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Seven Style Symbols of the Early 1960s

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Mary is someone who doesn't believe any previous era was "better" overall, big picture -- but stylistically speaking, a case could be made!

The iconic Jean Seberg

The iconic Jean Seberg

A Fabulous Era for Fashion and Style

Between the buttoned-up Father Knows Best 1950s and the beard-and-bell-bottom 1970s was an incredible decade for fashion: the Sixties. It was one of the most exciting, diverse times in style history: Contrast Jackie O's neat pillbox hats circa 1961 with Janis Joplin's headscarves, beads & feathers in the latter part of the decade.

I find all of it fascinating and fun, but I think my favorite part is the early 1960s. Fashion in the early 1960s clearly marked a transitional period. In that period, style--like music--retained some classic or traditional influences while hinting at the revolutionary changes to come.

Here, some key elements of early 1960s fashion, modeled by the era's coolest fashion icons.

[Above: Seberg stripes in Jean-Luc Godard’s film A bout de souffle (Breathless), 1960]

1. Pixie Cuts for Women


Jean Seberg (at top of the page) rocked this close-cropped hairstyle in Jean-Luc Godard's famous new wave French film A Bout de Souffle (Breathless), released in 1960. Audrey Hepburn was arguably the most famous pixie pusher. Icons like Twiggy and Mia Farrow took the cut into the later '60s, proving this look had legs. It's not for everyone (I could never wear it as an adult, although I had this cut for about 15 minutes back in 1969, at age 3!). But when it works, it works. The fact that pixie cut Emma Watson is, even now, a stone-cold hair icon is testament to the staying power of this style, over and above beehive hair and other more flamboyant 60s symbols. Bonus: Keep up with the frequent trims needed and there should be very little other maintenance to worry about. The Jean Seberg 'do is a giant among sixties hairstyles. And Seberg style Breton stripes, neckerchiefs and tailored 60s dresses are a perfect match for this pixie cut. (Not content with style stardom, Jean Seberg was a compelling activist as well.) Interestingly, Twiggy said the pixie cut didn't appeal to her, but she went along with a hairdresser's plan out of shyness.


2. The Tailored Suit

In the early 1960s, every well-dressed woman wanted to look like Jackie Kennedy, pictured here during her tenure as First Lady (1961-63). Jackie Kennedy style moments must have delighted fashion lovers on a continuous basis, even before Instagram and People mag. To achieve true Jackie Kennedy style, one needed a suit--preferably a pastel one with a short, boxy jacket and oversized buttons. Check out Vogue covers from, say, 1963, for a look at how prominent these soft-colored suits were, along with patterned (checks!) and textured ones. Meanwhile, in the men's fashion world, the Beatles were rock'n'role models in their skinny, mod-ish matching suits. Thanks to the suit trend, early 60s fashion was a fairly buttoned-up affair, especially compared to the later part of the decade. And this was true even for very young gals. Hunting for cute 60s style dresses, I browsed some old American Bandstand episodes on YouTube and was surprised to see just as many suits as dresses and skirt-and-sweater combos on the dancing teens.


3. Bangs


Early '60s French pop singer Francoise Hardy was a vision in streamlined style: boy-cut trousers with little sweaters, boots, jackets...a look that would go on to influence designers like Nicolas Ghesquiere -- who called her "the very essence of French style" -- decades later and to aesthetically (and otherwise) inspire much better-known musicians like Bob Dylan and Mick Jagger. And this mod fashion star's iconic, eyebrow-grazing 1960s bangs still hang like a hipster flag on millions of young and young-at-heart women. While Hardy wore them as part of a low-key style that might not stand out in any coffee shop today, the beehive -- a more dramatic look, reportedly invented in 1960 by an Illinois hairstylist -- also looked fabulous with bangs, especially on stylish pop sensations like the Ronettes. Another Euro icon in bangs was new wave French film star Anna Karina, director Godard's wife and professional collaborator for 8 films in the early to mid '60s.


4. Cropped Pants for Women


If a capri pants hater club sprung up, I'd join, but I have to admit, cropped trousers -- sometimes referred to as pedal pushers, which apparently are longer in inseam than "clamdiggers" -- can look good on a select group of women (alas, myself not included). Basically you've gotta channel the young Mary Tyler Moore--in attitude, at least, and bonus points if you've also got the physique (old Dick Van Dyke Show episodes -- available via Hulu, Amazon Prime and some other streaming services -- from the season's first few years are excellent sources for early sixties fashion inspiration); keep the cut fitted thru the leg; and take the crop closer to the ankle than the knee. In terms of ubiquity, browsing through early 1960s American Bandstand episodes has led me to believe trousers never came close to overtaking skirts, and the early '60s shows a transition from full 1950s skirts to a much more straighter style -- sort of the skirt equivalent of the straight, tailored pant. If the wry Mary Quant quote "A woman is as young as her knees" resonates with you, this trouser style is a great alternative for channeling early '60s fashion throughout the ages and stages of life. If cropped pants appeal, try ankle pants for a look that, it turns out, might be timeless.


