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Best and Worst Shoes for Petite Women

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I love fashion! Every woman loves to have a wardrobe that makes them look good. Let's have fun with fashion together.

Basic Pointy Skin Color Pumps

Pointy skin color pumps are so perfect for petite girls. In general, high heels are the perfect boost for height conscious women. When the pumps are pointy and matches your skin care, it will visually elongate your legs. Make sure the color matches your own skin; don't pick a conventional color like beige. Try it out in the store and see if the heels and your legs create a seamless line. Even though higher heels are better for petite girls, you have to consider what you can comfortably wear. Also, start with a lower heel and work your way up to something higher at a later time.


D'orasy High Heel Sandals

For the summer season, petite girls can opt for d'orsay high heel sandals. These sandals are so perfect for petite ladies because it shows a lot of skin on the feet. Also, without straps around the ankles, it will not visually create a harsh line on your not so long legs. However, very high d'orsay sandals are not easy to wear because they don't have straps to hold the feet in properly. This style is definitely more for advance heel wearers.


Small Platform Pumps

Platform pumps or sandals are perfect for petite girls. Platform shoes are easier to wear and walk around with. Also, it can give you the height boost without suffering as much as pain as the non platform heels. Even though pointy shoes are better at making you look taller, round toed or open toed shoes are more comfortable. So, while they are not ideal, they are still okay for petite frames. In the summer time, you can opt for a white dress with a pair of skin color or brown platform high heel sandals. You will instantly look a lot taller and more confident. However, keep in mind that sometimes less is more. You don't want to pick a very exaggerated pair with a super thick platform. You will look out of proportion in that case and trying too hard to compensate for the lack of height.


Skin Color Pointy Flats and Loafers

While high heels are ideal for petite women, you just can't wear heels all the time. So, skin color pointy flat and loafers are good picks as well. Even though they don't give you the instant height boost, the color and style are still very flattering on a petite frame. Shorter women can use visually lengthen tools like color and style to their advantage. Your proportion will look better with pointy flats.

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Avoid: Shoes with Ankle Straps that are Different Color than the Skin

This is so important for petite women. An ankle strap that is different color than the skin will visually shorten the legs and break the continuous line that you are trying so hard to create. I understand that ankle straps make the shoes a lot more comfortable. So, try to pick shoes with ankle straps that are the same color as your skin. This way, you will look good and feel comfortable at the same time.


Avoid Straight Cut Ankle Chunky Boots

Boots are a must for many fashion conscious women. However, petite women should try to elongate their body as a first priority. Boots that are cut at the ankle can visually shorten the legs because it creates a very harsh line that cut the line in half. Instead, try to wear ankle boots that have a little dip in the front. This little bit of skin shown is very effective at creating longer and leaner legs.


Avoid Round Toed Flats

Round toed shoes make you look more stubby. However, round toed heels are not as bad because the heels still give you that instant boost of height. The round toed flats are not going to help with your figure at all. They tend to make you look like a little kid. So, avoid round toed flats and opt for a more pointy pair.


Avoid Gladiator Sandals

The tall gladiator sandals look so amazing on models. But they won't look amazing on petite frames. If the gladiator sandals are a different color than your skin, they are even worse. Your legs will look really short. So, please don't incorporate these sandals in your wardrobe.



Matty Navarro from Pennsylvania on February 20, 2015:

Wow I'm petite and I never paid much attention to shoes. I love high heels, but I love shoes no matter the type. I enjoyed the hub.

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