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What to Wear Pole Dancing Class?

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If you are about to venture into your first pole dancing class, chances are you're going to want to know what to wear to a pole dancing class? You're likely a bit of a mixture of nervousness and excitement! You're definitely not alone, that's how everyone feels before venturing into their first class, as you don't know what to expect.

We will get more into the details below of what to wear and not what to wear to your first pole dancing class, but for those who want a quick and easy answer. You basically want to be in an outfit that allows you to be comfortable while exercising and nothing that impedes you from getting a grip.

So leave out moisturising, and rock up in sport shorts and a tank top. This allows you to move freely, plus you will be able to use your skin to help grip over the pole. You certainly don't need to wear as little as possible. At the end of the day, wear something you feel comfortable wearing but also allows you to actually do the pole dancing exercises.


What to Wear to Your Pole Dancing Class

So know you have a basic premise of what you need to wear, shorts and a sports tank top typically. If it is cold, you can bring a pair of jogging bottoms as well as a hoodie for when you are doing the warm-up, then when it comes to the actual pole dancing exercises, you can lose these. You could bring a backpack or bag of some kind that you can always use to store them as well.

If you want to take a step further, you can always check out the pole dancing studio that you are going to be attending to see if they have any social media such as Instagram, Facebook and even YouTube to see what other members are wearing and this can give you a much better idea as to what you need to wear.

That said, once you have had your first class or so, you're going to quickly get a grasp of what's practical and not practical to wear. As for how you go about pole dancing is going to dictate it somewhat. For instance, something that soon became apparent for me was to make use of a hair or headband, as your hair can get everywhere.

When you're there, be sure to ask questions as well and lots. This will naturally just not include what to wear but a whole host of other queries that you're naturally going to have as they spring up about pole dancing and you're going to soon learn to love it with a positive can-do attitude. Plus, remember the instructor is going to know your are brand new to pole dancing and aren't going to know really anything about it, so don't put too much pressure on yourself, relax and enjoy it, and you will soon pick it up.

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What Not to Wear to Your Pole Dancing Class

On the flip side, although you can technically wear anything, wearing trousers or jeans is going to make it a lot harder than if you opted for a pair of sport shorts. They can restrict movement, plus they don't allow you to grip on as well with your skin. Likewise, with long sleeve tops, although they are more appropriate, using a tank top can let you take advantage of the sticky aspect of your skin to move up, down, and across the pole.

We would recommend also for this reason to avoid anything that involves lotion and moisturizers, simply because this makes your grip less secure and you're going to have a much tougher time on a slippery pole than a normal one.

You also want to avoid underwear that is too clingy and cause a bit of a wedgy situation, with you going up and down the pole, this can naturally cause some wedge formations. So if you can opt for something comfortable such as a thong, that might be a go to option as well.

Enjoy It!

Remember why you're there as well, you're there to enjoy it. It's even better with a friend as you can have a laugh together, encourage and support each other. It's a great activity to get fit and have a lot of fun with.

Plus, if it is a class, remember a lot of the people in those who have been going for years are there likely for the same reason you are. They are there to enjoy pole dancing as well as to make friends and socialise, keep fit, so you're likely to have a lot in common with one another.

Sure, you're going to be picking up a few bruises from bumps and bangs, especially as you first start out, but you quickly learn and they get a lot less common, the more practuce you undertake. So that's something to be a bit prepared for, especially as you become more adventurous with the moves you want to undertake.

What About High Heels?

Now you're talking! This usually comes in as you get more advanced on the pole dancing stage, what tends to happen is you begin to wear less and less and have more and more extortionate outfits. It's not for everyone, but once you get to a really good level of pole dancing, it becomes less about the exercise per se, at least at times, and more about a show that you can put on. An entertaining piece and this is where these often come in. That said, they aren't often needed for pole dancing training classes, and if they are, you will know about it long beforehand.

Have you been to a pole dancing class before? If you have, if you can share your own experiences as well that would be really useful for others who want to know more and they can benefit from any must do's and don'ts. If you can leave them down below in the comments section, we will look forward to reading them for sure!

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