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Elegant Up-do Hairstyles for Women - Which Styles Flatter You and Your Face Shape?


I love fashion! Hairstyle is so important for women. The right hairstyle can make you look younger, more attractive, and hide imperfections.

Simple Up-do for Everyday

A very simple up-do hairstyle is really appropriate for everyday. This hairstyle can make you look sleek and ready to take on the day. Be sure to make it slightly messy for a casual look. This simple up-do hairstyle with a bun near the top of the head is universally flattering for women of all face shapes. It can elongate the round face and add inches to your height. If you have an oblong face, add some straight bangs to visually reduce the length of your face.


Classic Ballerina Bun

This is a very elegant hairstyle that is not just for a ballerina. The elegant hairstyle can be worn very high or slightly lower depending on your face shape and age. For a younger woman with any face shape except for oblong, the high ballerina bun is universally flattering. For women with the oblong face shape, you should avoid adding more height to your face by wearing the ballerina bun just slightly lower (at the back of your head). Older women should wear the ballerina bun lower as well.


Up-do with Straight Bangs

Love to wear your up-dos high but don't want to make your face look even longer? The straight bangs that graze your eyebrows will certainly help. This hairstyle will add inches to your height but shorten your face. It's really the perfect up-do hairstyle for women with oblong face shapes. This hairstyle is easy to do and even easier to maintain.


Up-do Hair with Side Braid

Add a side braid to make the up-do hairstyle more feminine and elegant. This type of hairstyle should be slightly messy and will make you look like a Greek goddess. Women with oval faces will look amazing with this hairstyle. Be sure to sport it when you see that special someone!


Up-do with Wavy Side Hair

Another perfect up-do hairstyle for women with oblong face shapes. Women with oblong faces want to add width not height. The soft curves add volume to your slender face. With this hairstyle, your will look younger and more feminine. The pop princess Taylor Swift makes this hairdo look very glamorous.


Up-do and Hair to Frame the Face

Angelina Jolie is an iconic actress with a square face. When she wears her hair up, she carefully uses hair to frame her square jawlines. This will soften the slightly masculine square jawlines and create a more feminine look. Although the hairstyle looks amazing on Angeline, it's a little bit messy for everyday. Wear bright colored lipstick to make this casual hairstyle look more put together.


Up-do Hairstyle with Height

This up-do hairstyle will flatter diamond face shapes. The height is very flatter and visually widens a very small forehead. It also gives you the look of a career oriented woman. Although not the easiest hairstyle to do everyday, you can take some time to do this hairstyle when you want to look fierce. In addition to flattering the diamond face shape, round faces will look amazing with this hairstyle as well.


Deep Side Part Up-do for the Oblong Faces

Rihanna wears this pretty up-do hairstyle with a deep side part. This hairstyle is perfect for women with oblong face shapes. While the up-do add height, the deep side part makes the face looker shorter.


Side Up-do Hairstyle

Another perfect up-do hairstyle that adds width to the face. This hairstyle is especially flatter for oblong faces. The asymmetry is really good at making the face visually appear shorter. Most face shapes (except for round) can wear this up-do and look amazing.


Up-do for Older Ladies

Most of the up-do hairstyles look amazing on younger women, but this hairstyle can be done on older ladies as well. The trick is to do it more neatly; this tends to make the older women look sophisticated and stylish. Also, avoid doing a messy bun right on top of the head. Instead, make the up-do hairstyle a little bit lower on the back of the head. An elegant lower up-do can also be very flattering on older women.



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what about help for us older women? We like to look good too you know!

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