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Skull Wearing Hat Tattoo Designs

Skull Hat Tattoos

Tattoos of skulls wearing hats are awesome, and include a little bit of everything in the way of hats, including cowboy hats, top hats, jester and baseball hats.

But it doesn't end there. While wearing a variety of hats, the skulls, for the most part, aren't just left alone wearing a hat, but usually have some ancillary elements included with them to complete the look.

Some skulls are shown smoking cigars; others wearing an LA Dodgers hat; there is a skull wearing a cowboy hat with a bandanna around his neck; and another with a monocle and dice on either side of him, suggesting he lost the role of the dice. We'll look at those in a moment.

It's hard to believe there can be so many ways to take a simple theme like skull and translate it into a wide variety of looks. But that's what tattoo artists have done, allowing for those searching for a unique tattoo design to be able to incorporate more than one element into the theme.

Skull Tattoo Designs

While I already mentioned the different things you can do to enhance a skull and turn it into a compound theme, a secondary, but just as important aspect is, the disparate ways of designing the eyes of the skulls to give the appearance of unique facial expressions.

Every skull tattoo design here has a different look on its face as a result, and it's something to look closely at if you're contemplating a skull tattoo, as the eyes, along with the accompanying subject matter, make the entire look and success of the image.

Skull with Cowboy Hat Tattoo

Seeing my primary focus in writing is western, we'll start our look at skull tattoo hats with one that includes a cowboy hat.

This tattoo has a lot of humor in it, especially with the look of the eyes and mouth of the skull appearing to be either laughing, or saying "howdy" to someone that just errantly ran into him.

It appears this guy was a former Texas Ranger, as evidenced by the hat; possibly one who met his demise trying to apprehend a suspect, or one who quietly went to the grave in old age. Either way, he doesn't seem to be going through any regrets in the after life.

The bandanna of the American flag wrapped around his neck is also very cool.

This is actually a very well-done piece of art, with a great hat and quality skull.


Skull Tattoos with a Top Hat

The top hat was without a doubt the most popular hat sitting on top of the head of a skull in a tattoo design. There's a good reason for that - they look fantastic.

As you can see with the first design, the skull is relatively benign and relaxed in comparison to the second one, who has all sorts of things going on with it. The first one appears to be more serious when taking into account the design of the eyes, as well as the more dapper and refined look of his hat; all shiny and not a spot on it.

Although I'm not sure of the meaning, there are also a star and a heart on either side of the skull.

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Concerning the second skull, you can see this guy used to be a player, and by the current actions, still thinks he is. You can see from the various elements in the design that he was a gambler, and that eight ball in the eye socket is very cool looking, as is the monocle over the other.

Also awesome is the tattered hat with the feather and the cigar being puffed on in his mouth.

Did you notice the hair and the bloodstains dripping down the skull? You get the feeling this guy didn't die too long ago, and he died loving what he was doing.


Skull with LA Dodgers Cap and Truck

The meaning of this skull tattoo with the LA Dodgers baseball cap eludes me. I'm assuming the truck below it is related to the skull, although I could be wrong. If anyone knows what this represents, leave a comment below.

As for the design of the skull and cap, it is really cool, and interesting in that the bottom part of the jaw was left off, with only the top half showing, presenting a more scary and ominous look to the skull.

Also altering the look of the skull was the inclusion of an eye in one socket, while the second socket was left empty. It really adds to it.

The truck below it is awesome as well, with wonderful shadow and shading to create a super effect. Altogether it's a great set of tattoos.

Skull with Baseball Cap

Now we go the opposite direction with a more fun loving looking skull, also smoking a cigar and appearing to be enjoying himself immensely.

This cartoonish-looking skull is hilarious, and the shape of the skull gives a nod towards being Asian. I believe that's Korean written below the skull, presenting the probability that that it is a Korean who passed on happily, possibly in the midst of watching a baseball game.

Skull Hat Tattoo Designs

That was a great bunch of skull hat tattoo designs, with a little for everyone's tastes. It shows how you can take one theme and add other elements and subtle differences to the design to create a completely different look and feel.

Remember if you're contemplating getting a skull tattoo design - with or without a hat - that you should pay close attention to the design of the eye sockets, as that sets the mood for the overall tattoo.

And if you're thinking of getting some skull ink, you should think about including a hat or cap of some sort, it really adds some character to the subject matter.

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