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What to Wear to Jury Duty?

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Jury Duty Dress Code

For any type of 'event' and situation that requires you to wear certain attire, it can be a stressful ordeal, however, when it is a serious occasion like turning up for jury duty, it can be stressful.

So double checking what you can and cannot wear and ultimately answering what should you wear for jury duty is an obvious question to ask. Plus, you do right to, there can be certain rules in place and is often taken very seriously.

For those, who want a quick rule of thumb over what to wear though, you can simply treat it as if you were applying for a formal job interview. What type of interview attire would you wear there, when trying to impress a potential employer? That's the kind of jury attire that you should wear too.

Essentially, business-style clothing and not casual clothing such as shorts, jeans and T Shirts. That said, you should still be aiming to wear something comfortable.


What to Wear to Jury Duty

The above picture is a great example of what you can wear to a court on jury duty. Let's run through it from top to bottom. You can see, that he is appropriately dressed in a business like a manner.

A neat and clean shirt with a tie along with a pair of formal trousers and shoes. All of his clothing is clean and neat, as smooth as you can get them. He could accompany the outfit with a blazer jacket as well if the weather is on the cooler side.

Ultimately, if you're not one to want to have to dwell too much on what to wear, like me, then following the above outfit and having a coat for those who are in colder climates is an easy solution. Then if it is too warm, feel free to roll up the sleeves as well. You really can't go too far wrong, with an ironed shirt, with black or grey trousers, coupled up with a tie (although personally, I don't find them very comfortable) and a pair of clean smart shoes.

Then if you don't veer too much away from the above, you don't really have a lot else to think about.


What Not to Wear to Jury Duty

Although the guy is looking dapper and fly, there types of clothing that he is wearing here are not allowed. Notice from bottom to top that he is wearing white trainers with long socks with his legs being exposed due to wearing shorts. Pair this with a hoodie and it's not very formal looking.

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Generally, speaking this type of attire would not be allowed for jury duty. Instead, if he swapped out the trainers for a pair of smart shoes. Wore chinos and combined that with a shirt of some kind that would be much more fitting.


No Logos or Slogans

Generally speaking, there are no "strict dress codes" where you must wear a shirt or you must wear trousers, and they often advise that you wear something you feel comfortable in. They just want to maintain the serious aspect of a court room and having clothes that are too casual in nature can undermine that.

So there is a certain standard to dress by in that regard, that said, there is no strict list of 'you must wear this'. They are, however, more stringent and clear and what you cannot wear.

If you visit the court's website and their guidance on what to wear, you will often find that in addition to advising against 'very casual' clothing they aren't going to allow for inappropriate logos or slogans or some sort of memorabilia that they can deem offensive.

Instead, opt for some plain and if it does have a logo make sure that it is relatively discrete and ideally doesn't have any negative connotations. At the end of the day, unfortunately, we are judged on appearance and if you don't convey that you're serious, they aren't going to treat you seriously at court.

Must Have Clothing?

If there is something that you have to wear due to health reasons and are a bit unsure as to whether it would be deemed worthy for wearing in court. Then make sure that you make this clear to them early on by reaching out to them via email or a phone call. Explain the situation and then they should be able to advise you on how you can best address this.


Accessories & Piercings

Again, we recommend that you check out the local court rules and recommendations, but a lot of accessories are permitted. Watches and jewellery can be worn, however, it might be worth double-checking on certain piercings on whether they can be worn in the courtroom, worst-case scenario, you can ask but you can always double-check as well.

You will be able to bring your mobile phone but usually aren't allowed into certain areas of the court room but these can vary in the way they operate, so that's worth checking.

Now, if your'e still a bit unsure as to what to wear to jury duty, don't hesitate to reach out to the local court that you're going to be attending, to just clarify exactly, what can and can't be worn. They should be more than happy to respond to any potential questions you might have, no matter how trivial they might be, besides it is always better to be safe than sorry.

So, let us know, what you have deiced to wear to jury duty and why? How did it go as well? We'd love to hear your experiences about jury duty down in the comments section below (of course, none of the details but your overall experience as a whole, was it what you would expect?). Plus, if you have any advice with regards to others debating on what to wear to jury duty, then it would be great if you can leave a comment in the comments section that you should be able to find just below.

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