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Steampunk Fashion and Women

Women of Steampunk

Steampunk is growing in popularity, and the ladies, just like in the fantasy genre, have been increasingly embracing the lifestyle and theme, expressing it via fashion in a variety of unique and compelling ways.

With that in mind, I've gathered together a number of photos of the many ways women like to make a fashion statement through Steampunk clothing, providing a wide variety of looks.

One of the more popular ways to express their inner Steampunk is to do it at the "Con" events around the world, where they fit in with many of the other fans of various science fiction and fantasy genres.

As in much of the Gothic lifestyle and focus, there can be combinations of a number of elements in fashion, such as punk, Gothic and Steampunk, among others.

Even so, in Steampunk, there is no doubt Victorian influence is the foundation of the fashion, and while in some cases it's not there, the majority of those wanting to be identified as Steampunk adherents definitely include it as part of their wardrobe statement.

Steampunk Fashion

This first photo of a woman dressed in Steampunk fashion is very busy, and includes numerous elements. You can see the foundation of the Victorian style and the Steampunk goggles, but there are many other parts of her outfit displayed. The jacket is cute, and that lace at the bottom is very different. Interesting choices.


Victorian Steampunk Outfit

Below is a fascinating combination of Victorian and Steampunk fashion. It's pretty outrageous because of how demonstrative the gadgets included are. Pretty bold and interesting combination. Steampunk, for those not in the know, is related to a time when everything was run by steam; or at least in the fictional sense. That's the reason for Victorian being included as part of the fashion theme, as well as the variety of gadgets.


Steampunk Women

To give you an idea of how easy it is to create the Steampunk look, take a gander below. Just find some Victorian clothing and hold some type of gadget you don't have to try to explain. I really like the plume and purple of the outfit.

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Steampunk Circus Woman

What's interesting about the choice of Steampunk outfit below is there isn't much to identify her as Steampunk, other than the corset. The hat, probably more than anything, tips off her Steampunk identity, as there isn't anything in the way of gadgets to immediately know the fashion statement being made.


Two Steampunk Women

These two women are at a "Con" event, and showing off their enjoyment of the Steampunk look. The one on the right, with that burnt fan, appears to have just completed an experiment before showing up for the festivities. Notice the gun and little contraption in the hands of the ladies to confirm their Steampunk theme.


Loud Steampunk Outfit

This is a very cool Steampunk look. The combination of red and black, along with the feminine frills are great. Those pads on her legs look cool. I think they're the protection worn by hockey players. Nice. The gun shows this isn't a lady to mess with.


As you can see, Steampunk offers up all sorts of ways to create fashionable fun for the ladies, and they are definitely creative in their choices. Just find some Victorian items and then build out from there with any type of look and feel you want. To be sure everyone knows what it is you're trying to portray, simply add some type of gadget and you'll do fine.


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