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U.S. ARMY Special Forces Watch Online Review - Casio Frogman

U.S. ARMY Special Forces Watch Online Review - Casio Frogman

U.S. ARMY Special Forces Watch Online Review - Casio Frogman

Special Forces Wrist Watches

Are you are looking for a Special Forces Watch or a military grade watch? Not sure what watch the special forces use? You need to take a good look at these great Special Forces Watches For Men.

Imagine that you and your team have been dropped off behind enemy lines and all that you have to work with is what you are wearing and the few things you can carry.

Your mission is to take out the head of a local terrorist group in your AOR (area of operation). Military Intelligence informs you that this murderous dog will be at a specific location at a specified time.

You only get one chance to neutralize this terrorist king pin. Time is of the essence. It is up to you and your team to be where you need to be, at the exact time you need to be there, and to do what you do best.

You only have one problem, your piece of crap bubble gum fashion watch just stopped working. This is not the time or place to suffer from equipment failure.


Sure, it was a cool looking watch. But this is war. It is a situation of kill or be killed. Not a fashion show.

You should have had the best military watch in the world on you. Not a bubble gum machine trinket. Only the top special operations watches should go into combat.

You wouldn't use a B-B Gun to attack a battleship. Do not take a three dollar fashion show trinket to the battlefield.

It's simple... Match the the gear and equipment to the mission.


Fortunately for you, your team members can pick up your slack. But you, my friend, have let them down by being so ill prepared. Now they have to carry some of your weight and keep you up to snuff on the time.

In a combat situation, your life could depend on something as trivial as a watch. Shouldn't you have the best Special Forces watch you can afford? Don't you want a tactical watch that you can depend on come hell or high water? Combat ain't a fashion show, so don't go prepared as if it is.

There are some who've forgotten why we have a military. It's not to promote war, it's to be prepared for peace.

~ President Ronald Reagan.

Selecting a proper military watch is not a difficult task. Let's take a few moments and do just that.

What watches do the Special Forces wear? Well, let me first ask you, if your life depended on it, what watch would you wear?

No. That is not a rhetorical question. And I am not blowing smoke up your tail pipe when I tell you this... If you are a member of the Green Berets, Rangers, Pathfinders, or Navy Seals, your life, as well as the lives of your team, could very well depend on the watch you choose to wear.

I can not emphasize to you enough the value of having the proper tactical watch when you are in a combat zone. Should you get deployed to the theater of war, you must know that any mission could be your last.

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The Special Forces gear you have on you, from your weapon down to your boot laces, could be the one thing to save your life on any given day.

I recommend that you find the best U.S. Military Special Operations Watches you can muster, and for the sake of you and your team, get one. .


Time Waites for No Man

I remember my first military watch just like Forest Gump remembers his first pair of shoes. "Mama says they was magic shoes".

It was nothing like the Casio G-shock Frogman Multiband 6 watch you see here. This is probably the best spec ops watch you will ever find.

I am embarrassed to admit that mine was a cheap little OD green wind-up Timex that I purchased at the PX (Post Exchange) in Ft. Jackson S.C. during my first week of basic training.

That little plastic piece of junk was a special watch to me but it was not designed to be one of the great tactical watches of the world. It did turn out to be worth it's weight in gold by the time it gave up the ghost. For as cheap as it was, it made it through basic training, AIT, and Jump School, where it served as a pocket watch because you are not allowed to wear a watch when jumping.

No. It was nothing at all like the magnificent piece of specialized Frogman gear you see here. The Casio G-shock Frogman Multiband 6 is a military timepiece designed with the SF underwater demolition team in mind. She can go down to a depth of up to 200 M (600 feet). Her case is about as heavy duty as you can get and she was designed to withstand some of the harshest conditions known to man, both above and below sea level.

This SF watch is not for the limp wristed. She is a bit of a beast with her 53 mm case and her Stainless Steel case and resin band. Her sleek dark look makes her as sexy as the night is long. She may feel a bit top heavy, but you know she is there and that you can count on her to be with you when you need her the most.

That little green Timex Army watch wasn't even in the same league as the frogman watch. It had the weakest of luminous markers. They held such great promise when I bought it, but they lost the ability to glow even before the sun went down. She had the look, but she wasn't made to hang with military grade watches.

