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What Does Beard Butter Do?

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If you are trying to work out exactly what beard butter is and how it comes to compare with other beard products, then you’re in the right spot. We’re going to discuss exactly what beard butter does for your beard and whether you’re better off opting for a beard balm or a beard oil instead.

Here we are going to discuss the following:

  • What is beard butter?
  • What kind of ingredients goes into beard butter?
  • What does beard butter do?
  • How to use beard butter?
  • Should you be using beard butter?
  • How to use beard butter in your beard grooming routine?
  • How does beard butter compare to beard balm?
  • How it compares to beard oil?
  • Which beard butter do we recommend trying?
  • Beard butter recipes

What is Beard Butter?

A beard butter often gets referred to as a beard balm and other similar products and in truth they are largely part of the same family of beard grooming conditioning products. A beard butter just tends to have a high composition of butters (and strands) then your typical beard balm will.

They are primarly a conditioning product for your beard to keep it soft, hydrated and your skin moisturised. They don’t tend to offer much in the way of hold and produce a sheen finish to your beard. They work great for guys who are looking for a ‘solid’ alternative grooming product to a beard oil.

Beard Butter Ingredients

The clue is very much in the name but they typically contain either Shea butter or Cocoa butter (or both) as well as a range other butters. They tend to have quite a high proportion of butter compared to a wax element (which is usually beeswax), whereas a beard wax product will have the opposite.

You will also see the inclusion of a carrier oil with the beard butter too, usually coconut oil as that tends to help mesh the wax and butter together well. Then for the scents a range of different essential oils to give that natural cologne aspect to the product.

What Does Beard Butter Do?

They basically are like a solid version of a beard oil. So although, they won’t offer you much hold to your beard (but more so than a beard oil will) they will help to make your beard smell great. They also peform like a leave in conditioner for your beard, so will release and retain moisture within your beard throughout the day. Plus, they will give a healthy looking sheen to the overall beard, which at least gives the look that you actually take some time to treat and look after your facial forest.

How to Use Beard Butter?

It’s very much like using a beard balm. To use and apply beard butter simply follow the steps below:

1. Clean and prep your beard

This is often the first step that guys miss out on. They just go straight for applying on the product without giving the beard a little wash, clean and comb through if it needs it. Plus, splash your face with some warm water, as this will allow the skin pores to be more exposed and better asborb the oils from the beard butter.

2. Scoop up some beard butter

Now unlike a beard wax and some beard balms, a beard butter tends to be quite soft and malleable, so you don’t need to heat it up beforehand. Simply get the back of your thumb and scoop up some butter.

3. Spread the butter across your hands

Once, you’ve got a small piece of beard butter (remember it’s better to start small and build it up, rather than applying too much to start), spread it across your finger tips until it has emlusified. This basically feels like you are applying a slightly thicker oil now to your beard.

Then dig into your beard with your fingers, work to the base of your beard and make sure you spread it out — right from the foundation to the very tips of the beard hair. You want to make sure that it is evenly distributed through the entire beard.

4. Pick up a boar bristle brush and work it through the beard

Using a boar bristle brush rather than a comb will help to give you a better overall grip of your beard and allow you to style and shape the beard a bit better. Plus, it helps to stimulate the beard overall. This is an optional extra and you can very well achieve the same result by just using your fingers, but you will always tend to get a slightly better finish with the use of a brush.

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Should You Be Using Beard Butter?

Ultimately, every beard product is worth an experiment or two to see if it works for you. Typically though you want to be using a beard styling product as well as a conditioning product. For me, that’s a beard oil and a beard styling balm with scents that match.

However, for some a beard oil doesn’t quite sit right for them. Whether it feels a bit greasy, difficult to apply or simply prefer a substitute product, then a beard butter is well worth trying out. What you don’t want to happen though is two potential conditoning products that are getting used at the same time, otherwise you could be causing the beard to get too oily and greasy.

How to Use it in Your Beard Grooming Routine?

This very much depends on your beard and the other products that you are using within your routine. However, as discussed above it is primary used as a beard conditioning product so you will want to be using in a way that you plan on adding moisture and hydration to the beard.

Typically, I recommend that you use a conditioning product at night as you go to sleep to help hydrate the beard hairs and skin, then use a beard styling product in the morning that also has some lighter conditioning properties during the work week. Then use it in the mornings when it comes to the weekends and leave the styling products out. This gives you a nice balance between keeping the beard healthy but also not looking out overly scruffy and out of place.

Beard Butter Vs Beard Balm

This is a comparison that gets made all the time and rightly so. They are actually very similar to one another in a lot of respects. A lot of it simply comes down to what the beard manufacturer decides to call it, hence why we always recommend that you take a look at the ingredients to actually determine exactly what it is that you’re buying.

Now, of course there are two types of beard balm, styling balms and conditioning balms. Here, we will be comparing the conditioning balms to beard butter as that’s essentially what a beard butter is — a conditioning product. The main difference you will notice is that firstly a beard butter will actually contain some sort of butter ingredient (typically shea butter) whereas a balm won’t always. Plus, they tend to have a higher consistency of butter compared to wax and the oils substance. This typically leaves a very malleable style that allows you to easily blend it into the beard.

Although the butter tends to have quite high conditioning properties it doesn’t really have any of the hold that a beard balm does, plus it typically leaves quite a shiny texture on the beard (much like a beard oil will) rather than a matte type effect that a beard balm can.

Beard Butter Vs Oil

When it comes to comparing a beard butter versus a beard oil, you are basically comparing a solid version of a facial hair conditionioning product to a liquid one. The beard oil will tend to win out on the actual conditioning aspect but a beard butter is a great alternative and can be considered a leave in conditioner that will slowly hydrate the beard throughout the day.

They will generally leave the same type of look to the beard with a shiny coated texture that makes the beard look healthy and glistens somewhat. The shiny aspect it causes is not always a look some beardsmen want to go for, so that’s certianly worth considering too. Overall, a beard butter is actually a decent beard oil substitute.

Which Are the Best Beard Butters Should You Try Out?

There are a range of fantastic beard butters that you can try out such as the range from Live Bearded, Maestros, Detroit Grooming are well renowned for producing a range of great butters and Wild Willies. What we do recommend is that you try out a wide range, as one brand’s beard butter is going to be much different from another, with them varying in different properties. So you are likely going to much prefer one over the others.

DIY Beard Butter Recipes

You can of course, try making beard butter yourself too, if you want a more cost effective and customised option. There are plenty of video tutorials and recipe guides online. You just need to make sure that you get a bunch of the right ingredients (as already detailed above), but they typically include a few range of butters (such as Shea, Cocoa and Mango) as well as some carrier oils (like argan oil, castor oil and coconut oil) then some scented oils too like (lavender oil, sandalwood oil and peppermint oil) and depending on the exact recipe you will get some beeswax in there too. If you want it to be a scentless option, just skip out on the essential oils.

Hopefully the above account has given you a better understanding of what does beard butter do. Now if you do have any questions with regards to beard butter, then by all means, please do let us know in the questions and answers section just above. We will aim to get back to you as soon as possible.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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