5. The Miniskirt


Arguably the best known symbol of 1960s style is the Mary Quant mini skirt. There's some debate about whether London designer Quant really invented the style (some say it was modernist-minded French designer Andre Courreges), although she does appear to have named it -- after her favorite car, the Mini. (Mary Quant was a fascinating fashion figure whose career actually began in the 1950s -- for more on her story and road to success, check out this interview from the "Dressed" fashion podcast.) Whatever its genesis, the miniskirt got a big boost from model Jean Shrimpton, who made waves at the '65 Melbourne Cup Carnival (above) in a shift-style minidress that would soon be ubiquitous. (Tip for fans of the model: the 2012 film We'll Take Manhattan depicts photographer David Bailey's extramarital affair with Shrimpton and a 1962 Vogue shoot the pair did together in NYC.)

6. Ballet Flats

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Like all fans of cute but comfy shoes, I owe a staggering debt of gratitude to Audrey Hepburn, who helped popularize the ballet flat. Still going strong after all these years, it's a wardrobe staple for fashion-inclined females of all ages. Of all the trends on this page, this one is probably the easiest to incorporate in your modern wardrobe. Try leg-elongating pointed toe flats by Vionic -- a brand known for employing comfort technology unknown back in the 1960s -- in this tortoise pattern that goes with everything (even other animal prints; go ahead and mix them!) and adds a retro flair but will never go out of style.

(image copyright Capitol Pictures CAP/PLF)

7. The Bikini


Gotta end with a bang, right?? Although it was invented way back in 1946, the bikini really took off with the release of Beach Party, starring Frankie Avalon and Annette Funicello, in 1963. The scandalous suit also got tons of publicity from young bombshell Brigitte Bardot, who used it more or less as a uniform on St. Tropez. Bardot's style was in some ways was the polar opposite of Francoise Hardy's lanky almost-androgyny, but that's the cool thing about the early 1960s: It was an era of diverging aesthetics, beautifully balanced.

Look the Part


Fashion Design: Keeping the Early 60s Alive

Arguably the top torch-bearer for early sixties style in the early aughts is New Girl's Zooey Deschanel, who sported much of her mod-nautical design collaboration with Tommy Hilfiger in an episode of that show. (Much more successful product placement than the bizarre Prince episode, IMHO.)

Today, you can find 60s style dresses from USA made clothing designer Eva Franco, who consistently draws inspiration from bygone-era Hollywood glamour. Her 50s-inspired flared skirts are a signature, but she showcases early 60s influences charmingly, too, with shift dresses and other cute pieces.

Doubt the lasting inspirational value of sixties fashion? In my mind it's no coincidence that a robust current shopping site for vintage clothing is called Shrimpton Couture.

Below, a helpful fashion history video describing the differences between early '60s fashion and styles popularized in the mid and late '60s. Its commentator places some of the early '60s fashion trends I've listed on this page -- bangs, miniskirts -- more in the mid 1960s era, but I think that's because she's splitting the decade into three parts, rather than two-part perspective I took. Enjoy!

Early 1960s Fashion vs Mid 1960s, Late 1960s

"Mad" for Sixties Style


People showcased the "huge" fashion impact of AMC's Mad Men--set in the early '60s--in its September 28 '09 issue. Banana Republic even launched a Mad Men clothing line and corresponding ad campaign. Wasp-waisted, full-skirted dresses--like the one on actress January Jones, at right--were a super-feminine flipside to the streamlined sheaths also big at the time.

Early 1960s Style Comes to Late Night

One of the most fun style-channeling moments of recent years was when K-pop juggernaut band BTS transformed into the Beatles circa 1964, recreating the Fab Four's Ed Sullivan appearance, on modern late-night TV via The Late Show With Stephen Colbert in 2019.

Carey On

Carey Mulligan won an Oscar nom for her lead role in the 2009 film An Education, set in early 1960s London. As a gifted teen whose road to Oxford University takes a detour when she begins an affair with a man twice her age, Mulligan is a perfect fit for the era's fresh, streamlined styles.

Fashionable "Figures"

The glorious female, African-American NASA mathematicians who helped make America's space program possible finally got the Hollywood treatment they deserved in Hidden Figures, a film set at the Langley Research Center circa 1961. While fashion isn't center stage in this movie, of course, stars Taraji P. Henson and Octavia Spencer sport some excellent examples of the boxy tailored suit.

