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What to Wear to a Bonfire? Find Bonfire Outfit Ideas

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Heading out to a Bonfire has a lot of meaning. It reconnects you with nature, with man's first invention, keeps you in the outdoors and you has a communal social feel being with your friends at huddling round the fire. There is something pretty magical about the whole experience.

If it is your first bonfire night though, you might be wondering what you need to wear to these events and make sure that you're not missing anything. Generally, speaking though it is pretty straightforward.

Dress up as if you were literally going on a walk outside a night time. Sure, you can huddle around the fire and get somewhat warm, but you're not going to be close to the fire all the time so you're going to want to layer up.

So let's break it down below, exactly what to wear for a bonfire.


So as above, the main thing is that you want to wrap up warm. You can pretty much wear whatever you want in that regard. Going for a top and then wearing a jumper over the top is a good way to create the layered approach. I wouldn't worry too much about the actual clothing itself as not many people are going to see it.

My go to has always been a top and then a hoodie to wear over the top of that. This way, I can then layer up even my head if it is getting particularly cold on top of a hat.

For the bottom section, I like to wear thermals and then a pair of jeans over the top of them to keep me snug with a pair of thick socks that I tuck into the thermals. This avoids any cold air from reaching my legs and causing the rest of the bottom half to get cold.

Then opt for a pair of thick hiking style boots or even an actual set of wellington boots as most bonfires tend to be in a field and if it ever gets a bit damp, not only does it spell a bit of a disaster for the bonfire itself but if it rains enough, you're going to get muddy. So it's best to prepare for that instance as well.

However, when it comes to the base layer, you can pretty much wear what you like but just make sure to be prepared for going into a field (and it potentially getting more on the muddy side).


Make Sure to Layer Up

So here is where the key element comes into wrapping up over your base layer of clothing that we have highlighted above. Let's break it down the extra clothing that you need to wear.

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  • Wooly Beanie Hat

As you probably well know, most people lose heat out of their heads first. So wearing a wooly beanie hat helps to conserve all that heat in. To help lock it in further, if you're wearing a hoodie or a coat hood, you can wear that over the top of it as well. Particularly useful, if on the off chance that it starts to rain and you have forgotten to bring an umbrella.

  • Scarf

To go with your beanie hat, you might well have brought a scarf as well. This is perfect to conserve the heat from just under your face to where you coat connects and base layer connects as well. Again, you can always take a scarf off too, as you get closer and closer to the bonfire and as you leave, you can add it on again to keep you warm.

  • Gloves

Who knows? You might have a matching pair of gloves as well to keep your mitts warm. Losing heat through your hands and them getting excessively cold, leads them to remain in pockets. However, if there is some food going or a few marshmallows, you want to enjoy them whilst getting your hands warm. Again, you can always take them off if you're getting too warm.

  • Big Zip Up Coat

This is the main piece that you need to bring. It keeps all your upper torso warm. If you can get a zip-up or toggle coat that's easy to undo when you get too close to the bonfire that will be great. Then when you move and leave it, you can zip up again to stay warm. Ideally, it is waterproof as well to keep you dry just in case it starts to rain on you.

The above aspects are designed for layering. So you can take them off when you're getting too warm if you get too close. Likewise, if you get too far away, you can put the layers back on again. Some people have suggested ear muffs as well to keep your ears warm, but for me, it makes hearing a bit too difficult, especially if other people are around and you want to talk with them. Plus, if you do have a beanie hat you can always use that cover your ears as well or even your hood if your coat has one or the hoodie underneath the jacket.

Now, from the above hopefully you have got bit more of an idea as to what to wear to a bonfire and potentially point out some hints and tips that you might not have thought about before. Essentially, you can the aim of the game is to keep warm when you're not near the fire but then once you are, you can quickly underdo a few layers to avoid getting overly hot.

If you have any other pieces of advice that you would recommend when it comes to bonfire attire, that you don't think I have mentioned that is worth pointing out to future readers, then I definitely would like to hear them out. Plus, if you have any other bonfire experiences that you would like to share then please don't hesitate to mention them down in the comments section that you can find just below.

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