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Types of Skirts Styles for Women - Different Skirts Names

Names Of Skirts Styles

Skirts are of different styles, types and shapes. The design of each skirt determines its name. Skirts are worn to cover the lower part of the body. Some types of skirts are short or long. Skirts can be shaped and design in different ways, they can be made to be narrow, wide, or full skirt depending on how you want the skirt to look on you.

You can create skirts with pleats, gathers, tucks, overlaps and seams. You can sew skirts of any length. These are the different skirt lengths that you would like to know: Starting from the hip, a skirt can be micro mini, mini, short, knee length, below the knee, upper calf, maxi, evening or floor length.

There are various kinds of women skirts. You can find flared skirts, pleated skirts, tailored skirts, flowing skirts that are made with lightweight fabrics which are suitable for evening frocks and women lingerie. The style of skirts differs from the types of skirts. The different styles of women skirts include flared skirt, circular skirt, gored skirts, gathered dirndl, pleated skirts and the rest.

Types Of Skirt Styles Names For Women

Full Skirts

Full skirts are normally gathered or pleated. gathered skirts do not have structured folds. They only have fabric folds at the waist which has been pulled together. Pleated skirts are stitched in such a way as to show fitting from the waist.

A-Line Skirts

The silhouette of the A-line skirts look like the letter A. You can find on each side of the hem that A-line skirt has extra width, this makes it look like an A when you view it from the front or back side.

Circular Skirts

Circular skirts are skirts that are flare at the hem. This type of skirt is made in a circular shape so that in whatever way you hold and look at it, it forms a circle or half circle. Circular skirts are usually full near the hem or at hem end and very fitting at the dress hips. They drop or flared as it is cut in a circle and on the bias to produce the complete skirt.


Flared Skirts

With flared skirts, there is fullness all around the hem. You can notice some soft ripples that go up toward the waist from the bottom when the skirt is worn. Flared skirts can also be called four gores, six gores, seven or eight gores. This is one of the easiest skirts that dressmakers can make. You can sew this skirt based on the blocks of the only the front and back skirt that you cut out.

Wrap Skirts

Wrap skirts wrap around the waist and leg part and overlap at any side you want. This type of skirt sometimes have a light flare design and you can fasten it with a button or tie.

Umbrella Skirts

Umbrella skirts have many gores or vertical seam lines. The gores are made to look narrow, but it can open as you move or walk, and when you stop moving, it closes like an umbrella.

Dirndl Skirt

Dirndl skirts are like gathered skirts, but they gathers are not very full. Dirndl skirts usually have side seams pockets and the skirt will look straight when worn.Another name for dirndl skirt is gathered dirndl. This style of skirt has a wide waistband with gathered and it is a straight skirt.

Gored Skirts

With gored skirts have vertical seams or gores all the way to the hem from the waist. You can make four, six, seven or eight gores in a skirt. The gores should be wider at the hem and narrow at the hip line. Six gores can hug attractively to the hips and flares out at the hemline. six gored skirt is suitable to wear as a day or evening skirt.

Eight Gored Skirt

Eight gored skirt is another style of flared skirt that is very easy to make. You can make using the same steps as in six gored skirts. The only difference is that you use the hip and waist measurements as one-eighth of the usual full size.

The Making Of Skirt Styles Tips

Many dresses that women wear have skirts attached to the bodice with a seam that is sewn to the waistline.To make a skirt that you will wear with any blouse, you will have to sew the skirt and then make a waistband that will hold the skirt at the top. Make a skirt waistline by sewing a band of fabric that can go around the waist and use fasteners such as hook and eye or button to close the skirt at the side, back or front.

Pleated Skirt For Women

A Pleated skirt is a style of skirt that has been widely worn by many women. It is a straight skirt that is made by taking the width of the darts from each side seam and making the panel look like pleats strips.

Gathered Skirts

Gathered skirts are skirts that are gathered at the waist and set into a band for it to look fitting to the hip. The gathered can also be cut from the hip side and set into a yoke. You can make gathered skirt by using the hip measurement about three times the width.


Aminatu Ibrahim on February 16, 2019:

Beautiful n wonderful design

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Theresa D (author) from England, UK on April 25, 2014:

Great to know that you love the skirts.

Hillary Burton from UK on April 23, 2014:

What a lovely subject. My favourite skirts are traditional tailored, like A line also pleated and box pleat. I like your 4&8 panel skirts. I am also traditional about wearing a nylon half slip or petticoat under your skirt.

Ormee kumar dey(Bangladesh) on December 04, 2013:

Thanks u lot, to know about skirts i m happy. pls post drafting process of all type skirts

Theresa D (author) from England, UK on December 12, 2012:

Hi kbolo89, I know what you mean. There are women who always feel uncomfortable wearing skirts. On the other hand someone like me prefer wearing skirts to pants. Great comment, thanks.

Theresa D (author) from England, UK on December 12, 2012:

Thanks kare89 for commenting on the hub. I hope you learn something new from the article.

kbolo89 on December 12, 2012:

good wearings thing such as skirts in good for expressing someone passion and emotion.!!!! :) but in my own experience its complicated to wear because sometimes your not comportable to wear it!!!!

kare89 on December 12, 2012:


Theresa D (author) from England, UK on September 02, 2012:

@ElleBee, that will be a very good idea. Since i learnt of the kinds of skirts available, I am always on the look out for the type of skirt I wear. Thank you for your visit.

ElleBee on September 02, 2012:

Wow! Never knew there were quite so many types of skirts - I'm going to have to check out my closet later, and see how many different types I have.

Theresa D (author) from England, UK on June 14, 2012:

Thank you for asking. The lady may have had on a 4-gore skirt. Most gore skirts look like that.

Paristhecat on June 14, 2012:

Hi, can you tell me what the name of a skirt style is that is like a pencil skirt, but has a flare at the bottom, sorry, perhaps I have not explained this well.

Saw a lady wearing it and it looked so stylish with boots in winter.

The flared bit goes all around the skirt hem.

Theresa D (author) from England, UK on April 28, 2012:

Skirts can be a bit complicated to make, but they go well with some nice blouses. Thank you for your comment.

klarawieck on April 28, 2012:

Goodness! I had no idea that skirts were so complicated! I don't wear them much for work, because I teach children and every so often I find myself sitting on the floor playing games with them. But I do love long bohemian style skirts to go out. Although I don't know how well they look on me because I am very short. :D

Thanks for this informative hub. It's pretty cool.

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