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Should You Wear a Bra to Bed?

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Should you wear a bra to bed?

Should you wear a bra to bed?

Should You Wear a Bra to Sleep?

For a long period now, whether you should wear a bra to bed or not has been a highly contested issue. But largely, it’s more a matter of habit, belief and comfort. It is neither useful nor harmful. If you must wear a bra as you go to sleep, it is necessary that it only supports and not pressure your bust.

Many reasons abound as to why some will wear, while others will not dare. Experts advise that only women with bust sizes D and above should wear bras to bed. But even some with small chests may have sore, sensitive busts that can’t stand any form of rubbing no matter how mild. For these reasons, the need arose for bra manufacturers to make special sleep bras. They are tailor-made to support the bust even when one is lying down.

Benefits of Sleeping With a Bra On

Although there are no universal advantages of wearing a bra to bed, some women and girls may find it of great benefit to do so. Following are some benefits of sleeping in a bra:

  1. Wearing a bra to bed is ideal after surgery – bras guard the tender tissues as they cure, preventing infection and tearing as one turns and tosses
  2. Bras offer more support compared to some bra alternatives especially in busty women
  3. Wearing a bra to bed prevents saggy busts from pain
  4. Women who have big busts find it very bothersome to turn in bed if they are braless
  5. If chestts are heavy and saggy, the pull of gravity affects them tremendously even when sleeping or reclining
  6. During periods of rapid growth, like in pregnancy or weight gain, the skin is bound to stretch and give way to sagginess if no support is available
  7. Bras will uphold your decency if you’re living in a shared room or hostel
  8. Wearing a bra to bed will curb chest discomfort to some ladies as it gives a sense of feeling intact and secured
  9. It protects your sensitive glands from rubbing against each other and bed sheets, especially in pregnancy – the resultant friction causes soreness
  10. Increased warmth in cold areas
  11. Increased modesty in places where emergencies are likely to occur – these include security and weather alerts
  12. Sleeping in a bra deters wrinkles

Benefits of Sleeping Without a Bra

Although some women and girls can’t afford to sleep without bras, there are certain disadvantages of wearing a bra at night. These include:

  • Your bras will wear quickly if you habitually sleep in them
  • Being braless gives you a sense of freedom
  • The band may rotate while in bed and make the bra pinch the wrong place
  • The band or straps might ‘cut’ your skin
  • Underwired bras are more likely to irritate your bust when you wear them to bed
  • An ill fitting bra may interfere with the blood circulation – this may lead to fluid accumulation in the chest
  • Some women will wake up with achy and swollen breasts if they wear a bra to bed
  • Breasts might become swollen and engorged
  • Too much pressure to your chest will disconcert you and deter good sleeping
Should you wear a bra to bed while breastfeeding?

Should you wear a bra to bed while breastfeeding?

Should You Wear a Bra to Bed When Breastfeeding?

Nursing mothers will find it hard not to wear a bra at night. Long periods without breastfeeding will make breasts give away milk. This makes beddings and tops get milk stains. One alternative is to place a towel underneath your chest area while sleeping. This however, may not be enough to offer the needed comfort.

Some breastfeeding women will also find that their breasts become sore or swollen if they don’t wear bras to bed. For a good experience, try a nursing, sports, or any other kind of bra that gives you support and maximum freedom. A properly fitting bra is a must. Always avoid tight fitting bras. Stiff, restricting bras can minimize milk flow by clogging milk ducts. This is not good for your baby.

Wearing a good bra when pregnant can be comfortable even in bed

Wearing a good bra when pregnant can be comfortable even in bed

Should You Wear a Bra to Bed When Pregnant?

Wearing a bra to sleep when pregnant is not necessarily required. But the need arises as your breasts become increasingly bigger, heavier and more sensitive. At this juncture, you may find that a good night’s sleep comes with comfortable support, and minimum friction. As the pregnancy progresses, there is the increased risk of milk leakage.

Finding your perfect fit for a bra to sleep in when pregnant is tricky because the breasts change shape and size at an unpredictable rate. Being measured at good intervals is the best option. Avoid wired bras as they may poke your bust and cause unnecessary pain. Maternity bras, sleep bras and maternity crop tops can offer good support and at the same time are comfortable. Ultimately, sleeping with a bra on or off is a matter of convenience, comfort and personal choice.

Why Not to Wear a Bra to Bed

While there is no evidence that wearing a bra to bed has any harmful consequences, there comes a time when not wearing is good choice. Below are points that will indicate that you don’t need to wear your bra to sleep:

  • If you are cup size C and below
  • If sleeping with a bra on makes your breasts become irritated or swollen
  • If using bra alternatives makes you feel more comfortable and well supported
  • If you feel suffocated or pressured when sleeping in a bra
  • If there is a risk of circulatory issues
  • If you feel tied up or chained when you wear bras to sleep
  • If you prefer loose fitting clothing to bed

Should you have any of the above issues, you may find sleeping without a bra will be beneficial to you. You will not suffer any disadvantages and therefore not wearing a bra to bed will not be bad to you.

Whether you are wearing your bra by day or at night, always choose your correct size. As you go to sleep, opt for a bra that is light-weight, comfortable and not stiff. Ultimately, wearing or not wearing a bra to bed is a matter of individual choice and comfort.


Maina Ndungu (author) from Thika, Kenya on March 07, 2019:

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There are such allegations from certain quarters. But They have never been backed by concrete scientific proof

TrinityIvey on March 07, 2019:

My ex stepmom said if you wear a bra to bed you can get brast cancer is that true

Navina on October 30, 2018:

I don't usually wear a bra when going to bed simply because I want to feel comfortable and free. For me while wearing a bra gives good support its also very uncomfortable.

Bra wearer on February 18, 2017:

I like to wear a bars because of I want to feel feminine

Poorvi on March 30, 2016:

I feel much comfortable and relaxed by just opening the hook of my bra & my quite fitted undershirt prevents sagging too :)

mirari on May 21, 2015:

I wear a bra at night for comfort. Without it I feel naked.

Maina Ndungu (author) from Thika, Kenya on February 16, 2015:

Peachpurple, thanks for reading and commenting. Different ladies seem to have a diversity of experiences with the bra, especially when it involves wearing it to sleep. If you feel deeply that you must wear it to bed, I guess you should just go ahead.

peachy from Home Sweet Home on February 06, 2015:

I wear bra ever hour of the day, had to, either i feel naked

Maina Ndungu (author) from Thika, Kenya on January 16, 2015:

Yes Sadstill22,

One reason of wearing a bra to bed is the warmth. But on hot nights, it can become quite uncomfortable.

Annabel from Singapore on June 18, 2014:

yes, i wear bra when i sleep but took it off on hot weather. Can't stand the sweat

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