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The 10 Best Draw My Life Videos on YouTube


What Is "Draw My Life"?

"Draw My Life" videos are a trend on YouTube that was at the height of its popularity a few years ago. It's exactly like it sounds. Youtubers get a white board and some markers, they draw pictures of the most important events of their lives and narrate the events. Most of the drawings are stick figures, unless the youtuber is a professional artist.

Despite the trend being the most popular when it first came out, there are still youtubers creating draw my life videos every day.

You may like these videos, but be unsure of which ones to watch or where to start. I've seen a lot of them and was able to pick out the top ten best ones.


10. Michelle Phan

If you've heard of Michelle Phan, then you've probably watched some of her make-up tutorials. She still makes videos, although it's less frequent now, since she's branched off and is busy exploring other business opportunities.

She always did the most beautiful make-up and made it look so easy to do. I've tried to do some of it at home, but didn't have the skills she did, so I never could come out with similar results. I still liked watching her and her creations though.

Anyway, she was always a beautiful and very sweet youtuber. It's no wonder to me that she discusses Disney Princesses in her "Draw My Life" video and that it has a sort of sappy, Disney feel to the whole thing. She kind of is a real life Disney Princess.

I love Disney movies, so of course I loved her "Draw My Life" video as well.

9. Colliepops

This is a more recent "Draw My Life" video and I put it on this list because of how unique it is. This youtuber is a teenage girl who has managed to do something that most adults would be envious of at a young age-she's started a career, making money off of YouTube. Many of the rest of us dream about making money off of our hobbies and creativity, but she actually lives it.

But this "Draw My Life" is not a happy story. The videos she makes are about the toys she likes to play with and how everyone in her school teases her about being a girl who is popular on YouTube for doing something only little kids do, supposedly. She's been bullied both online and off, probably out of jealousy and also because she's managed to do something different than all the other kids.

The bullying has driven her to a point of isolation from most of the people around her. I think it contains an important message about how YouTube and other social media can change a teenager's life completely. This possibility didn't exist when most of us adults were teenagers.

I'm sure her message is helping a lot of other teenagers experiencing bullying to get through it and also helping adults to understand the unique problems some teenagers face today.

8. Meghan McCarthy

Most people notice, right away, that Meghan McCarthy has a very high-pitched voice. Despite the fact that many people would view that as a bad thing, Meghan has used her unique voice to get jobs in voice acting. What some people would view as her weakness, she has made into her strength.

I liked this "Draw My Life" story because I thought it was inspirational.

7. Kelly Eden

This is a newer "Draw My Life" video. I chose it because the overall theme of it is depression, a mental disease that most people don't take seriously. It tells the story of how mental illness can effect individuals in a variety of different ways, including killing some of them through the ways they choose to cope with it. I think it brings awareness to this mental disorder and might help people empathize with others who are struggling with depression.

6. Jenna Marbles Draws Her Dogs' Lives

If you've seen Jenna Marbles before, you know she loves animals and especially her dogs. I like this "Draw My Life" video because it's creative and unique, drawing her pet's life instead of her own. It's also pretty adorable.

5. Pewdiepie

You're not going to like this video if you don't have an immature sense of humor, but I do, so it's on my top ten list. Pretty much all the pictures he draws are obscene in some way, but that's because Pewdiepie likes to act silly and make people laugh.

My favorite thing about this video is how he explains that his real name is Felix, which means "happy", which then becomes a theme through out the entire video. I like happy people, especially ones like Felix who enjoy bringing laughter and joy to others.

4. Shane Dawson

Shane Dawson is an amazing comedian and storyteller, which is why I'm not surprised that his "Draw My Life" video was very entertaining. He's had some bad experiences in life, which he is unafraid to share about in his video. He has always been open and vulnerable with his fans. But he can also laugh at himself and the dark parts of his life. He wants you to laugh along with him.

3. Markiplier

Markiplier has a great voice and has always been good at entertaining people. He knows how to tell a story, which is evident in his "Draw My Life" video. The majority of people who watch this video wind up tearing up when it gets to the part about his Dad. I tried not to tear up, I've watched this video more than once and knew what was coming ahead of time, but he really knows how to make a story heart wrenching. This is why it's so high up on this list.

2. Promise Phan

This video was almost number one. I watched a lot of Promise Phan's make-up tutorials. I had heard of her because of her sister-in-law, Michelle Phan, but didn't realize what a fascinating life Promise had lived until I watched this video. She's had a lot more experiences in life than most of us have ever had and traveled to a lot of different places because she was the child of missionaries. You should definitely watch the entirety of this video to hear this woman's incredible life story.

1. Rolanda (Alex Wassabi)

Rolanda is a recurring fictional character created by Wassabi Productions.

I loved parodies and thought this parody of "Draw My Life" videos was amazing. When I watched it, I had already seen fifty or so "Draw My Life" videos of various kinds and I started giggling watching this video.

Because not only are they keeping accurate to the character, but they are also doing a good job of imitating the kinds of things most people say in "Draw My Life" videos and blowing it up to ridiculous proportions.


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