She was light and frail with a hardened plastic lens over a black face. They used to say, "Timex. It takes a licking and keeps on ticking". That may be true, but "you get what you pay for" should be a part of that motto.

Though she didn't go down in a blaze of glory, for a twenty dollar watch, she held her own. By the time I laid her down to rest, her little plastic face was so scratched-up, one could hardly read the time of her demise.

I'll never forget that little Timex, she ran with the big dogs as best she could. But in the end, I needed something better and so do you. Feel free to take a closer look...

Russian Watch

Russian Watch

Your Time Is Now

In 1992, while having a bit of down time at Ft. Bragg, N.C. I was assigned to be a bodyguard to a foreign dignitary who was visiting our country for a military expo. The guy I had to keep an eye on was a young general who fought to help his country, Estonia, regain it's independence from the USSR.

"Mr. Gorbachev, Tear Down This Wall!"

~ President Ronald Reagan. June 12, 1987

No one likes getting stuck with extra duty, but this was one of the most entertaining details a guy could get stuck with. All I had to do was walk around with the general, and his troops, as he looked at all the military gear on display. It was like following a kid around a candy store.

The hardest part about being his bodyguard was that it was a 24 hour gig. I was with him from the time he came out of his hotel room in the morning, until he was safely back in his room at night. That general liked to party, so it made for some very late nights. He and his troops would stay up till two or three in the morning and drink "Wadka" until they couldn't see straight..

One night, as he drank his "Wadka" and loudly told us his war stories, his wrist watch started playing some classical music.

It was his alarm telling him that he needed to stop drinking and go to bed. The music it played was a beautiful old piano concerto and I told him that I liked it. He then looked at me with a quizzical look, took off his watch, handed it to me and said, "You like it? It is yours."

I tried to refuse it, but his secretary told me that it would be considered an insult to turn down such a gift. As I didn't wish to insult my drunken friend, I accepted it with many thanks.

Feeling that I couldn't let the gift go unreciprocated, I took off my first army special forces watch, a very high speed Casio G-Shock, and handed it to him. I am sure he couldn't believe his drunken luck. He just gave up a cheap little piece of communist Russian tin for a top of the line, bad to the bone, G-Shock.

The watch he gave me was fun for about two weeks before she broke. It was a short lived love affair, but I have kept her till this day as a reminder of my friends from Estonia and the good times we had.

Seeing as I was the only one who wasn't drinking "Wadka" till the wee hours of the morning, I have a feeling that I am the only one who does remember.


Better Late Than Never

Ironically, that military expo was where I came across one of my favorite SF watches for the first time... The Luminox. Now keep in mind, this was back in '92'.

Luminox was virtually unknown back then. This was even before they had the now famous Luminox Navy Seal dive watch. The Navy Seals watch didn't make it's debut till 1993. After that, they started popping up everywhere.

When the general stopped at their display, I was thrilled. It was the first time I had ever seen such awesome US Special Forces watches.

The sales rep for Luminox had my attention right off the bat. I wanted to know everything there was to know about these 'forever glow' watches with their gas filled tubes. Unfortunately, the general wasn't on a personal shopping trip, so we did not linger long. He was specifically looking for tactical combat gear for his newly formed army.

When he walked off, regretfully, I had to follow.

Even though I took one of their cards, I didn't call to place an order. As a matter of fact, I lost the card and forgot all about them. It wasn't until a couple years later that I came across one of their watches again. An officer of a leg unit had one on. I tried to get him to sell me his, but he wouldn't let it go. He did tell me that he bought it at a local gun show a few months back and if I wanted to pick one up, I should look there.

That very weekend I went back to my hometown looking for a gun show. It was just dumb luck that a gun show was being held at the Morocco Shrine Auditorium and one of the dealers was selling Luminox. I am a lucky dog.

I have to tell you, these things glow like nothing you have ever seen. I love watches that have ever glow markers on them. You do not need to expose it to a light source to recharge it.

When you see one of these glow, it is as if the darker your surroundings, the brighter they get. That is not really the case, but these things glow like the butt of a lightning bug.

If you do not have a butt load of cash, then this is the SPEC OPS watch you are looking for. You can get a good one for just under three bills.

General Norman Schwarzkopf Wore Two Watches

General Norman Schwarzkopf Wore Two Watches

Military Time

A young friend of mine who was joining the Army asked me, "Is a watch part of the standard issue for the military"? He wasn't sure if he should buy one before he went in, or if they would issue him one when he got to boot camp.

