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Updo Hairstyles for Women - Which Styles Flatter You and Your Face Shape?

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Simple Updo for Everyday

A very simple updo hairstyle is really appropriate for everyday. This hairstyle can make you look sleek and ready to take on the day. Be sure to make it slightly messy for an even more casual look. This simple updo hairstyle with a bun near the top of the head is universally flattering for women of all face shapes. It can elongate the round face and add inches to your height. If you have an oblong face, add some short bangs above the eyebrows to visually reduce the length of your face. Also, bangs above the eyebrows make a woman look younger. Perfect for teens and young women, it will make you look causal and cute at the same time. The simple updo is also very good for women in their 30s and 40s. It can make you look pulled together with a professional outfit and you will be ready for the office.


Classic Ballerina Bun Updo

Are you tired of a simple updo bun hairstyle for everyday but still like to do a slightly different updo hairstyle? The ballerina bun updo is a variation of the classic causal hairstyle that is not just suitable for a ballerina. This elegant hairstyle can be worn very high or slightly lower depending on your face shape and age. For a younger woman with any face shape except for oblong, the high ballerina bun is universally flattering. For women with oblong face shapes, you should avoid making your face even longer by wearing the ballerina bun just slightly lower (at the back of your head). Older women should wear the ballerina bun a little bit lower as well. The ballerina bun is suitable for slightly more formal occasions such as going on a date, attending a party, or appearing at an event. This elegant and gorgeous hairstyle looks the best with a dress and heels. This dress should be more feminine and elegant for a romantic date. If you are attending a party, the dress should be colorful and form fitting to make you the center of attention in the crowd. On the other hand, go for a full length dress that makes you look super elegant and pulled together for an event.


Updo Hairstyle with Straight Bangs

Love to wear your updos high but don't want to make your face look even longer? The straight bangs that graze your eyebrows will certainly help. This hairstyle will add inches to your height but shorten your face at the same time. It's really the perfect updo hairstyle for shorter women with oblong face shapes. This hairstyle is easy to do and even easier to maintain. Add some glasses to make you look smart. But go for a little bit of eye makeup to avoid looking too studious.


Updo Hairstyle with A Side Braid

Add a side braid to make the updo hairstyle more feminine and elegant. This type of hairstyle should be slightly messy and will make you look like a Greek goddess. Women with oval faces will look amazing with this hairstyle. But fear not, women with other face shapes can also sport this hairstyle. Just add a little bit of hair on both sides of your face to frame it and make the face look softer and feminine. This hairstyle is very suitable for a romantic night out with your special person. To complete the look, add a pair of chandelier earrings, a flowy dress, and heel sandals. Your love will be stunned by how beautiful and elegant you look.


Updo with Wavy Side Hair

This is the perfect hairstyle for women with oblong faces. Since the face is a lot longer than wide, you will need to add width to balance the face and make it look closer to oval. The soft side curvy hair will add volume to your slender face. With this hairstyle, you will look younger and more feminine. The pop princess Taylor Swift makes this hairstyle look very glamorous. Wear this special hairstyle for parties and dates.

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Updo Hairstyle with Height

This updo hairstyle will flatter diamond and round face shapes. The height visually widens a very small forehead and adds height to the face. It also gives you the look of a career oriented woman. Although not the easiest hairstyle to do everyday, you can take some time to do this hairstyle when you want to look fierce. For women with round faces, this hairstyle makes you look slightly more mature. Round faces tend to make people think that you are years younger than you actually are. For a professional woman that wants to look her best when meeting an important client, go for this hairstyle, a suit blazar, and pencil skirt to complete the ultimate office look. Your confidence level will be high when you bring your best face forward!


Deep Side Part Updo for the Oblong Faces

Rihanna wears this pretty updo hairstyle with a deep side part. This hairstyle is perfect for shorter women with oblong face shapes. While the updo adds height, the deep side part makes the face looker shorter. However, this hairstyle is not for everyday. With a deep side part, it covers up a lot of your face. This makes you look like you are not awake and ready for the day. Go for this hairstyle if your personal style is emo or rock 'n roll.


Side Updo Hairstyle

Another perfect updo hairstyle that adds width to the face. This hairstyle is especially flattering for oblong faces. The asymmetry is really good at making the face visually appear shorter. Most face shapes (except for round) can wear this up-do and look amazing. This updo hairstyle is not for everyday but for special occasions.


Updo for Older Ladies

Most of the updo hairstyles look amazing on younger women, but updo hairstyles can also look amazing on older women. The trick is to do it more neatly; this tends to make older women look sophisticated and stylish. Also, avoid doing a messy bun right on top of the head. Instead, make the updo hairstyle a little bit lower on the back of the head. An elegant lower updo is extremely flattering for older women.



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