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Start This New Year With The Most Stylish Eyewear Trends of All Time

I am Harsh, a laboratory technician and eyewear expert with more than 23 years of experience in the eyeglasses industry.


New Year is just a few weeks away, and all of you must be preparing a list of resolutions to make positive decisions, try out new stuff and avoid certain things. Sure, it is quite challenging when it comes to inculcating certain changes to your life unless you are determined enough to bring out the best version of yourself.

You are always on top to try out the newest of the trends and when 2022 is almost here, we are pretty sure you must be well aware of next year's collections, styles, and looks. Then how are you missing out on the coolest accessory? Glasses have been a part of your lives for quite a long time now. They have smartly transformed into a must-have accessory that accentuates your whole look and complements your facial features.

Along with bringing positive changes to your life, let’s check out the trendy glasses that bring out the best of your looks.

  • Round sunglasses - Embracing the warm sunny lights must be your favourite thing to do in 2022. Why so? These super light and retro-looking sunglasses are screaming 'style statement'. These sunglasses are gaining popularity beyond the bars, and many celebrities from Tom Holland to Johnny Depp are going with retro sunny round glasses.

Its whole minimalist look and smooth ends are what make it popular among other sets of sunglasses. Even if you are planning on an official meeting or for an eventful date these sunglasses have sworn to be at their best for every outfit. These round sunglasses should be on the top of your list for trendy glasses in 2022.

  • Oval glasses - Women are going gaga over these trendy oval glasses, which are on the rise. These glasses due to their unique design are pretty hard to pull off, but once you pair them with your best outfit they will help to slay your day.
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These glasses are best suited for oval face shape; oval glasses made for oval face shape is a combination made in oval heaven. You can get your prescription glasses not just limited to a certain style. Treat yourself to multiple shapes and styles that will go perfectly with every outfit. Its oddly designed style and elongated shape; are what make it unique.

  • Rectangular sunglasses - Rectangular sunglasses are one of the top trendy sunglasses for 2022. The saviour of people with angular face shapes is here; these rectangle sunglasses are a must-have for the next vibrant seasons.

These glasses have broader sides and are shorter in height, making them a sleek design fit for complementing all your facial features. There are an nth number of styles and trends available online, and you have to choose from an ocean of stylish glasses. Sure, it’s a daunting task, but once you pick out the fresh bunch of trendy glasses, you will be proud of your new year, new look.

  • Square glasses - Did you just read oversized and geeky glasses of all time? Long gone are the days where you are judged based on your glasses. Wearing glasses is no more uncool, and in fact, giving yourself a geeky and studious look is all you need this new year. If you look sharp, smart, and geeky in your new glasses, then you will automatically get into the umbrella of coolness.

Sharp edges and oversized looks, square glasses are winning hearts. If you have a perfectly round face, then worry not, these perfect sets of square glasses with sharp edges are a perfect fit for you.

  • Vintage glasses - Everyone loves to have a retro style statement when it comes to clothing and accessories. Next year is all about being bold and vintage with vibrant tones, and sure it might sound offbeat, but trust me it is what is taking up the trend for next year.

Our good round glasses, 60s cat eyeglasses, or even triangle glasses are on top of the trend, and not just that, they are available in vibrant colours. As funky colours are something that is not supposed to be matched or paired with certain outfits, these vintage glasses have become a statement in themselves, and your clothes and other accessories must be top-notch to beat these glasses for their looks.

So next year, your prescription glasses will be screaming out the style statement, and the availability of glasses online has made the customer purchasing experience thrilling and effortless.

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