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What Color Shirt Goes With Khaki Pants?

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What Matches with Khaki Pants?

If you're wondering what types of color shirts go with Khaki pants, you're in luck. See, Khaki is a pretty general monotone color that allows it to be partnered with a whole range of colors and make your outfit look great.

So whether you want a more neutral or even outlandish look with your shirt choice, if you're going to pair it up with Khaki pants, chances are you're going to be perfectly fine. However, here we are going to explore some of the options that you know work very well in terms of a Khaki pants and shirts combinaition.


White Shirt and Khaki Pants

If you're wanting a safe go-to option with Khaki pants, then almost like with every colored pair of pants you have, you really can't go far wrong than a White shirt and Khaki combination. With White also being a neutral color they tend to complement each other quite well whether you have a lighter pair of Khaki pants or darker ones, the contrast will work well.

The White gives a fresh and overall fresh look to your outfit. Without going too bland, the shirt above works well with the detail on the buttons to create a contrast on the detail. However, a straightforward Oxford-style shirt will work perfectly well here. If you want an even more relaxed feel, you can have it less tight in appearance like the above, but if you want it smarter, opt for a closer and tighter slimmer fit. Overall, a look you can't go wrong on.

If you do want to add a bit more styling, you can go for a White-striped style shirt as you can see in the top image, and because you're not clashing with patterns on the Khaki pants they are a great combination too. Don't be afraid to delve into patterns with your shirt.


Light Blue Shirt with Khaki Pants

A combination that works pretty effortlessly is utilising a well-fitting light Blue shirt with a pair of Khaki pants as they create a really laid-back and yet smart look. Perfect for those that are looking for a more business casual look. To smarten it up, you simply do up your buttons, roll down the sleeves.

Then to create a more casual tone, that's pretty easy too. Roll up the sleeves and loosen up some buttons. Great for those that are heading out Al Fresco for a meal out during the summer but it is an occasion of sorts.


Dark Gray Shirt with Khaki Pants

One of my favorite combinations for when it comes to Khaki pants is to go for a darker color shirt, especially if the bottoms are on the lighter side too, as it creates a great contrast. So if you go for a darker Gray or even Black this really helps to emphasize and create a great look.

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You can create a more relaxed look like the gent above has by wearing a white T-shirt underneath the shirt and it gives an overall more laid-back appearance. You can smarten it up by losing the shirt and just doing the buttons up as well. We really like the texture of the shirt as well, you can see the lining and that a bit of a different dimension to the outfit that you won't get with a standard shirt.


Autumn Palette Shirt and Khaki Pants

If you're feeling a bit more adventurous, your Khaki pants can actually do that pretty well. The only real color that I would avoid with Khaki is actually another Khaki shirt but even those can work pretty well as demonstrated above when broken up and you're working with different shades.

However, my go-to colors tend to belong to the Autumn style color family. Darker Green style shirts, Burgundy, Teal, and even Navy can work pretty well too. They offer a complimentary effect as Khaki sort of belongs to that family as well. Again though, these don't have to be plain, they can be patterned if you are wanting to add a bit more Jazz into the overall outfit.


Don't Forget the Rest of Your Outfit

Remember though, it's not just about your shirt and Khaki pants combination but the other aspects of your outfit as well that really finish off the overall look. It's not great if you have a great color combination but you're wearing dirty sneakers for example.

A generally great overall look is to pair it up with a pair of brown loafers or Chukka boots to create a contrast and differentiation in textures among the outfit. Don't hesitate to add accessories with different jewelry and other aspects as well that can score you some additional style points and keep you looking on point.

The Bottom Line

Hopefully, you have gotten a few ideas about the different options you can opt for when it comes to what color shirts go with Khaki pants. You should be able to see that Khaki is a pretty versatile color and tends to be on the lighter side (however can be darker in tone) but is generally considered a neutral color so works with a lot of different monotone colors that we have explored but also bolder colors too.

As mentioned though don't forget to think about the whole outfit and how it works together, it doesn't just stop at shirts and pants. Think about the shoes, coat or jacket as well as accessories that can help bring the overall look to life, even down to little things like what Watch to opt for to match with your belt and shoes.

If you have any shirt color ideas that you think would work particularly well with Khaki pants as well as overall outfit ideas that feature Khaki trousers then we would love to hear about them as future readers will be able to benefit from them as well. Just let us know down in the comments seciton that you can find just below.

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