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Why Does My Beard Hurt?

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If you are wondering why your beard is hurting, irritable or generally not being very pleasant to own. Chances are it’s simply down to some sort of negligence with your beard grooming care. That said, this isn’t medical advice and we recommend visiting your doctor practitioner to offer further advice. There are a range of potential possible reasons why your beard does hurt and see if altering any of these aspects will help to ensure your beard is more comfortable.

We’re going to discuss the following possible issues with your beard with why and how it is causing discomfort.

Dry Beard

Most issues with beards stem from lack of hydration. Your beard isn’t getting enough moisture in order to remain healthy. This is actually rather oddly a natural process. See, as your beard hair starts to grow out it naturally soaks up more of the moisture and natural oils that reside on your face (sebum), resulting in your skin becoming dry and flaky as well as your beard.

This is why the use of a high quality beard oil is thoroughly recommended in order to make sure that your beard doesn’t just smell great, stay soft and generally help you get a better looking beard. It’s actual most fundamental job is to ensure that your beard is well lubricated and oiled up but also your skin is kept moist. Beard oil, if you aren’t using it is a great step to getting a beard that will be a whole lot healthier and goes along way to ensuring that you beard and it’s very foundation (your skin) is kept in the best possible condition.

If you are looking for a potential high quality beard oil, I thoroughly recommend the Beardbrand range, they produce some top quality beard goods that are genuinely great for your beard.

Washing Your Beard Incorrectly

Another common issue that can cause issues with your beard is through the way you are washing it. It basically comes down to how often you are actually washing the beard. If you do it too frequently, you are potentially stripping away the natural oils that reside in your beard, again as seen above, will cause the beard to go dry. This results in a brittle dry beard that can end up hurting just to it scratching or the roots causing you grief. Ideally, you want to be washing your beard between once and twice a week.

Make sure that you are also washing your beard with a beard friendly and natural wash that isn’t going to be stripping all the oils that reside in your beard but instead compliment them. See, what most guys do is they wash their beard with the same product that they are using for their head hair. Your beard responds a lot differently to the way your head hair does to the standard shampoo. What happens is that the shampoo strips away the dirt and grime which is great, but it also strips the natural oils that stay within your beard. Not only that it stops additional moisture from getting in. This causes your beard to become incredibly uncomfortable and dry, potentially resulting in dry skin and beard druff. What you want to be doing is using a natural product or better still a beard specific shampoo that you are than following up with a conditioner and or beard oil.

Ensure that when it comes to washing your beard that you are only using luke warm water too, you don’t want to be using boiling hot water when you enter the shower as this can cause the hair to become weak as well as your face turn dry. Plus, when washing a beard ensure that you properly wash all the residue and sud off, as any leftovers can cause irritation directly to the roots, causing the beard hairs to stiffen and dry up.

Feed the Beard

It’s just as important as you what you do on the outside for your beard as it is the inside. So it’s great that you have got a great beard grooming routine going. You regularly douse it with beard oils, tend to it with a beard brush, you’re not overdoing it with the washing and you might even be styling it up. All of which is fantastic.

However, you need to ensure that you are actually looking after your beard and your body too. This comes in the form of ensuring that you have got a healthy diet that is packed with plenty of biotin (a form of protein that your beard needs to sufficiently grow) as well as plenty of water to make sure you are hydrated, as well as exercise and sleep to help reduce and keep the cortisol levels at bay which can impact the level of testosterone within the body (which also has a result on the potential growth of your beard).

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Protect Your Beard

Make sure that you go out of your way to protect your beard against harsh elements too. Sure, it is pretty robust, but that doesn’t mean you let it be subject to extreme weather conditions, but not only that just constantly pulling or tugging on the beard and touching it. Remember to give your beard a break. Constantly touching for the beard is going to weaken the hairs and simply cause the foundation of your beard to be irritable.

You want to also be ensuring that you keep up a good skin care regimen. Just because you now have a beard doesn’t mean you can let your skin care slack. Make sure that you are regularly moisturising your beard (granted a beard oil will help with this) but also exfoliating (which a boar bristle brush is also very good at helping out at) but also cleansing the skin. You want to make getting rid of nasty bacteria as well as removing dead skin cells that can cause red patches of irritation as well as dry skin under the beard and potentially even beard dandruff.

Care For Your Beard & Skin

You want to invest in a good pair of beard scissors that you can also regularly prune your beard back with instead of a razor that can cause ingrown hairs. You want to be using beard scissors to help tend to any potential split ends that might be emerging as a result of breakages within the beard. Split ends cause your beard to go curly and light towards the end and aren’t a great look, plus they can cause some irritation to the beard.

By trimming your beard back with scissors instead of a razor, tweezers as well as a beard trimmer, it will avoid causing unnecessary papule and pimples which can also cause pain that is residing in the beard. Again, it could also be the result of ingrown hairs that you will want to be addressing as you start to look after your beard.

Make sure that you aren’t subjecting your beard to too much heat. As mentioned previously, avoid boiling hot showers as well as hair dryers and certainly beard straighteners (unless they are used under strict caution and the plan is to use them infrequently).

Remember to also take note of the weather and seasons that you are in. When it is winter and it is particularly cold, this can cause the beard to dry up, so give it a few extra splashes of beard oil that day (and keep some on hand to freshen up). Likewise, go for the summer, it can become incredibly itchy, so ensure to relieve it of excess sweat if that’s an issue.

Invest in the Right Beard Products

Another aspect where guys get caught out with beards is that they think they can get away with doing beard care on the cheap. This is not the case and you are likely to run into more beard problems than when you started. Don’t invest in a cheap beard comb that you got from the local mall, instead get a proper beard comb that is specifically designed for combing beards.

Likewise, when it comes to grooming products. Go with a brand that really knows beards and have put a lot of effort into investigating the ingredients and concocted a fantastic product that is actually really good for your beard. It is fair to say that certainly not all beard grooming products are made equal. Do your due diligence and make sure you investigate the ingredients (especially if you might react to them). It could well be something that you are currently using that is causing the potential discomfort.

Tinea Barbae

This is a form of fungal infection within bead hair. It’s a form of dermatophyte infection around the beard and is certainly worth going to see the doctor about when it is causing pain. Find out more about this in the video below:

Let us know if you have any questions with regards to why your beard might possibly hurt and we will help best we can. We always recommend that you seek professional medical help and also ask them 'why does my beard hurt' and any of this article should not replace that of a doctor. If you are growing a new beard for the first time, there is a natural period of itchiness and discomfort that will pass around the two week stage as you start to grow out a longer beard.

This content is for informational purposes only and does not substitute for formal and individualized diagnosis, prognosis, treatment, prescription, and/or dietary advice from a licensed medical professional. Do not stop or alter your current course of treatment. If pregnant or nursing, consult with a qualified provider on an individual basis. Seek immediate help if you are experiencing a medical emergency.

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