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ThermaCell Compact Curling Iron


A woman can't be without a curling iron when traveling; even camping! A cordless curling iron is just what you need. No plugin needed, its cordless! Sometimes there aren't plugins to use while on your trips so a cordless curling iron comes in handy to style your hair.

When I was in the Academy we traveled on a bus for our choir trips. Many times we had to get ready on the bus. We'd have to fix our hair so it looked somewhat decent. A cordless curling did the trick of fixing the flatness into cute curls for our programs. When I first received this as a gift I had a few doubts it wouldn't hold up to a good heat for curling but it proved me wrong. It heated up very nicely and worked great for styling my hair. It runs on a butane gas cartridge. I remember when I first turned it on waiting for it to heat up. It didn't take long at all to my surprise. I took a piece of my hair and wound it up into the iron. Waited a bit and took it out. I had a nice curl. I was really glad to have gotten it for a gift. It was such handy dandy travel gadget that I never wanted to be without it again. Mine came with a protective cap and a brush which was nice. The brush slid on an off very easily. I liked that it was versatile from the straight to the brush.

Even later in years now when I travel I still continue to take it with me. I still have the same one from back then in Academy. It's held up a long time for me; very durable! I still love the ease of styling my hair with it.

Specs about the curling iron

  • Compact
  • No plugin required
  • No batteries
  • Use's a butane gas cartridge
  • Comes with a case
  • Pink!

The butane gas cartridge's are called ThermaCell. It heat's up to a nice warm temperature for curling your hair. The cartridge's last quite a long time. I always took a few refills along on choir trips since my curling iron made the rounds to other girls as well. It packs nicely in your suitcase, travel case or slip it into your purse.

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Reviews by Others

First review is pretty cute in how she explains about the curling iron. The second is about a cordless straightener iron. I've used a straightener a few times but didn't know there was a cordless one. Good to know what is out there that you might need to get to take on your trip especially something cordless!

What do you think of a cordless curling iron?

Angela F from Seattle, WA on April 15, 2014:

Probably wouldn't take it camping, but a cordless curling iron would be so handy in so many other situations!

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