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What to Wear to Spray Tan (Before, During and After)?

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Are you trying to get the most out of your spray tan? Well where a lot of people go wrong is that they don't think about the before, during and after care process of the spray tan. Especially for those w who are new to spray tans but don't worry, we are going to point aout lot of the common mistakes so you will know how to capitalise most on your next appointment.

It's even just the little thing as simple as leaving on a necklace during the spray tan can ruin the overall look or at least not allow it to be as good as it could have been. This is a guide on what you should be doing and wearing before, during and after the spray tan.

Before the Spray Tan

Now the most important thing is that you feel comfortable. This is meant to be somewhat of an enjoyable experience after all.

Before we get into what to wear though, you should aim to prepare for the tan by making sure that you get a wash and potentially exfoliate a few hours before the appointment, if you are getting any other beauty treatments such as waxing or a massage, it is best to get this done before you head for a spray tan.

Avoid any heavy skin products too such as an oil-infused moisturiser or makeup as well as any other fragrances. Reach out to your beauty parlor if you want further advice of any pre-routine aspects you should carry out.

During the Spray Tan

For the best tans, typically you would want to go nude as it avoids any lines getting created, however, it is definitely not for everyone, some prefer to just to wear a thong and a bra as well. Just know obviously it's going to not cover those areas, but this is definitely your choice.

So during the tan, the less generally the better in terms of performance. What you need to think about is what you're going to wear immediately after the tan is done.

You want to be avoiding tight shoes, as they can cause your feet to get wedged and introduce smudging. The best options are slip-on sandals with no socks. As this avoids the most contact with your skin.

Feel free to leave any accessories at home as well such as a watch, jewelry, and potentially even opt for contact lenses if you can get them over your glasses just to avoid smudging (would leave the sunglasses at home too for this reason). Again, any bracelets or earrings, try to avoid as well as it can harm the solution causing it to drop and rub off.

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You're probably getting the theme by now, avoid as much contact with your skin as possible, so don't opt for tight skinny jeans, instead, you want it flowing and loose as possible. An oversized dress and avoiding underwear is a good option or at least a lighter temporary one that you actually can find at most salons. You don't want anything really clinging to you. So no tight tops or sports clothing and instead think chunk loose-fitting jumpsuits and the like.

Even though you're wearing this type of clothing, chances are it is still going to smudge, so if you can wear clothing that you don't care too much about and tends to be on the darker side, that's better than something you wear a lot and is light colored. Wear something knowing, chances are it is going to get stained somehow, unfortunately.

After the Spray Tan

Essentially at this stage, we don't want to disturb the tan for at least a few hours as it is still in the processing of tanning your skin.

The key thing to understand here is to avoid moisture and touching anything as much as possible. Ask the Spray Tan salon how long is needed to avoid moisture and they should be able to give you a good estimate, typically they recommend a few hours.

So essentially avoid anything that can cause moisture could interrupt the tan overall. Hence, you should look to avoid working out as this can cause you to sweat and hence supply moisture to the tan. Avoid getting a shower, heading to the swimming pool or a bath as again, this can cause you to sweat. Unfortunately, the best thing to do right after a tan is a whole lot of nothing.

Not only that you don't really want skin-on-skin contact either, so you don't want to be folding your arms or crossing your legs as this can cause a smudging aspect to the tan. Generally speaking, sitting down, legs apart and arms out or standing up for a few hours is the way to go, not great, but it produces the best overall finish.

Especially try to avoid any sort of chemicals that can get added to the tan, so skin care products unless they are free of a lot of chemicals including oils and fragrances can be used, but generally try to avoid them if you can.

Reach Out for Advice

If you are unsure of what to do before, during, and after, make sure to reach out to your spray tan place. They will be happy to help and explain to them that it's your first time and you want to try and get the best overall look possible.

Usually, you get a spray tan for a special occasion, so make sure that you leave a few days between when you get the tan and when you go out for the day to get the best overall look. You don't want to get a tan and then the next day you're going out, as it can still be in the process of bronzing your skin.

If you have any additional tips on what you should wear to a spray tan, then we would love to hear about it? Whether you made a good move or potentially quite a bad move, we want to hear about your experiences. Go right ahead and leave them down in the comments section just below, we want to hear about them and it can benefit future readers too who are looking for insight and mistakes to avoid.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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