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Learn Types of Women Shapes for Dress That Make a Fashionable Woman

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Look Flattering In Your Body Shapes

Women body types are many, so if you are a woman and want to dress fashionably to flatter your image, you will need to know what type of body you have.

What then makes a woman beautiful in terms of fashion?

Being fashionable doesn't mean that you must wear designers clothes or buy expensive clothes. Although there is nothing wrong at all about wearing expensive or designers clothes. Mind you, many women can still wear all these expensive / designers stuff and not look fashionable.

I already outlined some of the women wardrobe fashion options you can add to your fashion collections to bring out that great look in you without making your bank account blink red.

Before you learn about your figure shape/type, you can stretch your wardrobe even more by adding few of the wardrobe options below:

  • Beautiful clothing options for fashionable ladies should start with the structure as well as shape. Wear fitted silhouettes and ladylike shape clothes, that is if you know your body type.
  • To look smart and sophisticated for that bored boardroom, wear red wrap-jacket over a slim houndstooth skirt.
  • The vogue woman can wear a vibrant shawl-front blouse top, pair it up with an asymmetrical skirt to keep you perfectly poised, elegant, confident and utterly modern.
  • To add a lot of styles, get some knit wears, white tops and black trousers.

Use Your Profile Body To Add Shape To Your Figure Type

Your body profile also includes the length of your neck, if it is short, average or long. Arm length and if your shoulders are broad, narrow, average or square.

There are about four to six body types for women. To dress fashionably will mean that you have to put the type of body figure you have into consideration.

Body Profile

Read below to learn about your body type.

HeightBody FrameWidth Proportions









Hips / Thighs, Arms

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Women Rectangle Body Type

Rectangle body shaped women have balanced top and bottom, but look boxy with little or no waist curve. If you have this body shape, it is best to dress in such a way that you draw attention away from the waist.

Dress simple and choose clothing styles that direct viewers eyes up and down and not to your waist.

You can achieve this by shopping for clothes that have details such as embellishments or embroidered necklines, shoulders and sleeves. Have clothes with vertical designs.

Inverted Triangle Body Shape - Inverted Pear

This shape is for women that have narrow hips, broad shoulders and larger busts. This type of body figure is curvy and big at the top.

What you can do to look fashionable is to try to dress in such a way that the busts look minimise, wear clothes that make your bottom appear wider, the shoulder should look short in your dress and let the attention go to the lower half of your body instead of people focusing on your busts.

Let your fashion wears have horizontal lines at the hip or vertical lines at the bust and shoulder area.

Triangle / Pear Body Shape Women Photo


Women With Triangle Body Shape

Triangle body type is also called pear shape. This body figure is when a woman has a small bust and narrow shoulders together with full thighs or hips.

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To be a pear shaped fashionable woman, you'll have to wear clothing styles that direct the eyes upward and across the top of your body. You can wear jewellery, scarves or fashion pins at your neck.

This is the most common figure type for women. Wear clothes that help minimise your hips and broaden the shoulders, clothes like turtlenecks, wide collars, shoulder yokes. This draws attention away from your hips to your face instead.

Try to avoid pleats, minis or straight skirts. Wear straight leg or boot-cuts trousers. Don't wear wide-leg pants as they will only make your backside look wider. = Please mind you, I'm describing fashion styles and nothing more =

Hourglass Body Figure

Women with an hourglass figure are so fortunate in fashion because they can wear any choice of clothes without any worries.

Having this type of figure means that the woman is equally endowed both at the top and at the bottom with a trim waist.

To make the most of this figure curves, stick only to simple clothes that have just one focal point. Face framing collar clothes, shaped jackets, close fitting tops and knits will flatter your body shape.

Try to avoid any clothing that is bulky or boxy, because they will hide your shape. Belts, waist details clothes, bias cut and wrap styles will bring attention to your mid section.

How To Determine Types Of Women Figure Shapes

Fashion designers do not just come up with fashion ideas that can result in fashion trends. At times the trend in fashion may depend on the way of life of the people at that season in time.There are so many things that designers consider when they are designing clothes, such as the kind of fabrics and their textures, the pattern of the design as well as the colour of the fabric, types of figure shapes which include the size of individuals, the line of the figure which also includes the posture.

A fashion designer should be able to know how each of the fabrics used in designing clothes will react when it comes in contact with moisture, heat or how it will look when light reflects on some of the designs such as pleats or gathers. The main purpose of designing clothes is for it to be comfortable to wear as well as flatter the figure of the wearer.

Types Of Figures For Women

There are many types of figures for women. Women should learn to know the kind of figures that they have so that they can know the style of clothes to wear. There is the average in shape ladies as well as those shapes that are caused by different heights of shoulders, shoulders that slope when one hip is larger than the other and much more.

You will usually find this shapes if you can look closely at women. There are tall ladies who are stout or slim. Women with average height with round shoulders that can make them stoop. There are ladies with large busts and hips who are short with a short waist. Others are slim with tiny or small waist with average height.

So, you can see that fashion designer who wants to design clothes that are suitable for a great number of women should be knowledgeable about women figures and how to balance the difference while designing. You will find that designs for women with large figures should come with designs and style that will make the wearer appear slender when she wears the garment.

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