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Plus Size Clothes That Flatter Your Body Type

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Want to look thinner in your cloths?

Get to know what looks good on your body type.

Choosing the right clothing for your body type can make you not only look slimmer but make you feel more comfortable in your clothes. So, do you know your body type? Well if not, I have put together some tips to help you find your specific body type, plus some good suggestions on how to choose clothing that will work to make you appear slimmer. It's time just to become antiquated with your body type. Once you know your individual body type, you'll be armed with the necessary knowledge to start choosing appropriate styles. Styles that will flatter your frame, and work to make you appear slimmer. You might be pleased to realize that you too can wear fashionable trends, as well as many fashions that you have previously stayed clear of. So, let's get to the business of figuring out your body type.

Body Types - Which One Is Yours?


Get to know your body type

Hourglass Figure - First of all, identify your body type. Time to stand in front of the mirror, and note the following: Are your hips wide, and bust large? Do you have a small waist? If so you have an hourglass figure.

Boyish Figure - Is your busts and hips equally straight, with little or no waist? Your body type is known as a boyish figure.

Pear Shape - if you are narrow on top, and wide at the hips, you have a pear shape figure.

Apple Figure - Are you wide on top, with narrow hips? This indicates you have an inverted triangle or apple figure.


Learn To Select Clothing That Will Suit Your Body Type Not Your Weight

It's a fact fashion is generally created for women with slim figures and small lean body frames. However, studies have shown that never before has a society been prone to be of larger stature. Being of a larger body stature can leave one with an unhappy feeling about their body image. Many women that wear size 14 and higher find they have a hard time believing that they can look stylish in today's fashions. Some women are left with the innate belief that if they need to wear plus size clothing, they just are not as attractive as women that have a smaller stature. This is simply not true! The fact that a woman feels unattractive before even putting on an item of clothing is sad. That is why I have gathered some great tip for the plus size women. Tips that will help make it easier to choose the right fashions. Fashions that will work with one's individual body type, and work to give a slimmer appearance. These tips will work to help an arm plus size women with some easy rules to help find clothing that will not only make them look slimmer, but feel confident, and beautiful...


Time You Learn To Show Off Your Best Body Features

Let's move on, you now know your body type. Keep in mind your body type will help you in choosing clothes that will make you appear thinner. The best rule when choosing clothes is to always highlight your best assets while downplaying the less positive features of your figure. For example, if you have an hourglass figure, you will want to highlight all those wonderful sexy curves. An hourglass figure, as a rule, will look wonderful in very classic styled clothing. Such as tailored tops, paired with fitted straight legged trousers. This pairing will work to show off that waistline. You get it, highlight your best assets. No matter what body type you are, show off your best body features.


The Right Color And Fabric Will Work Hard To Make You Appear Slimmer

Colors And Fabrics For The Plus Size Women

Plus size women need to know how to choose the right fabrics as well as colors to flatter their particular body type.

Generally, a plus-size woman should choose fabrics that are lightweight or medium in weight. Heavier fabrics tend to add bulk to the frame, making one actually appear larger in stature. It's also smart to avoid fabrics that cling to the body, as they can tend to cling in all the wrong places. Try to pick medium weight knits blends ( as the dress in photo). Medium knit blends will hang better due to the weight, and not cling.

Choose rich colors, darker rich colored clothing has the most slimming effect. When putting together an outfit, choose colors that are also complementary to your skin tone. Try to avoid a lot of contrast, as the contrast effect will tend to break up the line of your body from top to bottom. You need to project a long slimmer look to your frame. The longer the line the taller you'll appear, the taller you appear the slimmer you'll appear.

Check out this fabulous fashion show

Note how this dress shows off this woman's wonderful curves. She has that perfect hourglass figure. Don't try to hide those curves, embrace them.

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The Hourglass Figure

The curvy women need to show off those curves.

Is your body in proportion with wide hips, wide bust, and a pronounced smaller waist? if so you have an hourglass figure. Learn to show off those curves, rule of thumb dictates you try to elongate your silhouette. You can do this with the right color choice, and the right line of clothing.

The most flattering necklines for the hourglass figure is a scooped neck or V neck. These necklines will accentuate, and show off your fabulous bust. Wrap tops and tops with belts are also very flattering on an hourglass figure, bringing attention to that smaller waistline.

When picking fabrics always look for a fabric that is on the sheer side. Lean toward fabrics that are soft, and a bit clingy. The hourglass woman can pull off a clingy fabric. Avoid any fabric that adds weight, such as fabrics that are stiff or bulky.

Stripes such as a vertically striped top can be a good way of elongating your body frame. It's wise to avoid tops and blouses with high necklines, such as turtlenecks. The turtleneck will draw attention away from the waist. Dresses, as well as one-piece outfits, are a good choice for the women with an hourglass figure. A fitted dress is the hourglass figure's best friend. A well-fitted dress will show off all of your curves. However, the keyword is fitted, make sure the dress fits close to your body but does not pull or look overly snug.


