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What to Wear to a Massage?

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If it is your first time getting a massage, understandably you might be a bit apprehensive, given it is your first massage and you don't really know what to expect. A natural question that might come up, is what you should wear to get a massage?

Now, unless the massage place you're going to has a dress code of sorts, then really you can wear whatever you want and what you feel comfortable in.

Remember this, it's your massage and the massage therapist is there to help you as much as they can, so what you wear specifically, doesn't really matter. You can dress or undress to where you feel comfortable.

So the short answer really is, wear whatever you want (or don't want even).

Dressing Casually

When going to get a massage, we recommend just wearing anything that you would casually wear going out shopping or heading out to the gym. Ideally, you have washed and showered before you head into get a massage, but apart from that you can pretty much wear whatever you like.

However, what level of clothing are you expected to wear during the massage? The common phrase that gets used a lot is "Dress Down to Your Comfort Level".

Stay Clothed

Although you won't be able to benefit from the full effects of a massage, you can still get a decent massage fully clothed. You certainly won't be the first or last client that your masseuse has had who wants to remain fully clothed.

If you want to keep your clothes on, then go right ahead, there's no issue at all there. If you want to take some clothing off, such as socks or even further out layers, then go right ahead. That said, if you do plan on wearing clothes to get a massage, I'd recommend going for thin layers of clothing in general. It's harder for a masseuse to give you a massge with a thick wooly jumper on as a opposed to a thin layered T shirt.


This is the option most take and is also the one that I often go for as well. You simply strip down to your underwear, bra, and pants or just boxers. This then allows the masseuse to give you a full massage where you most likely want it in your back region as well as legs and since underwear is typically a thin material then you can just work around that as well.

Again, make sure that your clothing is relatively clean, not that the masseuse won't have seen much worse before, but it is a good idea just for your own conscious based levels of making sure that they aren't uncomfortable. As I say though, they will have seen all sorts and it's their job to make you feel as comfortable and relaxed as possible.

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Keep in mind, that when they are working on different areas of your body that can be sensitive such as pectorals and glutes, there are still sheets to cover those areas, plus they do often get discussed prior to the massage itself.


Finally, the last option really when trying to answer what should you wear whilst getting a massage, is basically nothing. You can go completely naked, which is actually quite a common option. Usually, you will get something to cover your private areas, but other than that, you're in the nude.

This is something that a masseuse will generally feel very comfortable with and you should only do it if it is something that you feel comfortable doing as well. There's definitely not any pressure to underdress, only if you want to do so. Is the massage that much better? It really depends on the masseuse and the massage that you're getting. Some swear by it, others don't see the difference.

It can be beneficial especially if there is the use of oils as you don't want to get your clothes covered but there are other forms of massage that don't actually use oils at all.

The only advantage really that a massage therapist gets when you wear fewer clothes is that it makes their job easier and more efficient, there are fewer crinkles, straps, and things to get in the way of the massage, but remember it is their job to make you feel comfortable not the other way around. Remember though, they will have very likely seen it all, so they won't be phased by anything.


You might be asked to undertake some stretching during the session, however, usually, you get a heads up about this where you will be asked to bring shorts and a top so that you are fully covered. Again, if you are really unsure what to wear, don't be afraid to ask, they parlour should be more than happy to help you further.

Check Ettique and Rules

If this is your first time, make sure that you fully understand the rules and etiquette of massage practices, so you know fully what to expect. Different countries and states have different requirements for licensed and unlicensed massage therapists. So ensuring that you know exactly what's expected and what's not expected from the therapist providing the massage to you is important.

At the end of the day, you can wear what you want, to make sure that you're well and happy in the situation. Whether you want to fully clothed or no clothing at all, they will be generally happy to accommodate to any level you feel is best to get the massage that you're really after.

Hopefully, you feel better about the options you have to wear now when getting a massage, if they wanted you to wear something specific, then they would have said. Again, it would be pretty odd of them to insist on you wearing something specific though, usually, they just come as recommendations. You don't need to feel embarrassed about anything and if you don't want to take your clothes off, you don't have to, you're not being rude or making it awkward. Likewise, if you want to strip off completely, again it is nothing over the top there, that's perfectly normal.

However, we would love to know your experiences, especially if you have gone to get a massage before, what attire were you wearing then? Did you feel over or under-dressed when it came to it and what were your thoughts on the massage itself? We'd love to hear any comments that you might have on the massage down in the comments section just below. Not only, will we read it but it will be helpful for future readers as well.

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