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What to Wear to a Glow Party?

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Have you just been invited to a glow party, and want a bit of a better idea of what you can wear to fit and make the most of the glow party? Well, this post today, is aiming to help you with just that. Whether you want to participate in the glow party or just go all in, we have got some great ideas below on what you can wear.

So let's get into it.

What you think might work well and turn up in a glowing light will actually surprise you. So if you can get hold of a UV flash light to test your clothing on before you go the party, that's a good idea, especially if you were expecting something to light up but it doesn't (and vice versa too).

Anything Neon or White

For those who aren't wanting to go all out and spend too much money on the glow party, the best thing you can opt for is anything that is brightly colored and White. These have the best chances of actually getting illuminated from the UV lights.

You don't want to go into anything too dark otherwise, literally nothing is going to get illuminated. If you are really struggling for anything to wear, then it's a good idea to opt for a UV glow pen or paint, so you can at least add this to older clothes that you plan on wearing or wear on your face and so on.

Neon Wigs & Hats

Let's work from top to bottom. So one of the first things you can look to invest in is a quality wig or actual cap or hat that is brightly colored. Go for colors that are Neon Green or Neon PInk or even just a plain white hat will look great. Make sure you're comfortable in the hat or wig though and don't invest too much into them, as chances are, especially since it is a party, accessories can go missing.

Neon Face Paint

Again continuing down, investing in some Neon UV light pens or face paint and makeup is a great investment to make sure that you get something that is a bit unique. Works particularly well if you have a UV light of your own, so you're going to know how it looks when you get the UV light going. They can get expensive but is a great differentiator and when it is done well, looks great!

Braces, Glasses and Necklaces

Other aspects to invest in with regards to your head can be a pair of Neon glasses, necklaces, neon ties as well as other bits of jewellery. You will see a lot of Neon Boas around as well.

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Obviously, you can take this further too with beaded necklaces and bracelets along with fish net gloves. So there's a lot of opportunities to add a whole range of accessories to your glow party outfit that you will know for sure will add a lot of style points to your outfit.

Neon Vests, Tops and Body Suits

If you're feeling particularly adventurous, you could even rock up in a full on body suit. A morph suit is something they are also commonly referred to as, where you are literally full on Neon from head to toe, although visibility and comfort are going to be somewhat sacrificed. Personally, prefer to just opt for a bright Neon T shirt or tank top that will glow up well in the dark. You can get hold of them pretty cheaply as well, so even if it is just a one-off, at least you will have a go-to top that you can opt for every time you get invited to the next glow up party.

Bottoms, Leggings and Tights

The next phase is obviously dressing the bottom half. Whether you want to rock up in Neon shorts, skirts, tights or fishnet leggings. Pretty much all these options will be available in some form of Neon that is going to work great at the party. Just think about whether you are comfortable or not and how it works with the rest of your outfit. Remember, some parts of your outfit are going to illuminate much better than others, however, you can use this to your advantage too, if you're trying to create a certain look.

Shoes and Trainers

There are actually a lot of funky things you can do with your trainers as well that people often forget to take care of. For instance, if you have an old pair of pumps, you can add some Neon light up paint to them to create patterns. Then you can simply wipe away the paint the next day, but this is something that can work great for the party. Likewise, just a pair of bright white trainers or shoes of some kind is going to be perfect for the party.

Glow Party Outfit

Hopefully, the above has given you some ideas from head to toe when it comes to what to wear to a glow party. However, make sure that you invest in some of the accessories as well to really make the outfit come together. Whether that's simply just a pair of braces that light up and if you can make the colors work together that's a good tactic as well.

The main light up colors you tend to get are shades of Greens, Blues and Pinks with White tending to be illuminating as Purple too. So if you can think about that when putting your outfit together as well. Plus, bring a range of accessories along with you too, such as glow sticks and other glowing decorations that contribute to the whole party.

Do you have any other ideas on what to wear to a glow party that I might have missed out on? Plus, if you have been to a glow party recently, what did you wear? Was there something that worked or didn't work? If so, we would love to hear them down in the comments section below.

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