A knee high boot can give you the illusion of being taller.

Note how the knee length boots keep that sleek elongated look going in this fashion outfit. Remember to keep the long line working to make you appear slimmer.

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Wonderful Boyish Figure - Don't be afraid of color or a bold print.


A Straight Pant With A Hip Length Jacket Adds Curves


The Boyish Figure

Are you straight up and down, with little or no waist? Your body type is known as a "boyish figure".

Even though you are a plus-size woman you can get away with wearing form-fitted or straight fashions, such as straight leg jeans. Keep in mind the key is the fit. The fit must be form-fitted but never pulling or appearing too tight. Buy jeans that have back pockets. This will give you a backside. Pockets can add a form to your backside region. In the case of skirts, do not wear slim fitting skirts. Choose a skirt with a flair cut, and a bit of a drop waist. This will help you to appear as if you have more of a defined waist than you actually have. The empire waist is a wonderful line for a straight figure woman, it gives the illusion of a curvy waistline. It's also a good idea to wear heels with skirts to give your body a longer look. Jackets are great for a boyish figure, they show off curves. Selecting bold printed fabrics will also add the appearance of curves. When choosing trousers, choose a wide leg. This style will promote a curvy look. In regards to choosing tops, choose tops with drop waists or an empire line. Remember bold prints will work give you a curvier look.


The Pear Body Type

if you are narrow on top with a wide hip, you have a pear shape figure.

The pear-shaped figured woman has a relatively slimmer upper torso and is larger in the hips, waist, and thighs. A pear-shaped woman can also have narrower shoulders as well as smaller a bust line when compared to her waistline. Pear-shaped women should wear clothes that minimize their hips, and thighs. You want to wear designs that will draw the eye up.

Dresses: The pear-shaped woman should choose dresses that draw all attention up top. You need to keep in mind that you hope to show off your great bust, arms, and pretty neckline. Strapless dresses tend to look wonderful on pear-shaped ladies'.Think V neck or better yet try a halter neckline. Halter dresses are fitted on top and will show off all you desire to show off. Dresses with spaghetti straps can make your shoulders appear broader, and help balance out your pear-shaped figure. Another good trick to balance out a pear shape line is to choose dresses that skim over the lower half of the body. A full or A-line skirt can skim nicely over lower curves, without adding bulk where you least want it.

Choose colors that suit your shape. A pear-shaped woman may want to stick to darker colors on the bottom half, and lighter shades up top. This tends to give a look of balance. Another trick to balancing the pear shape figure is to choose a cardigan or shawl in a lighter color, that compliment a dress. This will again draw the eye away from the wider hip area.

Tops and Blouses: When choosing a top you want to remember this rule. Try to create the look of body balance. You will need to choose fashions that will take the eye away from the hips, and draw it to the top half of your body. This is actually easy to do by choosing tops with the right style, and shape. Such as a top with something going on at the neckline. Like a small ruffle or a V neck will do the trick. Choose a fabric with bold designs, and bright colors. There is nothing like a brighter color to keep the eye where you want it to be.

Tops should be well fitted. However never baggy, and it is smart to keep a length that falls at the top of your hips to emphasize your well-defined waistline. Avoid tops and jackets that end at the end of the backside, this length will tend to draw the eye to your larger middle section. The most flattering tops for the pear-shaped body has a length of about three quarters in length, this length will work to effectively cover you're less than flattering butt area. Choose wide necklines like bateau, squared, or cowl necks to show off the neckline and shoulders.


An Apple Body Type - Looks wonderful in this A line


The Apple Figure And Top Heavy Diva

Are you wide on top with narrow hips? This indicates you have an inverted triangle or apple figure.

Chunky clothing, such as bulky sweaters, tops that supply to much fabric around your figure is always a no-no. Also never wear bulky jackets, they tend to add weight to an apple-shaped figure. Instead, gravitate towards v-necks when it comes to necklines. V-necks work for just about anybody type because they elongate one's body, and have a natural slimming effect. Choose a V-neck top in a material that skims over the body. Make your silhouette long and lean with the right choice of fabric, and fit. A-line skirts top that flow over your waistline, classic straight, or slightly flare leg pants all work well on an apple body type.

Choose clothing that skims your frame, stay away from any fashions that cling. Flowing silks and soft cotton, tailored and simple in design will give you a softer silhouette rather than emphasize those extra curves you want to hide.

Choose a dress in a monochromatic or just a single basic color. Perhaps a dress with different shades rather than multi-colors. Different colored top and bottom will cut your body in half. However, monochromes will work to make your figure appear longer. Darker solid tops with small designs can make your body appear slimmer. If you really want a top with some form of a pattern, choose a top with darker color around the midsection, and keep the pattern primarily at the top of the blouse. This will work to bring the eyes towards your bust and face. It will work to divert the eye away from your stomach area. Try to make sure to avoid bold patterns, such as very large checks, and light colors above your waist unless you want to look bigger.