I hated to inform him that a watch was not part of the Army standard issue, but I believe that they should hand out Army watches to every new troop.

General Norman Schwarzkopf thought knowing the proper time was so important that he wore two watches during the Gulf War. You can read more about that at Remembering General Norman Schwarzkopf & His Watches.

"I always wore two watches during the [Gulf] war. The one on my left arm was set on Saudi Arabian time and the Seiko on my right arm was set on Eastern Standard Time. That way I could quickly glance at my watches and instantly know the time in both Saudi Arabia and Washington, D.C. Sincerely, H. Norman Schwarzkopf General, U.S. Army, Retired."

The gold watch you see swinging on his left arm is a Rolex. Now, I would not consider that to be a special ops watch unless I was raiding Saks Fifth Avenue. I am sure it is a great watch, but it isn't what I would wear to war.

On the other hand, literally, is a much more combat appropriate timepiece. The classic Seiko SKX009 Diver's Automatic.

This was the one he kept set to Saudi Arabia time. A dive watch set for the dessert. How ironic. But, I would consider this to be more of a special operations tactical watch than that shiny Rolex.

Old Stormin Norman didn't play. God rest his soul. He was a pretty tough old war horse. The fact that he had a Rolex on his wrist didn't keep him out of the sandbox. He got in there and played with the rest of the troops. That was one of the things that made him such a great general. You knew that if he didn't have to lead the war, he would be out in the zone fighting alongside of you.

Military MARATHON Dive Watch

Military MARATHON Dive Watch

Government Issue Watches

They may not issue watches to every troop, but the DOD does have a standard for watches. If you are in the military or work for the government, you may want to see if your supply department can hook you up with one of these top military grade watches,

To see what they can get their hands on in government supply, you should check out the watches on The GSA (General Services Administration) site.

They provide supplies and products to the U.S. government. You are not able to order from them unless your are a government entity, but you can see what the government pays for things.

One of the watches that conforms to all of the DOD requirements, and makes for a great SF watch, is the Marathon watch. They are some of the best military spec watches you will find.

Many of them have Tritium tubes lighting the markers. If you take a close look at the watch face you will see a little radioactive symbol at about 3 o'clock center.

No need to worry though. The amount of Tritium used to make the markers glow is so low it is negligible. Plus, it is encased in tubes. These watches are completely safe.

If you have a friend in Supply, you may want to see if they can obtain one for you.

IWC Top Gun Watch

IWC Top Gun Watch

Toughest Watch On The Planet

What is the toughest watch in the world? The answer to that question may be totally subjective, but seeing as I go through watches faster than I go through underwear, I know a thing or two about tough watches.

If you had to guess, most people would say that the Casio G-Shock is the toughest. With it's large protective case, solid state function and movement mounts, the Casio G-Shock is a tough nut to crack. That may be why they are one of the Best Selling Military Watches of all time.

The thing is, I have loved and trashed three G-shocks over the years. They are tough and they are probly the most common watches Special Forces units use, I know for a fact there are tougher watches out there. I still have one, but I use it more for it's functions than for it's endurance.

One of these days I am going to take one of these IWC Top Gun Watches for a spin and see how tough they are, but for now, I am going to stick with something a little less costly.



As for the Luminox, it's pretty tough too, but even on its own FAQ's page, they recommend that you take it off for extreme activities.

As for the watch I believe to be the toughest... Well, I originally bought it as a dress watch. I thought it was more for show than for hard labor. The work I do eats watches for breakfast and in any given year I could easily go through three average watches.

I didn't want to ruin my fancy dress watch, but one day my work watch broke, forcing me to take my dress watch to work. And I have to tell you, it performed better than any watch that I have ever had before it.

It lasted for six years with only two battery replacements and a couple of new pins. It still works today, but my wife got tired of seeing me wear the same watch, so she bought me a newer, upgraded version of the same watch for my birthday this past year.

The Victorinox Officers Gent Watch is a great Swiss Army Special Forces watch. It has to be the toughest watch I have ever come across.

Had I known how tough and dependable the Victorinox watches are, I would have worn one back in my glory days serving in the Special Forces.

Who Do You Think Makes The Toughest Military Watch?

WriterJanis2 on March 16, 2014:

I know what most people are guessing, but I'll go with the Victorinox/

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