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Style Tips on How to Wear a Mini Skirt

Maina Ndung'u is a fashion enthusiast and has been a fashion consultant and blogger since February 2015.

What to wear with a mini skirt

What to wear with a mini skirt

Mini Skirt Outfit Ideas

Wearing a mini skirt can have a sexy and stylish outcome if done the right way and in the right places. The idea is about looking good, but not vulgar or offensive. You should think in advance how you would react or feel if people look at your legs. Some fashionistas have stated that mini skirts, like bras, are adored by men more than women. If you feel fine and comfortable in your mini skirt, you will most likely look fabulous.

Although the mini skirt is an essential part of street fashion, especially to the young generation, this outfit is not appropriate for all occasions and ages. Mini skirts are principally not acceptable in offices, churches and weddings. If you must wear a short skirt to such events, you can fashion your mini by use of tights or leggings underneath. However, too short might not be acceptable. Wear your mini skirt to above knee.

Analysts have said that miniskirts are becoming more popular owing mainly to the discovery of better skin-care products. Before you consider wearing a mini, take good care of your leg skin. Shave or wax if you have to. But most importantly, exfoliate and moisturize your legs regularly.

Mini skirt outfit ideas

Mini skirt outfit ideas

How Long is a Mini Skirt?

There is no ideal length of a mini skirt. They are typically anywhere from above the knee to about 10 centimeters below your buttock (or full-coverage panties). Anything shorter than that is considered a micro-miniskirt. Depending on your body type, a simple mirror test may give you a hint on what is your correct length. Remember that what seems fit to others may not necessarily be great on you.

The actual length of the skirt itself does not matter much. Your height and how high you wear your miniskirt are the factors to be considered. Ultimately, where the hemline falls is what defines your skirt. When you want to buy a miniskirt, bear in mind whether you want to wear high-waist or low-waist. Ladies with a big belly will opt to wear their skirt around the navel area, while slim girls will fashion their mini skirt better with a low waistband. A mini skirt worn with high waist gives a more elegant look especially if it is form-fitting.

A miniskirt may seem shorter if it is too wide. Though flowy skirts are comfortable and airy, care should be taken with pleated or circle mini skirts. They rider higher on your bottom when you lean forward and are also bound to be blown up if you go to a windy area. This may result in a very embarrassing display of your underwear. To avoid such scenarios, strike the right balance between the weight of the fabric the length. Better still; opt for a pair of biker shorts to wear underneath your mini.

Mini skirt Outfits

Mini skirt Outfits

Are Mini Skirts Appropriate?

Miniskirts are appropriate if worn in the correct way. Some ladies wear short skirts not to entice men but because they feel their legs are so nice that they deserve to be shown to the world. However, overdoing it may send the wrong signal. Only wear your miniskirt in a place where you are likely to see others in minis. Anything can be inappropriate if it is not usually worn in a particular locality.

Your age has so much to do with your hemline. Girls below 12 years can get away with wearing a micro miniskirt in public, while a woman over 50 may be frowned upon by wearing her hemline way above the knee. The appropriate age for wearing a mid-thigh mini skirt is generally considered to be 40 years. But this is not cast in stone as opinions are varied across both genders, and from place to place.

Women who consider showing off too much leg skin as lowering their dignity will choose to wear their short skirts or dresses with leggings or tights. Another idea is to layer a miniskirt with a sheer axi or midi skirt or dress.

If you have cellulite or blemishes on your legs, you may find it humiliating to wear a mini skirt. But you don’t have to show your legs in a miniskirt. Sexy leggings or tights with a mini is still a sexy and stylish outfit. Whatever your age or size, the key factor is where your mini falls, and the reaction it will create. After all, some women wear short skirts only in the cold months and layer with pants or tights.

Mini skirt fashion

Mini skirt fashion

What to Wear on Top

The best tops to wear with a miniskirt should not be so extravagant. Sheer, crop and low-cut blouses that are too revealing create the illusion that you are trying so hard to impress. You should let the focus be on your skirt. Crop tops are okay if paired with a high-waisted skirt. Long sleeved tops help keep the attention to your legs.

