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10 Wardrobe Essentials: What Every Woman Needs in Her Closet?

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I love fashion! Every woman loves to have a wardrobe that makes them look good. Let's have fun with fashion together.


1. Short Sleeve White Tee

The short sleeve white tee is absolutely essential. You will reach for it time and time again. A high quality cotton short sleeve white tee is perfect for all causal occasions. Pair this white tee with your favorite jeans for the carefree look. Go for a more feminine bohemian look with the white tee and ethnic floral long skirt. Even though this is such a basic piece in your wardrobe, finding the perfect cut is essential. Boxy cut short sleeve white tee is good for a petite body frame. A rounded hem is the quintessential cut for a short sleeve tee. Whichever style you pick, go for a high quality piece that will last for many years.


2. A Pair of "Perfect" Jeans for You

We all love to wear jeans. Dark wash jeans can make your legs look longer while lighter washes are perfect for summer! But what kind of jeans flatter you? In the last few years, skinny jeans are all the rage. Every woman has at least one pair. But you don't necessarily have to go with skinny jeans all the time. Pick a good pair that you love. You will wear them for years. One word of advice, most women look better with a pair of dark wash jeans because they make you look slimmer.

3. Black Dress Pants

Investing in a pair of good black dress pants is important in the modern world. Think about all the interviews and professional business occasions! You need a pair of black dress pants. You should invest a little bit of money for this item because good quality lasts forever. Go to a nice department store and try on several pairs of the black dress pants and ask the sales associate for advise. For those that work in an office with a professional dress code, you will wear this item at least once per week. So, it's really important to go for quality.

4. Pencil Skirt or Denim Skirt or Little Black Dress

Why so many choices? Well, not every woman works in an office environment where the pencil skirt is a must. If you work in an office that requires business professional attire, go for a classic pair of black or grey pencil skirt. But if your work environment is more causal and you love denim, go for a pair of denim skirt instead. Denim is also perfect for weekends where you want to show off those legs. You don't need either the pencil or denim skirt, how about a little black dress to attend parties?

5. A Nice Neutral Color Shirt

Notice it's not white in the title. You will find yourself using the neutral color shirt on many occasions. It's appropriate for serious situations but also looks great with a pair of jeans. To make it even more luxurious, go with a high quality silk shirt. It stands the test of time and will look amazing for a long time. Go for white color if you are more traditional and just want the ultimate professional look. Go for another neutral like beige if you are slightly more edgy. This item can carry you from the office to leisure events. The capsule wardrobe is all about being able to wear the same piece for many occasions.

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6. A Good Pair of Flats (Black or Brown)

A good pair of flats will last for years. Pick a higher quality pair to elevate your wardrobe. The cost per wear will pay for itself because you will reach for them all the time. Again, going to higher quality is very good for the environment. Pointy flats are very flattering because they visually elongate your legs. A pair of black suede flats are good for those that like to dress up often. If you want something classic but a little on the causal side, brown flats are more for you.

7. "Perfect" Sweater for You!

There are so many types of sweaters. The classic cardigan is good for women working in a professional office. A turtleneck sweater perfectly complements a woman with an elongated face. A chucky cable-knit sweater will keep you warm in the middle of the winter. If you live in a warmer climate, a nice V-neck cashmere sweater is more than enough to keep you warm through the coldest days. So, again, you can pick the perfect sweater depending on your preference and needs. But remember, go for quality and it will last you season after season.

8. Black Ankle Boots

These shoes will be a staple in your wardrobe. They are good for the spring, fall, and winter. What a versatile item! Go for a pair with simple design. My personal choice is the Chelsea boot. Less is more. You can go for a pair with a slight heel for comfort and fashion. Remember, higher heels are more difficult to wear for an extended period of time. Be practical, go for a height that suits your everyday life.

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9. Outerwear (Trench Coat, Blazer, or Leather Jacket)

Again, let's have some choices. Trench coat is an old classic that's been around for ages. But it might be slightly outdated for the millennial generation. It's still really good for the right woman, but not for everyone. The blazer is another business oriented piece of clothing. But if you opt for a different color than black, it can look more causal and fashionable. Lastly, go for the leather jacket for causal looks.

10. White or Floral Dress

Let's give the last spot completely to causal wear. What do you need in summer? A white or floral dress is the way to go. Super easy and cool at the same time. When we are enjoying the warmer summer months with friends and family, we still want to look our best with a cute dress. Complete this look with a pair of brown sandals!


Brianna W from East Coast on August 06, 2011:

Great Hub! I am also happy to say that I have all of your essentials in my closet!

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