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Fun Edgy Feminine Short Hairstyles and Haircuts That Rock!! - Pixie, Bob, and More

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I love fashion! Hairstyle is so important for women. The right hairstyle can make you look younger, more attractive, and hide imperfections.

Why Fear Short Haircuts?

Many women fear short hairstyles because they think that long hair defines their femininity. While it is true that long hairstyles attract more attention from the opposite sex, short hairstyles will definitely work on some women that know how to rock it properly. For women over forty, short hairstyles tend to make you look more youthful and sharp. This article lists several very fun, edgy, and feminine short hairstyles that can make you even more beautiful.


When talking about short hairstyle for women, the iconic pixie comes to mind immediately. Super short, pixie hairstyle is perfect for a woman with delicate features. Remember the iconic hairstyle sported by Mia Farrow in Rosemary's Baby? This short hairstyle is gorgeous but will only flatter some women. For those that are blessed to have a very slim or oval shaped face, this hairstyle is made for you! Also, if your hair texture is wavy or curly, the pixie will look more layered and feminine. Just think about Halle Berry and her signature pixie.


Short Bob

Posh spice or Victoria Beckham's blonde asymmetrical bob is very fierce and gorgeous. This short hairstyle is great for women of all ages. It is very edgy, feminine, and trendy. If you have an oblong, oval, heart, or diamond face shape, you can tell your barber that you want the posh spice or Victoria Beckham's trendy asymmetrical bob. Those with round faces should not attempt this hairstyle because it tends to make the face appear wider.


Mid Length Bob With and Without Bangs

This bob is suitable for many women because it is medium short. Unlike super short haircuts, most women can rock this hairstyle with confidence. It frames the face very well and makes you appear trendy yet feminine. However, this hairstyle tends to visually lengthen the face which oblong face shaped girls should avoid. If you are not ready for a super short edgy look, the mid length bob is a great option. Add bangs to this hairstyle and it will now flatter girls with oblong faces. With this hairstyle, your face will look shorter and more balanced. Straight bangs are especially flattering for girls with oblong faces. Your face will appear shorter and more oval like instantly.


Flat Top

The flat top haircut is inspired by the military. Do you want to look really fierce? Women that are so confident with their appearance will not hesitant to go for this hairstyle. You will not use your hair to frame the face, but rather show it off completely. This hairstyle is a statement all by itself. An assertive woman can rock this style perfectly. If you have oblong, oval, heart, or diamond face shape, this hairstyle will be okay for you. Pair this haircut with some gorgeous and bright makeup to let the world know how beautiful you are! However, your confidence level has to be much higher than most women because some men might give you an odd look. Who cares about that odd look? You just want to let the guys know that you can do whatever they can do!

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Emo Side Swept

This is another daring hairstyle for women. With bright pink, blue, or black color, this haircut packs lots of personality. For a woman that wants to express her style and individuality, this hairstyle is just right. Wear some black colored clothing to let others know what subculture you are into! The side swept haircut flatters most face shapes.


Punk Partly Shaved Full Volume on Top Hair

This platinum blonde hairstyle is gorgeous and daring at the same time. For super confident women that want to express their love for punk lifestyle, this statement hairstyle is just right. With part of the hair shaved, you have to be extremely confident in your femininity to rock this haircut. Best of all, this haircut is stunning with feminine and smoky eye makeup.


Pulled Back Short Hairstyle

Are you a career oriented woman that wants to look fierce? This pulled back hairstyle is perfect for you. Hair is held up with gel to create the illusion of height and power. If you have a round face, this hairstyle will make your face look closer to the oval shape. Also, pair this hair with a suit and your will look like a high power female executive in an important company.


Mid Length Big Curls Hairstyle

This hairstyle is similar to a mid length bob. However, unlike the bob, this hairstyle features lots of curls. If you have naturally curly hair, this style is really easy to style for you. This hairstyle is also a passage way to even shorter hair in the future! Without sacrificing femininity, the mid length big curls hair draws attention to your face effortlessly. This hairstyle is also super flattering on a woman with oblong face shape.



Journey on November 18, 2013:

I love the hairstyle the guy has its hot

SopranoRocks from Upper Peninsula, Michigan, USA on January 18, 2012:

I love this hub. I am more of a rocker chick looking for a different hairstyle that isn't too kiddie (I am in my 30s). I have been losing a lot of weight and really look forward to a shorter cut. I especially like the first one. Thx!

Rachael C. from That little rambunctious spot in the back of your mind :) on November 30, 2011:

I've never been brave enough to go for a short style, mainly because I have a little round face (LOL), but I always admire the women who rock them.

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