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Statue of Liberty Tattoo Designs and Meanings

Statue of Liberty

The Statue of Liberty was a gift from the nation of France to the United States, although the United States actually built the base which holds the statue itself, while France built the statue.

Its design is based upon the the Roman goddess of freedom, Libertas, and was meant to portray that America was a shining light to the world. In French the words mean "Liberty Enlightening the World."

The Statue of Liberty has been a symbol for freedom for those around the world, and has captured the imaginations of immigrants arriving on shores of the country for many years. It was officially dedicated on October 28, 1886.

All of this symbolism of freedom has also been a source of inspiration for many artists, and by extension - tattoo artists - who provide a number of different looks at the Statue of Liberty as body ink.

Statue of Liberty Tattoo Designs

Because the Statue of Liberty is held in such high esteem by so many Americans, it is, for the most part, depicted as it is, although some people desire some other freedom symbols to be included with the overall design at times.

For example, some include a flying eagle with the Statue of Liberty, while others include it as part of the skyline of New York City ... although I don't think many people think of that as a symbol of freedom any longer. But it's the placement of the Statue of Liberty that is meaningful in that regard.

Other designs include the head of Liberty, a flag wrapped around the Statue, and some with the full image of the Statue. Some are done in color and others in dark ink.

From an informal survey of hundreds of Statue of Liberty tattoo placements, I would say well over 90 percent or more were inked on the shoulder, arm or leg.

That seems to imply it's something that the bearer of the tattoo wanted to be displayed where it could be easily seen.

Statue of Liberty Tattoo and New York Skyline and Bridge

The Statue of Liberty and New York City are connected to one another, and having a tattoo of the city skyline with the bridge in front of it and the Statue of Liberty in the background is a terrific tattoo design.

I like the way the tattoo appears to have depth, with the Statue of Liberty appearing far off in the distance, as if you're getting your first glance at it.

The lines and ink used for the design are simple but effective, making for a compelling image.


Statue of Liberty Tattoo Wrapped in Flag

Here we have a good example of a secondary symbol of American and freedom used in conjunction with the Statue of Liberty to bring home the point even harder, and that is the inclusion of the American flag with Lady Liberty.

It's powerful because wrapping the flag around a person or object is one of the most passionate expressions of love of freedom and America. It's a very powerful tattoo design, one that generates a lot of emotion and response.

Statue of Liberty Tattoo


Tattoo of Head of Statue of Liberty

I really like this tattoo of the head of the Statue of Liberty, as the shadowing was done in a manner which helps to see very clearly the features of the statue, projecting a sense of awe in the design.

For those of you whom may have done a wood cut before, this reminds you of how the end result is when done correctly.

The use of dark ink in this design was an excellent choice, as it really stands out nicely from the skin canvass used. Including the cloud behind the head was also a fantastic touch, giving the sense of majesty as the head is seen as reaching the heights.

Statue of Liberty Tattoo on Shoulder

Green Statue of Liberty Tattoo

The real Statue of Liberty has a green hue to it, so this depiction of the symbol of freedom is fairly close, although it's a slightly darker green than the actual color of the statue.

That really doesn't matter much, as most people won't know when they view the green tattoo that it is off color from the original, unless they may live right in the city and see it on a daily basis.

It's a good looking tattoo, topped off nicely by the inclusion of the burning torch.

Statue of Liberty Tattoo on Leg

Black Ink Statue of Liberty Tattoo

Dark ink for almost all tattoo designs is by far my favorite, and that's true with tattoo designs based upon the Statue of Liberty.

As can be seen in the photo below, the dark ink helps to accentuate the detail of most objects, people, or other living things extremely well for body art, especially with lighter skinned people.

But the one thing, in the case of the Statue of Liberty that must be different, is the torch itself, which in the majority of tattoo designs is lit up with the color of a flame - usually with yellow being the predominate color.

Statue of Liberty Tattoo on Calf

Tattoo of Statue of Liberty Head and Bald Eagle

This final tattoo of the Statue of Liberty includes another powerful American symbol of freedom -this one of a bald eagle.

The eagle is shown as flying high in the sky with its very keen eyes surveying all that is around it. Symbolically, it's a reference to soaring free above the bounds of the earth, searching out the country to be sure freedom continues to be one of the foundations of the life lived in America.

Unfortunately that freedom is diminishing, but having some permanent ink on the body of symbols of American freedom can remind us all that we need to remain vigilant as forces aimed at taking away our freedoms grow.

A tattoo of the Statue of Liberty is one way of reminding us of that need.

Statue of Liberty and Eagle Tattoo

Statue of Liberty Tattoo Designs

Statue of Liberty tattoos are an awesome choice for those wanting to convey the freedom message, reminding everyone of the responsibility that comes with it.

Only if we're vigilant and watchful will be able to hold onto our freedom, otherwise the shining light will become only a shadow of its former self, possibly ending one of the grandest experiments in human history.

While tattoos of symbolic freedom may not seem like much, it is one way that freedom-loving people can strike back at the darkness trying to quench the light.

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