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What to Wear With High Waisted Shorts

What to wear with high waisted shorts

What to wear with high waisted shorts

How to Wear High Waisted Shorts

High waisted shorts can be stylish and flattering if you know how to wear them the right way. These fashion pieces are ideal for girls and women who want to make a bold statement for casual outings or street wear. High waisted shorts do not fit all body types the same way and the best decision you can make is to experiment with different heights and find one which is most suitable with you.

Wearing shorts is about showing your legs, but becoming too absorbed might make you wear a pair that is overly short. The pockets should not fall lower than the hem. If the shorts are exposing more than your legs, consider looking for a longer pair.

For casual wear and night-outs, virtually any length of shorts will be okay depending on the community. But for a more refined look, pick a pair with ample length. Think about the size of mini skirt that you can wear to various events and choose an equivalent length for your shorts.

How to wear high waisted shorts

How to wear high waisted shorts

Though high waist shorts conceal your belly unlike low waisted clothes which seem to expose it, the best fit is still essential for a nice look. The closure should neither dig nor bulge. Balance between too tight and too loose. If you still can’t make a decision, opt on the looser side.

Short women will look even shorter if the waistband is too high. A pair of shorts that covers a substantial part of your body length looks unbalanced and creates the illusion of an overly short physique. The ideal height is around the top of the hip bone. If you are very short, you might want to consider wearing mid-rise shorts.

What to wear with black high waisted shorts

What to wear with black high waisted shorts

Tops to Wear With High Waisted Shorts

You can wear your high waisted shorts like ordinary shorts by leaving your top untucked. But most ladies will look good in a crop top or a tucked-in shirt. Also try a T-shirt or tee with the front tucked in and the back untucked.

Ladies who like to create a daring look will definitely choose a cropped or bralette top. For this outfit to work, the waistband of the shorts should not go higher than your navel. This reveals your skin between the rib cage and belly button, which results in a very bold look.

To keep it simple, go for tanks, tees and camisoles. Although these tops create a casual and dull look, you can add flavor by experimenting with different colors and styles. For a simple but elegant look, wear a camisole in a light color, like white, and pair with dark high waist shorts, or vice versa.

For a trendy look, choose a classy feminine blouse. Form-fitting blouses look better with loose or fit-and-flare shorts, while baggy blouses pair well with fitted shorts. Both blouse and shorts can be plain. But you can spice-up your outfit by choosing either of them in a colored, printed or textured style.

For a tough but elegant look, opt for a button-down shirt and pair with boots. Avoid an overly big shirt. Depending on the style of your shorts, you can look good in a shirt that is checked, striped, printed or dotted. You may tie the shirt, tuck it in, or undo the buttons and pair with a crop top.

Jackets, cardigans and sweaters are a good way or dressing-up an outfit that is too simple, daring and casual. In warm weather, cropped sweaters and blazers are perfect especially if they fall at your natural waist. During the cold months like winter, regular jackets and cardigans are okay.

What to wear with high waisted shorts

What to wear with high waisted shorts

What Shoes to Wear With High Waisted Shorts

The whole point of wearing high waisted shorts is to look casual but gorgeous. A wedge heel is a perfect addition that makes high waist shorts fun and feminine. Wedges are neither too formal nor too casual. They therefore create a fashionable balance.

If you want a relaxed look, go for flat sandals. They are ideal for casual summer wear. Closed flat footwear may also be suitable especially in cold weather. Whether strappy or not, these types of shoes go nicely with casual tops like T-shirts and tanks. If the shorts are super casual like denim diy or those with crazy patterns, choose simple flats. For a casual but simple outfit, pick shoes with adornments.

You can dress up your high waist outfit with stylish heels. Strappy varieties are perfect but closed toe pumps are create a more refined look. High heels pair better with neutral colored shorts and a somewhat modest top. Try peep-toe heels for a classic look.

Wearing high waisted shorts with boots is effortlessly cool and tough. All styles of boots will work well unless they contrast with your style. To avoid looking too masculine, choose peep-toe lace-up boots, or pair with a feminine top like a lacey or crop top. In winter, opt for closed types or go for sneakers.

How to wear high waisted shorts

How to wear high waisted shorts

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How to Wear High Waisted Shorts and Tights

Styling high waist shorts and tights is tasteful and perfect for the cold weather. You can wear this outfit for weekends and night-outs. However, some effort is needed in balancing colors and styles to create a sleek look.

