personal identity. There can be a state where they can serve benefits and to some extent not.

It is all dependent on which platform one is using and which not. It is believed that some can even share great experiences and some not.

Here you need to know what all facts are associated with social communities.

  • Facebook is growing

To some, Facebook is the widest platform to enhance reach or presence. But there are drastic changes that are coming up. On the other hand, the global scale is completely different.

  • Twitter with 6 different communication networks

According to the social media research foundation, it has been found that thousands of Twitter conversations have a spotted pattern. 6 different communication networks work at Twitter and we all took it as a simple deal.

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  • Users love videos

Even marketers agree that original videos are not exactly an important part of social media strategy. But users spend most of their time watching videos on YouTube.

  • Twitter- a real-time dictator

As per the research conducted by Lithium Technologies it has been discovered that Twitter can result in some high expectations from users.

  • Facebook alive on Fridays

Post schedule on Friday attains more engagement and conversion rate.

  • Late evening is the perfect time to tweet

After analyses of 1.7 million tweets, it has been witnessed that getting notice or retweeting late evening is the best time.

  • Visual has real power on Facebook

It has been witnessed that 87% of all interactions of a Facebook page happen on photo posts.

  • Content is the more powerful tool

content is what marketers appreciate. This means high-quality content is efficient to raise brand awareness.

  • 80% B2B sales comes from Linkedin

If you are a B2B marketer you need to be on Linkedin. It is believed that 4 out of 5 B2B social media leads come from the platform.

  • 55-64 age bracket is growing on Twitter

Fastest growing demographics on users and a great way to market products for mature consumers.

All of the above are the social community's facts. But are they TRUE? Well, there can be many of those which might not be TRUE or helpful to you.

On the other hand, it can be helpful to some people. Each one of us has a different thought and opinion.

But there is something extraordinary with this start-up. With all of the benefits of social communities, users still do not get what they need.

This is where a start-up is introducing all of those benefits that you do not get in your existing social community.

Well, some hidden facts are always associated with social communities and sometimes we are unable to find them all. But this start-up is coming with all of those benefits or facts that other social communities are unable to serve.

How This Start-Up Is Making It Possible To Cover All The Gaps Of Social Communities?

Embracing a new world and with advanced benefits is what the start-up is coming with.

Now you must be wondering what extra can be taken? Your thought is genuine, as when anything new comes we see our expectation goes high and we even develop curiosity within ourselves.

This particular start-up is opening doors for the new world. A world where there will be full liberty, complete data privacy and no unwanted content. As a user, you will have the ability to connect with the world where they can have full liberty and power.

There will be complete safety and privacy where even kids and teens can easily educate themselves.

This particular start-up is actively taking a smart move towards building a society full of benefits. They are on a mission to grow and enrich various needs of society and to make it a better world to live in.

There are some facts associated with various social communities but not all are TRUE.

Therefore to fill the gap to all of those this start-up is on its mission to serve all of those.

This Start- Up Is Making The Right Social Move To Ameliorate Social Community

With new thoughts, initiatives this start-up is on its way to making a BIG social Move. Yes, you heard it right, soon you will be able to experience the one social community which has all of those benefits which others lack.

This means you will have a better place to explore whatever you are in a NEED of. You no longer have to compromise and live in a fake world.

A European Mind To Bring Innovation Within This Start-Up

A European mind came up with the challenge where he thought he could reform social communities. Then and there the beginning of this start-up came up. It is for sure that people will love what this start-up is planning for.

You can even connect with all of those moves while undergoing the planning. It is all with the help of a medium known as Kickstarter and Indiegogo. The place where one can easily get in touch with what the social community is all about. Also, it is when we all combine our efforts that a great result will come to an end.


No doubt there are many benefits that social communities serve. But not all are TRUE and can assist everyone. What do you think about this? Well, it also depends upon person to person and their requirements.

On the other hand, a European mind is all set to prove all the hidden facts associated to be TRUE. This means there will be no more secrets with this start-up. What it claims all will come out to be TRUE. I believe this start-up will serve as a way of hope for people to take all the benefits of social communities because every big change in the world starts with one person.


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