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How Do You Distinguish Original Watches From Imitation Watches?


The commodity markets of almost all kinds of goods have become two parallel markets, the market of original products and the market of imitation products. Unfortunately, there are many traders or sellers who deceive the buyer to sell imitation products as original products. It is remarkably the case in the watch markets. To avoid being deceived by vendors, one should learn how to differentiate between original products of watches and counterfeit products. This article gives you some simple tricks where you can discover counterfeit watches.


The first steps to identifying major diffrences between original products and counterfeit products are the searches carried out through the Internet. So that, you know through the search process the designs of the original watches. Every watch or design of the original watch often contains at least one detail that cannot be imitated.

In the research process, you should take into consideration all available information about the model or design you want to purchase, especially the information on drilling techniques used on the face and back of the watches and we find it even on the buttons.

When searching, watch out for the watch's functions until you are sure whether it is a chronograph or a tourbillon? where? what is the operation button? how it is shaped and positioned? The cheap imitation is usually not very well manufactured so you can easily discover it.


The original designs of watches do not produce sounds when moving, rather you find them moving in a very smooth and accurate way. You can recognize this by putting the watch near the ear to check the sound of the clockwise movement whether it is creaking or not.

The imitated watches are always lighter than the original watches since the original materials used in the manufacture of the original models are heavier than the tradition. You can also find out the weight of the model you want to buy and the weight of all the models Produced.

The original watches cannot be found on the streets. On the Internet, you will not find an original watch for less than $ 250; if you find a watch with a lower price, you will know that this watch is often a fake. New original watches are not sold at high discounts up to a discount of 50%. When you find ads for the sale of original luxury watches with large discounts and explain that the inventory is being eliminated or because of the year of the model, it is often a kind of cheating. The original jewelry pieces do not become out of fashion but retain their value no matter the change of time or the emergence of new models or designs. More importantly, there are some brands that increase in value.


Through the Internet, you know the vendors who have the license to sell the original brands, especially the type you want to buy.

The watch logo contains precise details, you should pay attention to these details as they should be free of errors and defects. You should observe or search for characteristic features of the model such as the watch pause feature, which cannot be often imitated.

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Before you complete the purchase you can inquire about the watch serial number from the factory and you can attach a picture of the watch with your request until the factory confirms whether the watch is genuine or not.

Check the surface of the watch, and make sure the presence of anti-reflection material, which is found in the original watches.

Watch cover, despite all the progress in the field of imitation watches, so far they cannot cap the cover of the watch to be as court as in the original so as not to allow the entrance of water.


When you buy an expensive watch, you need to listen to expert advice; so you do not risk falling into the trap of fake. George Morris, a Swiss watch salesman for more than 20 years, stated that the spread of counterfeit watches is similar to the virus. In sum up, to avoid this, you should:

1 - Look at the watch and note all the holes in the nails if there are openings wider than required is a fake;

2 - Look at the surface of the watch directly to observe the presence of anti-reflection material on the outside glass;

3 - The weight of the watch is very important. Each brand announces the weight of the actual watch in their positions and announcements;

4 - Put the watch near the ear to hear the movement of scorpions issuing a chant or whether the sound will be normal;

5 - The original watch is covered with a tight seal so that it is waterproof.

6 - The watch brand shall be engraved on the clock surface and on the buttons in a prominent and not printed manner;

7 - Do not criticize the counterfeit advertising about the price reduction, and review the exclusive agent of the brand. Even if you did not buy it, he will lead you to the best, because it is concerned primarily with the reputation of the brand.

To conclude, if you want to buy an original watch from a particular brand, don't think too much about how to get it. You should go to the outlets approved by the manufacturers. Is an original watch accompanied by a box that comes inside and printed on the box its serial number? after the completion of the purchase, please verify the serial number on the watch and the box by checking the search through the Internet or communicate directly with the manufacturer.


Asad Dillz Khan from United Kingdom on July 01, 2019:

A great informative article for recognizing the best original watches... Excellent Job!

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