Too Marvelous for Words

I was thrilled to learn that The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel had been renewed for a season 4, coming in 2022, partly because the plots and subplots are fun and diverting, but mainly because the timeline should take us solidly into early 1960s fashion! Fashion foreshadowing was already present in season 3, set in 1960, with looks like the boxy tailored suit Midge wears in a visit to her family home. While she still sports 50s silhouettes for most of season 3, albeit gorgeous ones, I can't wait to see what the turn of the decade has in store.

Sixties Fashion Queen

The 2020 Netflix series Queen's Gambit brought 1960s style to life in full, messy color through the chess champion protagonist, played by Anya Taylor Joy, who develops a sense of personal style over time. With the storyline beginning in the 1950s and ending in the late '60s, we're able to see the evolution of fashion through her character's wardrobe. Looks #6 through #18 in this ranking of Queen's Gambit outfits showcase the early '60s fashion in particular.

Pedal to the Metal

While not everyone loved her character's development (or lack thereof) in the fun Matt Damon vehicle -- pun intended! -- Ford Vs Ferrari, the movie's setting in 1963 allowed the lovely Catriona Balfe to showcase early 1960s fashion. As the Damon character's wife, Balfe sports several of the style symbols listed here, including well-cut cropped trousers and cute blunt bangs.

Early '60s Fashion: Why So White?

Obviously in real life--streets, homes, schools and workplaces--these elements of early '60s fashion were worn by women of all skin tones and ethnic backgrounds. But that was absolutely not represented in fashion magazines of the era. (Young beauty Dorothea Towles spent five years walking the Paris runways but faced stark discrimination in the fashion world upon returning to her native U.S.) One near-exception in the 1960s was the gorgeous African-American model Donyale Luna (born Peggy Ann Freeman), who really took off in the mid to late 1960s but was "discovered" in 1963 by fashion photographer David McCabe, who was visiting her hometown of Detroit on assignment. She decided to move to New York a year later and in 1965 was featured on the cover of Harper's Bazaar, but only in the form of a sketch that makes her race/ethnicity unclear. (To be fair, her ethnic roots were African-American, European and Native American, so not easily pigeonholed.) In March 1966 she graced the cover of British Vogue--and her career took off from there, paving the way for Naomi Sims in the later '60s and into the 1970s. For more on Donyale Luna, check out this piece by her daughter. And enjoy Zendaya's glorious 2020 tribute to one of the first black supermodels, for Essence magazine. Finally, Donyale Luna is the subject of a very recent two-part, fairly deep dive by the Dressed fashion history podcast--here's part 1 and part 2. (Part of the fun, after you listen, is looking up the amazing photos mentioned, like this one taken in the Moulin Rouge's pool!)