Whatever type of tights or leggings you choose, let the focus remain on the shorts. Though you can wear any length shorts with hosiery, a pair that falls at least mid-thigh will create better harmony for the tights. Avoid shorts in light-weight fabrics. Shorts in weighty materials are especially ideal for the cold weather.

Wearing high waisted shorts over tights seems to increase the illusion of a bulging hip that is characteristic of some high-waisted clothes. To solve this problem, use a top that fits closely to produce a sleek outcome. A cropped top will look better if tucked in, while looser tops can be smoothened by pairing with a fitted blazer.

Longer high-waist shorts can make legs look shorter when worn over tights. To make legs look longer, try matching your tights to the shoes. When both shoes and tights are dark, this produces a straight line down your body which makes your legs appear lengthy. While you can wear shoes and tights in bright colors, white does not look good.

Choose solid shapes when looking for tops to pair with your shorts. A clear-cut blazer or an A-line tunic will create a balanced look. Wear a loose cardigan or a soft button-up blouse to add femininity to the shorts. Also try a form-fitting button down shirt under a blazer.

How to wear high waisted shorts and tights

How to wear high waisted shorts and tights

What to Wear With White High Waisted Shorts

White high waisted shorts go with light-colored tops. Though you can still wear dark colors, they are difficult to accessorize. Crop tops work best but long shirts will also do if tucked of left unzipped. The outfit is ideal for a casual summer outing.

A graphic tee is a cool pairing with the suitable accessories. You can add a bangle, necklace, chain or a light scarf. For a better look, tuck in the front of the tee and leave it untucked at the back. Add a casual blazer or denim jacket and leave undone.

Good shoes to pair include heels or pumps. While white high waist shorts may not look good with some wedges, most strappy shoes will go well because of their casual nature. You can match your shoes to the bag. Consider wearing sunglasses, or you can just hang them by your chest.

Always consider the style of your white shorts when looking for combinations. For instance, denim or diy shorts give you more freedom when looking for casual pairings. Avoid wearing lacey shorts with bralette tops unless you’re going to the pool or beach. They might make you look like you are in sleeping gear or inner wear.

What to wear with black high waisted shorts

What to wear with black high waisted shorts

What to Wear With Black High Waisted Shorts

When wearing black high waisted shorts, your first choice is a collard shirt in bright colors like white, beige or yellow. Printed blouses are also great particularly if they have medium sleeves. Also try long or short sleeves. This outfit is great with heeled shoes or lace-up boots.

For a more laid-back look, wear a crop top, tank or tee in a light color. A white top will be perfect. A striped black and white crop top goes well with white or black shoes. If you wish to wear a black top, accent by adding color to the belt or shoes. Also try a colored unbuttoned blazer, cardigan, denim jacket or button shirt.

White lace tops produce a feminine touch to black high waist shorts. Other bright colors or patterns are also okay. To add some fun, wear an accent belt or decorated shoes. Tuck in the top. Try adding a fancy scarf.

If you are still stuck, pick a colorful pair of shoes and look for any top with a closely matching color. For example, wearing a blue pair of strappy sandals and a blue crop or tucked top will produce a well balanced outfit. Patterned tops will also pair well if the color of the footwear is included in the prints.

Use the Right Accessories

To jazz up your outfit, a good belt is a wonderful match for your high waisted shorts. Opt for a thin belt to better emphasize your waist. Some shorts will come with a sewn-in belt of draw-string tie. But you can still choose your own belt especially if you want to accentuate your clothes. If you won’t tuck your top, a belt is optional.

While going to the beach, use your shorts to avoid looking too daring. You can pair with a bikini top and still look great. Choose a chic feminine pair of sunglasses to complete the outfit. They will protect your eyes while making you trendier.

If you want to make a stronger statement, buy shorts in stunning colors or luminous prints. If you dare, you can grab high waist pants and crop them into a diy pair of shorts. To look sophisticated, choose shorts in neutral colors or simple details.

As you wear your high waisted shorts, be bold and confident. Confidence comes by wearing the right height and fit, and pairing with the correct outfits. Following these tips will enable you make a bold decision on what to wear with high waisted shorts.


Maina Ndungu (author) from Thika, Kenya on March 20, 2015:


The high waisted outfit has become a girls' thing. But even older ladies can wear them if they are bold enough and live in fashionable societies.

peachy from Home Sweet Home on March 11, 2015:

if you have slim long legs, it is nice to wear high waist shorts, many teens are wearing them now

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