Too long tops make the impression that you are trying in vain to obscure a low-rate skirt. However, a long jacket or coat, preferably unbuttoned, will bring the required balance if you are wearing a high-waist miniskirt and a crop top. An extra-long coat, like a trench coat, conceals your bottom and adds comfort while still showing your legs. A coat that is longer than the skirt is alluring if it is unzipped.

If you want a neutral look, wear a simple skirt and a white shirt. Dark colors like black and navy will do great. If you opt to wear both skirt and top in neutral colors, accentuate with other colors for the shoes, bag, hair, belt and jewelry. Wearing a mini skirt-suit in any colors is great if your other accessories agree with the outfit. If your skirt has a contrast hem, you may match that with your top. When wearing separates, a bold or print skirt goes better with a neutral top and vice versa.

Low-waist mini skirts go well with long button shirts especially for tall or lean ladies. Short skirts and men’s shirts are like bread and butter. Should you want to wear your skirt with spaghetti or off-the-shoulder tops, opt for a skirt that is not too short.

During the summer, choose a flowy tank top, tee shirt, sleeveless or a cap sleeve top. If you must wear a jacket, one type that you find to be great is a denim jacket. Bright colors are very suitable in these months. In the winter, pair your skirt with turtle necks, sweaters and cardigans.

Some miniskirts are difficult to pair owing to their mix of colors and adornments. For instance, it is hard to find clothes to pair with a sequin mini skirt in floral prints. If that be the case, consider the overall appearance of the skirt. If it has a blue color as the background, consider that as its colour. Lastly, look around your area to see what types of tops are trending. Use them if they can match well with your skirt.

Mini skirt fashion

Mini skirt fashion

Shoes to Wear with Mini Skirts

The choice of shoes to wear with your miniskirt depends on the look you want to portray. Normally, shoes that are not very showy will go well with short dresses and skirts. Big shoes and tiny skirts bring an unpleasant contrast. The simplest way of choosing a color for your shoes is to match with your top.

Short skirts and high heels can together produce a very sexy outcome. Apart from adding to your height, heels give you extra confidence when wearing shorter skirts or dresses. If you want a more fashionable look, choose patterned or lace-up high heels. If you want more focus on the legs, opt for strappy heels like the wedges.

Kitten heels can pair well with miniskirts. Their delicate-looking nature makes them amazing with tiny outfits. One type of heeled shoes to be careful with is stiletto heels. If you choose to wear them, ensure they are okay with you and the event you want to attend. While heels shoes look nice with a variety of outfits, the highest heels are not necessarily the best. Personal discretion is required in picking what is suitable for the outcome.

Boots are a wonderful pairing with short skirts and dresses, regardless of their height. Knee-high boots are especially useful in the winter. You can wear them flat or high heeled depending on your taste. Skater miniskirts look exceptionally good with tall boots. Riding or combat boots pair well with minis, particularly if you have a small figure to bring a tough appearance.

The best color boots are black and brown because they will go well with many of your mini skirts. In the chilly months, you can layer them with tights or leggings. Mini skirts and ankle boots do not look very good especially with slim ladies. If you have to wear such type of footwear with your mini, you can decide on a toned color in a form-fitting style. Make sure it covers it doesn’t emphasize the narrow part of your ankle.

Flats can look elegant especially if paired with a casual mini. They are stylishly charming and therefore suitable. The best types for a short outfit are the strappy varieties as they put more emphasis the legs. For casual wear, flat sandals like flip-flops create a fabulous look. Casual shoes go well with a skirt with a laid-back style like the denim mini.

How to wear a mini skirt

How to wear a mini skirt

What to Wear With a Black Mini Skirt

The simplest way to wear a black mini skirt is to pair it with a white top like a tank or crop top. Even longer tops like button shirts or tunics may go well for a number of ladies. Shorter tops may be left to hang or tucked in. With this outfit, you can use almost any color shoes, jacket or cardigan if you can avoid color clashing.