Sources and Further Reading

  • New York's Fashion Institute of Technology offers this brief but helpful timeline of 1960s fashion, using Audrey Hepburn's evolving style as a symbol of the decade's progression from 1950s tailored shapes to late '60s hippie romanticism (honestly she's lovely in every phase, but her pixie cut hair is my favorite) -- and touches on menswear and children's clothing, too.
  • Sarah Jessica Parker narrates the evolution of 1960s fashion in this fun video from Vogue -- including an early '60s fashion element I forgot to include in this article (!): the overtly space-age inspiration of Andre Courreges, Pierre Cardin, Paco Rabanne and other designers as space exploration became a goal for President Kennedy, America and the world.
  • Marie-Claire celebrates the staying power of 1960s fashion in this collection of "game-changing looks we're still into today."
  • For another take on 1960s outfits that have remained relevant, see Elle's slide show of "iconic 60s fashion trends we still love today."
  • Jean Seberg was, per W magazine, the "first American to master French girl fashion." See their photographic evidence here. Her pixie cut is on glorious display in the stills from several films featured.
  • Jean Seberg is also immortalized in Seberg, a 2019 film that garnered mixed reviews but is based on her fascinating activism. (The Seberg film is not as compelling as its real-life source material, some critics argue. Still worth a look for fans of this icon!)
  • Jean Seberg and French New Wave fans will love this comprehensive site
  • If you're seeing Slim Aarons prints everywhere and loving them, check out this 2021 Harper's Bazaar article on early '60s fashion trends that are making a comeback -- complete with a 1964 Slim Aarons photo of kerchief-sporting socialites. (On Slim Aarons, also see this Guardian article, worth reading just for the caption on a Marilyn Monroe photo.)
  • "The Miniskirt Myth" is an intriguing writeup on the real history of this iconic symbol of women's style liberation.
  • If beauty trends are more your thing, check out these suggestions from Byrdie on "How to Wear 1960s Hair in 2021" -- including pixie cuts for women -- or this 1960s makeup timeline from Glamour Daze. This showcase of evolving hair trends through the 1960s (from Jackie Kennedy's flipped bob, Aretha Franklin's beehive hair, Twiggy's pixie cut hair and Vidal Sassoon's sharply geometric style to afros and flowing hippie locks) is also a delight.
  • Fascinated by the beehive haircut from this era? The Guardian published this brief history after Margaret Heldt, its Chicago-based inventor, passed away in 2016 at age 98. Truly an early '60s style symbol, the beehive haircut (or hairdo, technically speaking), made its first appearance in early 1960 and was instantly embraced by celebrities and the broader public. Buoyed by loads of aerosol spray, the 'do was hardly eco-friendly, but those concerns were, unfortunately, on almost nobody's radar 60 years ago.
  • For a look at the top '60s fashion models who showcased the fashion, hair and makeup, see this list (caveat: with the exception of Donyale Luna -- nee Peggy Ann Freeman -- and Naomi Sims, who weren't well known until the late '60s, it's not the most diverse bunch).
  • From white knee high boots (Andre Courreges busted out a white gogo style with his 1964 "Moon Girl" collection) to kitten heels and maryjanes, these shoe trends paired perfectly with 60s style clothing.
  • Several decades might claim to have heralded the first black supermodels, but it's hard to argue with the 1960s. This timeline from Essence includes Donyale Luna, the more widely known Pat Cleveland ("discovered" in 1967) and other early standard-bearers from before and after the Donyale Luna era.
  • While the legendary Biba store didn't open in London until 1964, this podcast interview with Biba designer Barbara Hulanicki is a delightful stroll through a fascinating fashion decade, starting with a mail-order pink gingham shift dress that was absolutely emblematic of early '60s fashion.
  • The same podcast that featured Hulanicki has a great, relevant discussion on Mary Quant too, with Jenny Lister, curator of the 2019-2020 Mary Quant exhibit at the Victoria & Albert Museum.
  • For a recap of new wave French film style icons--including young Bardot, Anna Karina, Jean Seberg and more-- check out this piece from Paste.
  • The Jackie Kennedy style to Jackie O style evolution is a microcosm of 60s fashion. Try this piece from W or this one from Tatler.
  • More tragically, the Jackie Kennedy pink suit is arguably the famous First Lady's best-known outfit, as she was wearing it when her husband was killed. Here's what happened to the suit in the aftermath of this tragedy.
  • Want visuals on how 60s style dresses and suits can be modernized while retaining their essential balance between clean lines and a playful spirit? See this slideshow of Maria Grazia Chiuri's spring/summer 2022 collection for Christian Dior, inspired by the fashion house's 1961 "Slim Look" collection.
  • Mod fashion is back! Explore the latest takes in this W magazine feature
  • "Twiggy Wearing Every 60s Fashion Trend Ever" is promised and more or less delivered by Zeitgeist. Although Twiggy didn't really get rolling as a model until 1966, she saw herself as the successor to Jean Shrimpton, and you can see that in some of her looks. The pixie cut and Twiggy, of course, were a match made in style heaven. For much more Twiggy, check out her (what else, in 2022?) podcast full of fun storytelling.

Brief History of Hemlines: How Do the Sixties Fit In?


Do you incorporate any early '60s style elements into your look? Which do you love? Hate? Who's your favorite icon from the era? Or hey, just say anything ;) Thanks for the visit!

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RoadMonkey on November 02, 2013:

I was a teenager in the 60s but lived away from the swinging towns! And my parents were not set to let 60s fashion reign in their house. My father had a row with my brothers who wanted to have their hair a la Beatles - it wasn't allowed! I would not wear a mini skirt for a long time. it felt too "exposed", but my parents didn't mind us listening to pop music, so Beatles songs got played a lot in the house (on the radio) and in the car. Transistor radios were just coming in for people to be able to listen to the radio outside, no cassette players and no one had ever heard of personal computers and DVDs and CD players. :)

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My favourite icon from this era is Brigitte Bardot. She is the best fashion icon in the world.

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My girlfriend is enamored of a lot of the looks from that time. As a guy, the one thing I can't find from those times are mohair pants. Great lens!!

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Just so you all know, bikinis are actually an ancient invention; there is an ancient mosaic (Greek?) with pictures of girls in bikinis - I saw it on televsion years ago, prrobably a documentary.

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Annbulance2000 on August 23, 2012:

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AJ from Australia on February 29, 2012:

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Mary Norton from Ontario, Canada on October 11, 2011:

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Mary (author) from Chicago area on September 01, 2009:

Judging from your avatar, you look awesome in bangs! I've had 'em on and off in varying lengths, so I guess I'm a "fringe" girl too ;) I remember my older cousins' plaid minis as the pinnacle of glamor...

myraggededge on September 01, 2009:

Had the bangs (we call it a 'fringe') all my life - great for hiding forehead wrinkles! I was a child in the 60s and remember my mother in her minis. She was (and is) so beautiful!

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