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Taoist Handmade Soap UK Review - Advanced Skin Detox and Renewal


Introduction on how I found the Taoist Handmade Soap, and my new diet regime

Having my own skin and scalp conditions which caused hair thinning amongst other problems in my life, I have always searched for products that could help with these conditions (especially scalp inflammation).

I had tried Jojoba oil which helped a little, but in the oil category, Emu oil helped me more than any other kind of oil I have ever used - but nothing ever cleared my issues.

I later met an eastern doctor during my travels to Korea, who told me about healing illnesses, and said the importance of targeting the mind body and spirit together to create a perfect cure for any disease or condition one might have; he further explained that the mind stands for your thoughts, your expectations and how you think about situations that happen in your life (for example, do you have a victim mentality?), and then explained the body aspect stood for the food intake, as well as physical exercise (aerobic and anaerobic).

I was fascinated about the idea of approaching healing in such a way - so asked him to form a healing regime for me; of course we didn't have time as this all happened in the hotel lounge, so he recommended I change my diet to red meat and spinach for 2 weeks, and after that, rebalance it with the normal foods I eat, and to avoid fried foods.

I have been doing that which helped my hair falling out; but the inflammation was there - and then I remembered I still did not buy the last item on the list, which was the Taoist soap; I figured I might as well, since his previous recommendation was so effective.

The Taoist handmade soap is a special soap made from rare and hard to get ingredients - it is exclusively sold by their developers ( This is my review on using the Taoist handmade soap.

Detailed Review and experience with the Taoist Handmade Soap

Along with the best practices on how I used it

After receiving my very expensive handmade soap, probably the most expensive I have ever bought, I was surprised at how yummy it smelled - not like the traditional handmade soaps with essential oils flooded to perfume the soap, it smells more like home, very earthy and just delicious.

I was instructed the best use for my condition (scalp inflammation and hair thinning) is to use it once two or three times a week, and to avoid mixing it with other shampoos, especially hair growth shampoos as they may counteract the medicinal effects of the soap.

To apply the soap I rubbed it on my hands first, and then massaged it into my scalp problem areas first, and I allowed it to stay there for about 5 minutes; I was told up to a minute is fine, but I was very keen and excited to allow it to absorb and do its magic.

After rinsing my hair, it felt squeaky clean! I dried my hair with my towel and allowed the remaining dampness to dry from the natural warm air coming from my window - I was so pleasantly surprised that my scalp was already feeling better; by that I mean, the rashy and hurting parts (hurts upon touching, inflamed areas) stopped hurting at all, even to pressured touch.

This experience was very encouraging, and over a period of 4 weeks, I used the soap in the same way, letting it sit in my scalp for 2-3 minutes every 2 days - since using the soap, I have only ever had one outburst of scalp inflammation, and I think that was my fault, as the night before, I had way too much cake! (The guy I met told me that sugar will increase inflammation, so to avoid it for a long period of time before re-introducing it back in lesser amounts).

About 2 months later, I don't think I even need to use the soap again - I use it only once a week when I feel like my hair is falling, or scalp is hurting from the inflammation; otherwise I use my normal Herbal shampoo.

I would recommend giving this soap a try, but I would say that if you want permanent results on any kind of condition, you need to look at your unique body type, as each body physiology is different, and hormones release at different stress levels and food intakes; which all matter when trying to resolve and heal from any kind of condition.

I hope you found this review helpful and that you will benefit from it as much as I did from the man who told me - till this day, I still don't know his name, but I am so happy I had broken out of my comfort zone to speak to him.

The Soap - Details on the Taoist Soap


Taoist Soap Ingredients

The Taoist Soap is made from various ingredients, the main one being virgin earth which has unique properties, similar to the mud of the dead sea, but 10,000 times more powerful - the reason for this is the area this is harvested in, is the only place on the planet, that actually has earth with such properties at this level.

The other ingredients of 40 Daoist herbs which are not listed in western or even Chinese medical books, as they are not discovered due to the fact they are only available in certain regions of Korea - this is not widely known, but locally, these herbs are used on a daily basis as raw ingredients or for food and other topical mixtures, usually within traditional Korean medicine.

Please note, the picture shown is not one of the herbs, but of a known herb called Rieshi - but since it is a daoist herb, I thought I would upload it to show what kind of herbs they have.

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Using the Taoist Soap for Hair

As one of the treatments the Taoist soap can be used for, hair growth and maintenance of the hair - using the soap for this purpose is a great investment in your looks - as this not only maintains the present health condition of your hair follicles, but also reverses biological aging due to oxidization.

The minimum use of the Taoist soap is at least once a week, although I personally have used it once every couple of weeks with maintained success, but you need to be in tune with your body's responses to be able to sense this - not everyone is in-tune, so it is best to follow at least once a week plan.

Will using the Taoist Soap be enough for Hair Re-Growth?

This question gets asked a lot so I thought I should include it in this - there actually is no short answer to this - because it depends greatly on each individual - this applies to all medicine, external or internal.

Some people are more damaged, some are less - some need to do more to get the same results - but the point one must understand, that results are possible for everyone, it just depends on how much effort is one willing to put in.

I know a guy who did 5 mile runs 3 times a week, scalp massaged 20 minutes a day, had a glass of wine once a week (unclogs capillaries if taken only 1-2 glasses red wine) and changed their diet completely to start seeing results.

So my answer is - do everything you can, to get your results. The point is, you will get results if you really want them. We always get let down by reading any negative reviews, but its important to understand that the mind seems to prefer looking at the negative than the positive (actual scientific research!) - so we have to make the extra effort to keep positive and build our intention to get our results.

Real Taoist Soap Versus Fake

There are a lot of replica Taoist soap out there - please make sure if you are purchasing that you are only doing so from the official website (there are only 2 websites that sell the authentic Taoist soap).

Please look at the picture below - and the right hand side is the real Taoist soap - the other one is a replica.

Newest Version Taoist Soap Released! (2016 January)

Please see updated version of the Taoist soap below - as there is only one version of this soap, and this should start being distributed in 2016 onwards (so far).

The New soap has no copies of it, all orders now will be of this soap (last picture at the bottom).

 (Picture Above of Single soap) Newest Version of Original Taoist Soap 2016 onwards so far. There are no more fake versions of this currently reported .

(Picture Above of Single soap) Newest Version of Original Taoist Soap 2016 onwards so far. There are no more fake versions of this currently reported .


Sherry on January 08, 2020:

Did you find your actual hair felt different after washing with taoist soap?

My scalp feels great but my hair feels like straw and looks "dusty", im wondering if I'm doing something wrong.

DanielDorge (author) on October 16, 2016:

Totally agree, Ursla. Any natural healing method requires a bunch of things to be done, such as scalp massage, oiling, clean diet (sugar free) and whatever else you can do to help with increasing circulation and detoxifying.

Ursla Jenny on October 16, 2016:

This is a lovely product, but if you are trying to help with better hair growth, you should have a full regime instead of relying on one thing to help hair growth.

DanielDorge (author) on April 07, 2014:

updated the article

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