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Style Guide for Petite and Skinny Women! How To Look Taller and More Beautiful!

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I love fashion! Every woman loves to have a wardrobe that makes them look good. Let's have fun with fashion together.

What's Petite?

If you are under 5 feet 4 inches in the US, then you are considered petite. However, petite and skinny are two completely different concepts. Petite means you are short but not necessarily skinny. You can be petite and have any body shape (curvy, skinny, overweight, and etc). When a woman is both short and skinny, she tends to look younger but less like a full grown woman. This is especially true if you are under 5 feet. This article finds the best styles to elongate and volumize your figure.

High Waist is Your Best Friend!

High waist everything if you can. Pants, skirts, dresses, everything!! When the waistline is higher than it should be, it creates the illusion of long legs. That will instantly elongate your figure. Most skinny girls are often times (not all) flat chested. Empire waist dresses will not only elongate you but create the illusion of bigger busts. This type of dress is the best pick for petite and skinny ladies. Also, don't create any harsh color lines, pick a solid color or monotone clothing to streamline the look.


Go for Short Fitted Blazers and Jackets

When picking out outerwear, it is also important to consider what flatters your figure. The oversized jacket trend will drown your figure, making you look even smaller than you actually are. Instead, go for fitted blazers and jackets for a good look. Imagine wearing a fitted slightly cropped (no longer than you hip) leather jacket, you will look very sharp. Also, go for lighter colored outerwear instead of black. Short and skinny women want to look bigger than they are, black is a shrinking color. So, it's not the best fit for you.


Heels - Nude Heels are the BEST!

This is a no brainer! Heels will give you an instant height boost. However, not everyone can rock those 5 inches Christian Louboutin heels. You should pick something more comfortable for everyday. This is important because petite girls want that extra boost of height all the time, not just for a short period of time. Nude color heels are the best at elongating your figure. Nude meaning something that matches your own skin tone. Go for a little bit of a pointy toe if possible because it will visually elongate your legs and make your small feet look longer. Overall, pick a comfortable pair of heels, preferably with a platform. Platform and thick heels are the best for everyday and add a huge boost to your height at the same time.

Skirt Length is Important!

Midi length or even longer dresses are flattering for taller ladies. Dresses that hit the mid calves make your legs look shorter and visually cut you off. Petite and skinny ladies should go for skirts and dress that hit the knee or even slightly shorter. You will look amazing with the right length. People will think you are taller than you actually are with the right outfit!

Skinny Jeans for the Skinny Girl

Skinny high waisted jeans are very flattering for skinny short girls. It will show off your legs for the world to see. Instead of wearing flats with them, try a pair of platform sandals. To elongate your figure even more, tuck in the top half way to emphasize your legs.

Bootcut Jeans are Good, but Avoid Flare Ones

The bootcut jeans are the most flattering type of jeans for any shape and size. Nowadays, it seems like the bootcut jeans are out of style. But you can still wear this classic shape and look great. For the winter time, pair the bootcut jeans with a par of boots. It will make you look taller but also more mature. One type of pants that you have to avoid is the flare cut. This bell bottom pants will eat up your figure. And also you don't want to look dated with this 1970s trend.

Dress with Small Floral Print

Do you like to wear a skirt or dress in the summer? If you are short and skinny, what kind of dresses flatter you? Obviously, you have to consider the length. But, the print is also important. Bigger prints are for bigger women. Small floral prints are perfect for those with petite and skinny body types. You will look super feminine as well.

Don't Buy Oversized Handbags

For an everyday handbag, you have to be careful with the size of your bags. For taller girls, you don't want to look out of proportion with a tiny handbag. Likewise, petite and skinny girls want to buy handbags that are proportional to smaller bodies. The small handbag trend is still very strong and you can invest in several to boost your look even more.

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Puffy Sleeve Tops

When a woman is very petite and skinny, she often wants to look slightly bigger and taller. A cute puffy sleeve top is perfect for skinny and short ladies. It will make you look very feminine and cute at the same time. Even though older ladies can also go for the puffy sleeves, this kind of tops is more suitable for a younger woman in her 20s. More mature ladies can opt for a more subtle puffy sleeves top.


Angela on November 15, 2019:

Some good tips and content here. However, overall I found your use of language very degrading to shorter people, and very offensive article in parts. Saying that shorter women "can be" desirable etc. Life is not all about having long legs! You should be mindful of how you write in a public forum, you can have helpful content without the underhanded tones and degrading language.

Soniya on July 07, 2012:


i m vry happy aftr reading dis ol,,

i m short and skinny, i used 2 wory abt my look, bt aftr dis, i m gona buy ol the cloths, which u hv mentiond abv,,

thanq vry much, 4 the grt advice

princesswithapen on June 14, 2011:

Hi Jin

Great Hub! You've got some great tips for women who are not tall. However I do think that Blazers and Boot Cut Denims are not ideal shorter women. Blazers tend to give you a cramped look while boot cut denims are, well just out of vogue at the moment. Besides these two, your tips were spot on and made sense. Top tips I must say.


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