Wear tops with long shirttails and rounded hems, this can work to camouflage the stomach. Tops with V-necks are a good choice because they pull the eye away from your shoulders while accentuating your very best features. Keep in mind you should never show too much cleavage. You do not want to end up with a look that's less than flattering. Instead, choose blouses, and tops with high necklines or thick straps. Another tip wears a cami or tank top with matching jackets. Keep away from baggy tops that have billowy puffy or full sleeves, this type of top will make your shoulders and arms look bigger, so avoid them.

Show off those legs. Choose dresses and skirts in shorter lengths. By doing this you will draw the eye towards your hips and thighs. Shorter meaning from about 1 to 5 inches above the knee, no shorter. An A-line skirt can work to give you an hourglass shape. Find skirts and pants with flat styled fronts, pants, and skirts with back or side closures work well best. Avoid pockets, pleats, and gathers near the waist, because this will add bulk and inches to your stomach area. Buy fabrics such as Chiffon or silk, fabrics that are light and flowing. Fabric such as these makes nice skirts for the Apples figured woman.

Stay away from bottoms that are too tight, also keep clear of skirts that are perfectly straight. The straight line will tend to make you look bigger on top. Try a boot-cut or flared leg pants, and in regards to skirts try an A-line style. The A-line style skirt will work to make you look slimmer. When buying jeans try a boot cut. Bootcut jeans tend to be slimming on an apple figure. The wider leg works at drawing the eye down from the waist, which creates a more balanced look. A darker color denim will naturally make your hips appear smaller.

Dresses for Apple Shaped Women: When choosing an evening dress, choose a drop-waist dress, which hit somewhere around the hip bones, or empire waist dresses which have a raised waistline. Try to find dresses that fit the body well. However, where the fabric of the dress just skims the waistline. This will help create a smaller middle section. Halter neck and puffy sleeved dresses should be avoided as they will only accentuate your upper body, and make it appear larger. Instead, choose a more flattering neckline for a full bust. Try a V-neck or a plunging neckline, these type of necklines will make the body appear less rounded, and give a slimmer look. A fuller skirt will balance out your top-heavy figure. A-line skirts and empire waists can work well by drawing attention to your midsection and away from your heavier top.

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Guestbook Comments

Michele on July 09, 2020:

I am largest in the middle section. Small chest, no hips or but. I do have long legs but large calves. My weight carries in my midsection the most. Very hard to find clothing.

I need business casual but want sharp looking as my new job is now management and I will travel to offices in California, and other big cities.

I am a simple country girl that needs to upscale my wardrobe and I am lost.

Late 40’s with shoulder length blown/blonde hair. Oh, and the round race has arrived.

Lost and confused

Sharlee (author) on June 20, 2019:

Hi Ellie, It sounds like you are an hourglass. Due to your small waist, and the fact that your hips and shoulders sound to be in line. You don't have to have a large bust to have a classic hourglass shape.

Ellie on June 20, 2019:

It's so confusing. My hips are as wide as my thighs, my waist is quite small, but I definitely can't be a pear. I don't need to make my shoulders look wider because they are already wide enough. But then I have a small bust and hourglass figure is always associated with a big bust. Aaah

Sharlee (author) on January 27, 2019:

Chef. Always play up your shoulders, as well as your neckline. V necks are a good choice for a woman with a pyramid body shape. Just think about what will make your top half stand out. Tip - bring attention to your chest and shoulder areas. Wide straps that sit near the edge of the shoulder., V neckline, ruffles, scarfs. Color blocks that have bright colors. Black and white tops are also a good color choice.

Chef on January 26, 2019:

I am “kind of” pear shape, but . . . No waistline! Really more like a pyramid. I NEED SERIOUS FASHION ADVICE HELP! Really, PYRAMID SHAPE, sad but true. This shape is never addressed.

Sharlee (author) on August 12, 2018:

So true... Thank you for commenting.

GB Qerreti on August 11, 2018:

Real beauty starts from loving yourself. :)

KerryLou on January 06, 2015:

I'm an oval shape

ShoeRack on January 06, 2014:

It's a fact, fashion is generally created for slim women, with small lean body.

Modzed on August 13, 2012:

A lot of ideas I've got.. Thank you for posting this lens.. Nice!

Annette_corie on July 01, 2012:

Getting conscious about your unattractive bulges? Learn from this author the best type of clothes to wear that can make you appear slimmer.

babysatin on June 01, 2012:

thank's for your tips.

Annette_corie on May 10, 2012:

Fashion Tips For women it is the good idea and it is the one of the method of good looking

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