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Sexy Irish Body Piercing Jewelry


Shamrock Body Jewelry!

Flirty, daring body jewelry makes you the life of the party and shows off your love for Ireland! Shamrocks in shiny green or glittering crystal will catch every eye and turn heads.

Shamrocks are a popular symbol of Irish heritage or just love for the beautiful island of Ireland. The green leaves reflect the famously green hills. They've long been popular themes for conventional jewelry, and nowadays they take a popular twist into body-piercing.

Buy Shamrock Twist Belly Ring

Dress up for a party, or wear them for every day. I've picked out a selection of pretty and trendy body piercing jewelry for you to browse. Whether you like belly rings or tongue studs, ear gauges or nipple rings, you'll find something to make you smile.

Shamrock Nipple Rings

For the truly daring, top off your nipple piercing with a shamrock.

Rub Me For Luck Clover Nipple Ring

Dangle Nipple Ring

Green Glitter Shamrock Nipple Ring

Shamrock Belly Rings

So many cute shamrocks to flash beneath your crop top or bikini! You can share a "Best Friends" belly ring set with your BFF, or wear an expandable pregnancy ring to let the world know that your baby's Irish.

Jeweled Heart Shamrock

Expandable Pregnancy Ring

Best Friends Belly Set

Lucky Irish Belly Ring

Shamrock Barbells

Industrial barbells go almost anywhere - a great way to get creative with your piercings.

Shamrock Industrial Barbell

Shamrock Cartilage Rings

Pretty shamrock stud for your cartilage, tragus, or helix piercing.

Shamrock Cartilage Jewelry

Shamrock Tongue Bars

Flash a bit of green when you flirt with shamrock tongue jewelry. It makes that Irish brogue roll off more smoothly!

Shamrock Tongue Barbell

Shamrock Clover Tongue Bar

Shamrock Tongue Barbell

Shamrock Ear Plugs

Trendy ear plugs to show off your shamrocks - or try a cheater plug, if you want to try out the look without the expansion.

Rainbow Irish Shamrock Screw Fit Plug

Black Acrylic Shamrock Saddle Plug

Lucky Pink Heart Shamrock Cheater Plug

Search for Shamrock Jewelry

St. Patrick's Day Gifts and Ideas


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Shamrock Charm Bracelets: Gifts for St Patrick's Day
Beautiful shamrock charms bring you luck and happiness on St. Patrick's Day. I've always been fascinated by charm bracelets, with their tiny, perfect figurines.


Shamrock Necklaces: Gifts for St. Patrick's Day
Give something green for St Patrick's Day - why not make it a shamrock necklace? Sparkling crystal, gleaming gold, or shining emerald; there are so many lovely choices!


St. Patrick's Day Lighted Decorations
Get your Irish up, and lighted, too, for St. Patrick's Day! Put up some lighted St. Patrick's Day decorations, pour out your favorite green beer (or green lemonade), and let the fun begin!


Shamrock Rings: Presents for St. Patrick's Day
Are you planning a March wedding or engagement? Celebrate your love and the season of St. Patrick's Day with a beautiful shamrock ring.


Decorating a Garden for St. Patrick's Day
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Shamrock Earrings: Jewelry Gifts for St. Patrick's Day
Shamrock earrings make lovely gifts for St. Patrick's Day, or for a March birthday or anniversary. On March 17th we celebrate Irish heritage, and everyone is invited!

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