When it comes to a miniskirt, there is hardly anything like black from head to toe. The majority of ladies will have a lot of skin color to show even if they added black sunglasses. That is unless you have a very dark skin or you’re wearing black pantyhose. If you want to wear black leggings or tights with this outfit, consider adding some sparkle with shinny jewelry or a colored scarf or belt.

For a bolder look, use a long button cardigan or blazer and add a belt. A dark mini skirt-suit is fashionable especially with a same color belt over the blazer. To add accent, you may wear a belt in another color or expose a bit of your camisole. Nearly all shoe colors will pair well with this outfit.

What to Wear Underneath

The perfect type of underwear to wear with a mini skirt is full back coverage panties. Small undies like G-strings make skirts to get stuck between the cheeks. There is a wide range of underwear styles to choose from. Seamless innerwear items for wearing underneath tight clothes are widely available.

If you like, you may use pettipants, compression shorts or bike shorts to avoid a wardrobe mishap. The two are preferred by many girls as they have the look and feel of wearing no underwear. Nevertheless, they offer comfort and adequate coverage.

For lace and see-through skirts, have your tailor sew a lining inside. But the simplest way is to wear a slip or half slip under your clothing. A slip prevents chaffing and ensures that your outfit hangs out nicely with hardly a chance of creasing. Mini lengths of half slips are available for wearing with short dresses and skirts to deter from showing the silhouette of your thighs.

How to Wear a Mini Skirt with Tights

Tights and leggings are ideal with mini skirts. They keep you warm in the winter as well as allow you to go to many places with short skirts and dresses. Avoid wearing shorter legwear with longer skirts or dresses.

Opaque tights go better with miniskirts than sheer or netted ones. They create a more dignified look especially if they are in neutral colors. Bright or patterned tights and leggings are perfect if you want the focus to remain on the legs.

Sheer and fishnet hosiery are cute for spicing-up an outfit. But only wear them for the flavor and not the coverage. If you would look ridiculous without them, the clothes you are wearing might not be nice on you.

Boots are perfect for a mini skirt with tights outfit. They make the look more stylish and conservative. Wear the same color heeled boots and legwear to create more height.

Though heels with short skirts are considered too much, they are great with leggings or tights. Pair them with a button shirt or tank depending on your errands. For open footwear, opt for footless leggings. Toed tights look outrageous with strappy shoes.

If you want to wear your miniskirt and still be modest, pair with toned tights or leggings and nude shoes. This produces a sexy but conservative outcome. Thin ladies with small hips can pull off a great look with a printed or patterned mini skirt. If you must wear a pencil mini skirt especially if it is stretchy, be sure no bulges are showing. You can correct this by using shapewear.

Need to create height with your short skirt? Wear a high waist skirt. Avoid an extra short skirt as it will produce a dwarfing outcome. Should you want a slimming effect, wear a ruffled or V-neck top. Always bear in mind that being stylish does not mean being offensive.

Look in the mirror before going out and see how others will see you and your clothes. If you don’t look fabulous, do the necessary adjustments and you are good to go. I hope that these ideas will help you in your endeavor of styling your mini skirt.

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yunaida on March 12, 2017:

Positive article

Maina Ndungu (author) from Thika, Kenya on August 23, 2014:


Good for you to acknowledge that what is appropriate for others is not necessarily proper for you. Fashion is about feeling good with what you wear but not emulating others.

Leslie A. Shields from Georgia on August 22, 2014:

I am glad you put the capsule addressing appropriateness in this Hub... We all know who should steer clear of the mini-skirt rack. I saw a picture of a Brazilian great grandma who was sporting a bikini... Seriously, it would have been alright, but girl had entirely toooo many wrinkles, bags and assorted other sagging flesh.... It was not a good sight at all.

I have passed the mini anything stage...

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