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Wedding Gown Guide – What to Wear for Short, Tall, Hourglass, Chubby, and Skinny Brides?

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I love fashion! Every woman loves to have a wardrobe that makes them look good. Let's have fun with fashion together.


Your wedding day is a very special day that has to be perfect in every single way. It is a day where two people start living as a married couple. Weddings are stressful to many people because there are lots of details. Your wedding gown should not be part of the problem. In order to look your best, you have to pick a wedding gown that is most flattering for your height and shape.

Fairy Tale Bride - Ball Gown Wedding Dress

Do you want to look like a princess at your wedding? Go for the classic ball gown dress. This wedding dress looks like it's straight from the fairy tale. One of the most well known designers, Vera Wang, makes some of the most beautiful ball gown wedding dresses. If you are tall and thin, the ball gown dress will make you look really amazing. Actually, ball gown is also for ladies that are tall and have bigger bottoms. The big dress will hide your imperfection. The ball gown dress can also look flattering for hourglass and inverted triangle figures. But what if you are short and still want to wear the ball gown? Most of the time, the ball gown tends to drown petite women. However, you can easily makeup for the height with a pair of high heels. Just make sure to pick a pair of platform heels to make walking and dancing easy. You can comfortably add 5 inches of height with platforms!


Universally Flattering Wedding Dress - A Line

This is an universally flattering wedding dress for many different brides and body types. This dress is a very good alternative to the traditional ball gown. It tends to elongate your lower body which will create the illusion of height. Due to this, the A line dress is perfect for a shorter bride. Brides that are overweight or pear shaped can pick this style as well. It is really great for all body shapes. When in doubt, you can pick the traditional A line to make sure you look perfect for your special day.

Show Off Your Perfect Figure - Mermaid Wedding Dress

The mermaid wedding dress is really one of a kind. This beautiful dress will highlight your figure and draw attention to it. The mermaid is perfect for a woman that is not afraid of lots of looks her way. You have to be super confident and outgoing to rock this wedding dress. Also, the mermaid dress is really perfect for an hourglass figure bride. Your gorgeous curves will be in the spotlight the whole time during the wedding.


Modern Look - Tea-Length

Traditionally, wedding dresses are all long. However, with changing times, designers are breaking rules of the traditional wedding dress design. With a modern girl wanting to look different and beautiful for her big day, the tea-length wedding dress was created. Best of all, this dress flatters all different body types. Bring up the waistline to elongate your lower body; this will make you look taller. If you want to look dainty, you can add lace to the dress.

Simple and Elegant - Column or Sheath Dress

The sheath wedding dress is a very simple but elegant style that flatters a tall and thin body type. If you are average height with a boxy body type, this wedding dress can also make you look amazing. The sheath wedding emphasizes your waist and makes a thin or boxy body looks more proportionate and curvy. Although not showy or flashy, you will be remembered as the most elegant bride!

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Toned Down Mermaid Dress - the Trumpet

Do you love the mermaid dress but think it's a little bit too much? Well, the trumpet is your next best pick. Very similar to the mermaid dress, but the flare starts at mid thigh instead of just above the knee for mermaid dresses. The trumpet shows off much of your beautiful figure but just a little bit more subtle than the daring mermaid. This dress naturally flatters the hourglass shape. However, if your bust is small, you can use padding to make it look fuller. You will look just as amazing in the trumpet dress as the hourglass gal.

For Full Figured Brides - High Low Hem

Are you a bigger girl that is a little bit self conscious about your size? Even though all the above styles can be tailored to full figured brides, the high low hem is the most flattering for your figure. With low hem in the front to show off the thinnest part of your legs, the high low hem will make you look thinner and elongate your figure instantly. Also, pick your dress with a thicker material rather than silk or chiffon. When the fabric is very thin and hangs very close to the skin, it tends to reveal all the little imperfections.

Look Taller for Shorter Brides - the Empire Waist Wedding Dress

The empire waist wedding dress is perfect for those that want to look taller. The feminine cut comes in many different varieties. Do you want to look delicate? Go for a lace embellished dress. Draw attention to your beautiful chest with a romantic heart neckline. You can also opt for a long sleeves dress for the more traditional look. Are you afraid of long sleeves because it might make you look old fashioned? Try a fully laced long sleeve empire wedding dress; it is super feminine and elegant!



Ruth McCollum from Lake Oswego, Oregon on October 01, 2012:

Thankyou I am buying a wedding gown now, getting married in Dec. thanks for the wonderful advice! voted up and following you! I have a wonderful guy, and I want to take his breath away.Thankyou so much!

chrismarneverfade on October 01, 2012:

this dresses are all beautiful. so magnificent

Ruth McCollum from Lake Oswego, Oregon on April 06, 2012:

We are renewing our vows in dec on a cruise ship. I am going to wear a white dress as my first wedding was ruined by my mother in law to be.I heard her say my dress was ugly. So I am looking for a chiffon empire waist dress.beautiful dresses her i like the column one was gorgeous, as well as the mermaid dress ,just beautiful! way to go on this hub! :)

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